Thursday, July 31, 2014

Willow Tree Love....................

Good morning everyone !

I pulled out one of my willow trees figurines to put in the small guest room ( to remind the little ones that must still say their prayers even when they're at a sleepover at Lolli & Pop's! )

and it reminded me that I haven't unpacked my collection yet

I have some that represent my kids ( and that I sometimes use as place settings ) these ones, are in fact, unpacked and sit on my end table beside my bed ) these must always be my bed - even if I end up in a home one day - not remembering anything at all - these MUST sit by my bed.............

it felt like Christmas last night opening all of these up again

I love them all - even the ones with missing limbs ( which are in a jewellery box waiting to be glued back on

They were all gifts and hold a special place in my memories and my heart and it all started with this one - given to me by a sister of the heart

I've given many many of them as gifts as well - for baby showers - Christmas gifts or just because

Stay tuned - I just ordered another very special one .....................she's inscribed " Grateful "
Can you guess what it's for?

Have a beautiful day all
Much love,

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  1. I collect Willow Tree, too! (Surprised?!?) My prize possession is the Nativity. I was fortunate to find a gift shop going out of business and got many, many pieces for 20 cents on the dollar.

  2. How sweet Suzan!!! My first piece of Willow Tree was a gift from my daughter in love for babysitting her son for the first time overnight!!!! He was an infant, and and last week turned 14!!!! Oh my, where did the time go? That piece has a very special place in my heart!!!!

  3. Your Willow Tree collection is just beautiful! I love the neutral colors these figurines are crafted in. The grateful angel is so lovely....that is one of my favorite words. Have a blessed day.

    Hugs, Vicky

  4. My sister loves Willow Tree. Her and her daughter both collect it. You have gorgeous collection Miss Bo!!

  5. I collect them, too, but don't have that many. I knocked one over and the head came off, it's a mother with son... if you know my life, it's sad, really sad.

  6. they are lovely, I also have a few, I think they make lovely gifts , I'm not sure what the grateful stands for, is it for one of your children, anyone expecting???

  7. Hmmm, well, so many things to be grateful for, but I wld say it's for your garden? They are all so sweet and you have a lovely collection. I have always wanted the Nativity but the cost stops me from buying it. Patty

  8. They are so sweet. Memory lane is a nice place to visit, eh? Just holding them in your hands sparks so many feelings, I bet.
    I'll try to remember when you are in a home someday. What if I remember that they are mine??? LOL

  9. They are all wonderful..
    I need to get one like the kneeling angel for my desk, so when I need to talk I could point my conversation at her..
    hmm ,ok in print that looks like an odd thing to say lol.. ya know what I meant though, I hope.

  10. My sister used to give me one every Christmas. I was just sharing them in the guest room remembering how much I love them. And then you posted about them. Weird

  11. I have only a few Willow Tree figurines, and love how they make me feel. Your collection is lovely and meaningful.

  12. That's an amazing collection Suzan! I only have one. It was given to me as a gift and I just love her. She's a dream angel.

  13. I am embarrassed to say that I'm not familiar with Willow Tree figures, but they are so pretty, and made prettier still because of all of the memories they hold. :)

  14. I collect Willow Tree them!! Some were gifts and some I purchased. I have several pieces and I have their nativity set too.

  15. I used to have some. I think I passed them on to someone else to be re-loved. You have such a sweet collection. I love the idea of putting in the room with your grands so they will say their prayers.

  16. Ha! I knew you must collect something besides hearts and unpainted furniture! It is fun to unpack stored stuff! What are you grateful for??

  17. It's a sweet collection and a good sign that you are settling into your home as they are unpacked!

  18. I love your collection. I am also excited for the news of what you are grateful for. :-)

  19. I love your Willow Tree Collection! I have 3 - the one with the puppy and the one with the heart and one with a wreath. That's it. I should put them out more often.


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