Sunday, July 27, 2014

DIY Dream Catcher

Good morning everyone !

I had the strangest dream last week - I was invited to Honey Boo Boo's mother's wedding...............
I arrived a little late and was met with the entire family cursing and jabbing their fingers at me - and Honey Boo - Boo screaming in my face that I had just about ruined the entire day for them all.
After speaking to the camera men - and begging them not to include me in any footage
( I have a blog - I explained and I don't want anyone to know I'm here ) I proceeded to do the Mother's hair for her.  In a beautiful French chignon with little wisps hanging down - ( I CANNOT do hair - so that was the first clue that this was a dream )
I then noticed the camera man was zoomed right in on me doing this - and so I did what any blogger with an ounce of self respect would do - I attacked him - and smashed his camera.
Now I had the entire family attacking me as well as the camera men, who were telling me I would be sued as soon as the wedding was over...............
In walked the all of this chaos - who quickly quieted everyone down ( as Preachers are prone to do ) when all of a sudden there was a large commotion at the door - and in walked.................the Duck Dynasty people.
" I'm outta here " I whispered to John - who had magically appeared by my side
" You can't " John said - I signed a contract for at least 10 shows
" WHAAAT" ?  I screamed frantically in his face?
and that's the second clue that this was a dream - because in real life I would have responded like this:
" For how much? "  ( because everything has a price, after all )

And then I woke up - furious with John -
Suzan says - Don't ever sign me up for anything without my consent ok?
John says - What the hell are you talking about?  It's 5 in the morning for God's sakes
Suzan says - I had to tell you - just don't do it.  Ever.  You can go back to sleep now.....................

Later that day I created this ....................because if there was ever a dream that should have been " caught"
in a web. it was this one.

John says - You probably shouldn't be blogging about your dream
Suzan says - Why not?  I have no control over my dreams...........
John says - But you have the most ridiculous ones - really - they're over the top ridiculous
Suzan says - That's why I'm making a dream catcher
John says - What the hell is a dream catcher?
Suzan says - It's a trap for bad dreams - they'll get caught up in the web and vanish in the morning light
John looks at me horrified - Of all the ideas you've ever had - this one is the most insane
John says - " a dream catcher " and roars his head off
Suzan says - Should I patent it honey?
John says -  Why?  Who the hell would want to make one of those?

Ok - so John's all time favorite expression is
" Do you think I just got off the boat? "
And yet........................and yet he constantly acts like he DID in fact just get off the boat
And in another century.
He's never heard of a dream catcher.
I had to google it to prove something once again
( Thank God for Google - really - because otherwise I'd be manually looking up 10 things a day in an encyclopedia - every day of my life )

This project took 10 minutes - and it was free since I had all the items on hand.

I started off with a hoop ( TIP - unmade beds make great back drops )

I then used the only material I had on hand for the web - which was pipe cleaners - and just randomly attached them to the inside of the hoop like this

Years ago I bought a cocktail ring - I wore it once and the silver piece which rested around the stone fell off
I kept it with the intention of glueing it back on - but it works better on this I think

( and if I need it one night - I'll risk the nightmare I guess )

I added a little bling from it because well, I'm a blingy type of girl

and then I ripped up some fabric into strips ( this will be going in the guest room - so I went with blue and a few strips of white netting as well - the netting will do double duty to trap those nightmares I think )

and simply tied them on the bottom of the hoop

It's a dream catcher wanna be actually -

But it'll do in a pinch

Desperate times

call for desperate measures after all.........

here it is gently swaying with a soft breeze -
So how do you stop bad dreams, you ask?

well, the answer my blowing in the wind

DIY easy dream catcher

and a dream catcher - a dream catcher most definitely helps

Have a wonderful Monday everyone !
Hugs from me......................
to you

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  1. Ha! Poor John. I've had dreams like that too, where I'm mad at Kevin when I awaken. But I don't have cable so none of my dreams involve those characters. More like Inspector Morse or Hercule Poirot. Lol. Cute dream catcher. Now let's see if it works. :-)

  2. Suzan hilarious! What a dream or maybe nightmare!!! Love the dream catcher so pretty and I like the bling on it. You post made me laugh this morning. Have a great start to the new week.

  3. What a fun way to start the week! Loved this post and your dream catcher too! :)

  4. Your dreams sound a lot like mine...when I have one. They are few and far between, but always totally stupid! Yours sounds more like a nightmare if you were with the family of Honey Boo! Have a marvelous Monday!

