Thursday, July 24, 2014

Gingham Anyone?

DIY painted gingham

It's a funny thing - I can barely use a thread and needle - really I can't - I can sew a hem ( kind of ) but other than that I'm in unfamiliar territory - this coming from a daughter whose Mother made custom drapes and window coverings for a living .................but give me a paint brush and I can paint a pattern on anything !

I searched high and low for gingham wall paper to no avail - so decided to paint the doors in the little guest room with a gingham pattern instead - this is such a little touch but it makes a big statement!

I started off with taping vertical lines in the insets ( or panels ) of the doors

I then painted the spaces between the tape with ASCP Paris Grey ( it should have been blue but I'd run out of the blue paint from the walls )
Note:  I always remove my painters tape while the paint is wet -

Once it was dry - I started taping horizontally like this

The reason you see three pieces of tape together in the above photo is because the middle one is the one I use to gage my space...................I stick it under the top line - add the bottom line - and then remove the middle one -leaving a perfectly measured space in between - like the below photo shows
( I did the same for the vertical lines - I don't measure so this is the next best thing - the lazy way I suppose )

Here it is ready to paint

I very lightly painted because I was going for a look of faded cotton - not sure if I accomplished that or not
As I painted in between this set of lines - I went a little heavier over the existing grey " squares " and lightly
over the white ones ( although the grey automatically goes darker since this is it's second coat )

When you take the tape off this time, you're left with this

A Gingham bedroom door !
I'm in love with it - it's just what this little " country " style bedroom needed

The 2 panels allows a perfect break in the middle - stopping it from looking too busy
That door handle will be changed out to a glass one -

I'm telling you I haven't worked this hard on a room since my kids were little ones - the Master bedroom was a breeze compared to this one - but hey - it's a guest room - and guests are kind of special, right?
I'm ohsoclose to being able to show the final results of the entire room - although for today - I'm sorry - but
I'm showing you the door.

Painted Gingham on door

or I should say DOOR ( S ) because as soon as this one was finished I did the little Alice in Wonderland closet door too

John's in love with it - he looked at it - and looked at it and came out of the room
John says - You know, I think you should copyright that
Suzan says - What?  Gingham?  Too late
John says - No - don't be ridiculous - painting it on doors 
Suzan says - Sure - I'll run down to the patent office tomorrow morning
John says - I'm serious
Suzan says - I know - that's what scares me
John says - quite irritated - Fine - just give all your ideas away
Suzan says - You're starting to sound like a pimp for crying out loud.................

So I'm just putting it out there - if I see this on anyone's doors - first of all I'll be very flattered - and then
I'll immediately call my lawyer - I'll speak to John about how much I should charge for this idea and get back to you all.

Oh and these are arriving today from Amazon

2 of the above and one of the below

If you missed yesterday's post, you can see why I ordered them HERE

You all have a wonderful weekend - do a little of something - and a lot of nothing - you've earned it!
Much love

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  1. What a cute idea to dress up the door!

  2. The gingham pattern did turn out really nice! You have a real talent, I can't paint a blank wall w/a roller without having to make corrections, must less anything cool like stripes, checks, or what have you. :)

  3. But seriously what a huge compliment from John, that's very sweet. The doors panels look beautiful but I'm kind of disappointed that you won't be using the Disney princess one ;)

  4. Could this room get any cuter? It just did!

  5. This is so adorable!! You are so smart and I think you should patent this idea. lol It's the perfect touch to the princess room. Have a great weekend!

  6. Suzan I just love this. You rocked it out on these doors. Glad you got the extra float so when I come we will not have to fight over the floats. Move over sister I am coming!

  7. How cute! I must Pin it for future reference......don't tell John!

    Awesome floaties! I absolutely get why you need the narrow one....dangling limbs in the water is the best!

  8. Adorably chic doors. Great idea! I think I foreshadow seeing a traffic jam in the pool happening. : )

  9. Those doors turned out really sweet Suzan! Glad you're getting some queen sized floaties.

  10. I love the gingham doors Suzan! They are perfect for those style doors. And I'm glady you have a real pool float coming in the mail...:) Have a lovely weekend lounging in the pool.

    Blessings, Vicky

  11. Look at you! John's right! Great idea and no sewing involved! Love the gingham doors Suzan!

  12. Oh no, I have to agree with John, that's almost as bad as agreeing with Jim!!!!! LOL!!!!! Anyway, I love love love it!!!!! And the way you taped was NOT the lazy way, it was the smart way. I do think you could patent it!!!!! Don't tell John we said he was right!!!!

  13. That is just too cute! Love it! Blessings, Cecilia

  14. Love the gingham cute!!

  15. This is QUITE adorable Suzan....I truly love the gray and white, It looks as soft as cotton to me~~~You are a talented artist.....funny what you said about your sewing~ Blessings~~~Roxie

  16. Darling door transformation! So cute and a great tutorial!!

  17. That looks amazing! You and John will be rich with all the copycatting that will happen!! I hope your boobs don't get put off with your new mattresses. They sure look comfy

  18. I love really do know how to work that paint brush!!! I can't wait to see the rest of the room.

  19. Your doors are great, I love gingham anything! I once sewed kitchen curtains out of blue gingham years ago and made my daughter more than one pink gingham dress.

  20. that's funny...I'll make sure not to paint any doors anytime soon...just staying out of trouble

  21. Such a sweet, simple and creative solution! I now MUST paint a gingham pattern on something and soon. Thanks!

  22. Well, I finally did it. I've read every one of your entries starting from as far back as your blog would go. It's taken me a while... but now I've caught up. And how am I going to fill my days? Ever since I found your blog I've had the delicious knowledge in the back of my mind no matter what I was doing, that there were still more Simply Vintageous Suzan posts to read... You are fabulous, and funny, and talented, and caring, you are an inspiration! We are all so lucky that you share your life with us, and other than those 'wood lovers' who cried because you painted a piece of veneer (snicker) you have so many people who love you. I don't comment much, I did the other day, on one from back in the summer of 2012, and you were such a sweetheart and replied. I was thrilled! I'm your fellow 6 duvet cover fan, from Vancouver Island, B.C. Susan with a 'sss'! You introduced me to Liza Minelli's Liza with a 'zzz' song. Sigh, I now have to get used to life without my Simply Vintageous link sitting at the bottom of my screen... I await your next postings with much happiness! xo

  23. I think I should marry Amazon. It seems to understand women way better than men! I love the door, very country, yet still in your colour range.

  24. I just LOVE the way the door turned out Suzan! So pretty!

  25. LOVE it Suzan!!! Men, they are always thinking with their wallets!!

  26. I am LOVING this! I wish I had a place to steal, er, borrow, this idea! Fantastic!

  27. Oh my....this is really cute! I think you SHOULD patent it!!! LOL

  28. This is waaay too cute. I'd rather be able to paint like that than sew...and, poor pitiful me...I can't do either. :(

  29. I love the doors. These are so cute.

  30. What a pretty way to dress up a it!!

  31. Suzan, I love it and wouldn't mind copying it. Know however that if I do I will give you credit. Give it where it's due is my motto. lol! I think the contrast of the grey worked wonderfully! Thanks for sharing it with SYC. Pinning it to my "I wanna do that" board. Hee-hee!

  32. Wow!! What an awesome idea! It looks fabulous! Thank you bunches for linking up and partying with us this week, Suzan!

  33. I love the door painted gingham too! It look so pretty and what a funny conversation you had with your husband! Have a wonderful weekend.

  34. This is fabulous! I am going to try this on my white bookcase. Thanks for the idea and tutorial. Let me know how much I owe you. lol


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