Saturday, December 29, 2012

In the midst of Saints..................

I've been surrounded by Saints my entire life

I was born 53 years ago in St. Mary's Hospital

I was christened in St. Ambroise Church

the first school I attended was St. Kevin's Elementary

and my first communion and confirmation were done at St. Kevin's Church.

When I met John - he sang in St. George's Choir

Most of my shopping is done on St. Catherine street.

except for St. Patrick's day - when it's closed for the parade

In the summer we love to spend the day browsing around in St. Sauveur

and often spend lazy days having lunch and walking around St. Anne De Bellevue watching the boats line up for lunches

I  spend a lot of time on St. Denis Street in the summer going to the Just For Laughs Festival

and the Montreal Jazz Fest - starting on St Catherine St and working it's way up to St. Denis
( millions of tourist attend these shows every summer - are you one of them? )

I love getting smoked meat ( pastrami ) on St Laurence

We often go to Old Montreal ( a 17th century neighbourhood off the water ) in the winter and summer -
just to stroll around St. Sulpice - and St Andre streets

But my favorite street in Old Montreal would have to be St. Paul

St Helene's Island is a beautiful place to have a picnic ( just off the St Lawrence River ) that round sphere is the  former USA pavillion from Expo 67

and sometimes we find ourselves stopping by St. Hubert Chicken for a snack

I buy my fruit - flowers - and even my Christmas trees from the Atwater Market
which is in St. Henri

and though the burrough I live in is called Westmount - it's original name was St.Antoine

IF I wanted to Ski - I could go to Mont St Anne  

and going for a walk in the city - from almost any point - you can catch a glimpse of St. Joseph's Oratory

I'm still waiting for one of these to magically appear over my head

Hasn't happened yet


  1. Oh, so know the routine for sainthood around here Suzy. It ain't overnight. ;)
    Looks like we hit a lot of the same 'saint' locales from time to time, that scene of the jazz festival looks oh so familiar. I will try to see if I can't spot you next time.

  2. But you DID get a great visit from Old St. Nick. ;)

    Happy New Year!

  3. You forgot St. Viateur bagels! Yes, it is a beautiful, "saintly" city. Miss it!

  4. Such a lovely post! What a beautiful area you live in!!!

  5. Hmm....I was born in St. John's Hospital, in St. Paul. I was baptised at St. John's Church. First Communion and Confirmation were at St. Odilia's. Went to school at St. Odilia and also at St. Rose. Oh, and my name/patron Saint is St. Paula, who liked to hang with St. dad's name/patron Saint. I think I see my halo....

  6. I too was born 53 yrs ago in St Francis Hospital (So. Cal). But thats the last of my involvement with saints!
    To answer you question on the stencil, its from Royal Design Studio. And I used their bronze stencil creme too. It's great stuff!

  7. Oh my, now you are having conversations with yourself (lol). Us girls are working on the pink straight jacket as I type this!

    Santa was kind enough to bring me a cold (a very bad cold) for Christmas so my blog friends have been about all I can handle and look forward to them daily as working on projects is off the table. Thank goodness I had a flu shot!

    Reminder - you owe me a tut on the plank Christmas tree and yes, I'm having a little fun at your expense and you are not the only one in line for the "pink straight jacket" so I MUST be feeling better.

    Happy New Year - Carolyn

  8. I was also born in St. Francis hospital in Southern California.
    Your post is lovely and I adore the pictures. Happy new year you and your family.

  9. Montreal is full of saints - just like you!!

  10. I thought SURE you were going to say your husband was a Saint!!!! lol Love this post....I think your halo may need a little polishing-xo Diana

  11. Hi Suzan!!!

    As I smile while looking at these pictures, the memories came out full force.

    Isn't Montreal the BEST?? EVER!!!!!

    I was born at the Montreal Jewish General. Lived my first 12.5 yrs in L'lle Perrot. Saw my first movie in St. Anne De Bellevue. In Sept./12 went to Schwartz's for a Montreal Smoke Meat Sandwich (it was great!!). It was just 2 blks from where we were staying!!

    Went to Expo '67 as a 5 yr old. Didn't do much shopping then, but, wait 'til next time, Montreal won't know what hit it!!

    Your halo is there. You just hide it from us.



  12. Great pictures! It's been a few years since I've been to Montreal, can't wait to get back.
    Debbie :)

  13. I haven't been back to Montreal since my husband was there for university. When we were strolling in Toronto last night I was thankful for the cleared sidewalks and the relatively warm temperatures that I wished for many a night in Montreal! Your pictures are really beautiful and make me want to visit again...but I may wait for spring! I would love to see the Oratoire and Vieux-Port again. I will enjoy your winter wonderland from afar. Happy New Year!

  14. Our sidewalks are completely cleared Heather LOL - we don't have the winters we used to have at all - this week's was a record ( even for Montreal )
    But I agree Spring is better - and even better than that is Summer - when all the festivals start!
    The happiest of New Years to you as well -
    Big hugs,


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