    Blessings, Vicky

  5. Deja freakin' vu! I too have ridiculous dreams, they run like movies, Dave says I'm weird. Takes one to know one.... I wouldn't classify that as a dream, more of a horror show. Lovely, wispy dream catcher, hope it works. My kitties would have it torn apart in minutes. Patty

  6. Oh Suzan, i noticed Kris took the words right out of my mouth ( Nightmare! )
    The dream that is...
    As for a DIY dream catcher it's a great one, and what a cute project for kids in a class or little ones around the house on a Rainey day :)
    I love that you placed it in the window. I see so many of them in blog land everywhere but the window, and truly they are to be placed in the window where good dreams come in and bad dreams get trapped.
    Good thing this was a dream whewwww!

    As for your visit, and the mirror comment your first in line if I ever sell it. :)
    I was going to place it in my bedroom, yet it being a small room I felt I could find something a bit less stand-out-ish !!
    So I'm the front room it went and replaced the French antique framed art piece, I think it was a good move, the mirror took up more wall space with a rustic French grandeur feel to it, yet on the junk chic side of it after I modified it a bit by removing some decorative trime work and painting to then distressing it all in white letting some silver, golds, and bronze tone creep through subtlety.

    Thank you for rearruring me that it was a good move to paint it an old aged chippy white and best to have hung it right there.

    See you soon.


  7. Oh, I definitely need to make one, I have the strangest dreams when the weather is this hot... One included the director of one of the schools I work in trying to drown me... I wonder what THAT means?

  8. Oh good, I'm not the only one who has weird dreams and wakes up mad at her husband! Lol. Dreamy dream catcher. I bet it looks good in the guest room! Have a great week.

  9. Happens all the time here ;) lovely dream catcher! I love how soft it looks yet strong enough to catch the worst dreams!

  10. Hey, Suzan. You funny girl, I was at that wedding, sorry I missed you. Beautiful piece of art and I bet it looks pretty in the guest room. I don't think any of your guests would have bad dreams on your watch..Happy Monday..Judy

  11. Haha...I do that, too! I'd better get a dreamcatcher!
    Please inform John that your main responsibility is to keep us laughing...which you do very well. xoxo, T.

  12. I only have a few weird ones, but guess what, I have a dream catcher :) Score one for me.

    Love how you did yours. Thanks for sharing your dream with us! Love it!

  13. lol with a dream or should I say nightmare like that...I'm thinking you should of made a bigger one! Hope it works and keeps nightmares like this one away! Yikes

  14. What a hilarious dream. No more reality T.V. for you! Honey Boo Boo. Haha.

  15. Oh, you made me laugh until it hurt!!! I'm praying that your dream catcher works, you need it!!! LOL

  16. Well, I must say that you certainly have very creative and interesting dreams.....errrr...nightmares, Suzan. lol What a hoot! Your sweet dream catcher is so adorable. I hope that it catches any future Honey Boo Boo nightmares for you.....but if it doesn't, I can make you a nice big dream catcher for you! lol

    xoox laurie

  17. Replies
    1. grr, no, I knew it! My first comment just didn't go through. *sigh* Ah well, you made me laugh w/your story. :) I like the dream catcher.

  18. What a dream that was!! Love your dream's very pretty blowing in the wind!!

  19. Whew, what a dream! Glad you have such a purdy dream catcher to help you out from now on! I bought my son a dream catcher when he was really young to keep his bad dreams away. They really, work don't they;) I have gotten so far behind in my reading - so many posts of yours to catch up on, Suzan!

  20. That's sure no ordinary dreamcatcher. Totally stylish and ruffly pretty! It's bound to entice the bad dreams into it.

  21. This is truly beautiful! I have made one before but it was more traditional. This is very inspiring! Thanks for sharing at Wow Me Wednesday!

  22. LOL that is one crazy dream!! You made the perfect dream catcher. Very pretty!

  23. LOL it's pretty and you are a nut but a very funny one / always crack me up ! :)

  24. You did a craft! Honestly do you find the time! Love it! And I've been to Honey Boo Boos wedding....remember??? LOL!

  25. That's'm making your dream catcher and if Honey boo Boo even thinks of crossing that spirit line into my dreams I!m gonna have to pack a bag and come up there and steal yours. Love you, girl. ;-)

  26. Funny story......and a beautiful dream catcher! Love it!

  27. Thanks so much for linking on Monday! Just twitted this! It's so pretty.


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