Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Round and round the garden.....................

Good Morning everyone !!!

Thought I'd show you an update on the garden - it continues to amaze me daily  - and such a sharp contrast to what we moved into last December ( when everything was covered in snow and the interior was a complete nightmare and so I suppose we kind of assumed the garden would be as well )

It just dawned on me how sick to death you must all be of hearing me call the house a hell hole - really - how boring of me - I'll try to stop that.  Promise.

Anyway here's some photos of the outside of the hell hole.

That hole on the right hand side - do you think that's from a ground hog?  I saw something run across the yard the other afternoon - well twilight actually - and it looked like a miniature SASQUATCH - it was NOT a ground hog but it ran under the shed where the ground dog is currently residing ( no - we still haven't got rid of it )   I think there's a commune under there at this point - they take turns coming out and grabbing food and then they all share it ...................nothing like putting away your differences for the sake of survival I suppose.  Personally I want whatever's living under there OUT OF THERE - I'd cook for them every night and bring it to their new home if they'd leave.

We bought 2 climbing rose bushes a couple of months ago and one of them is finally starting to blossom
It was supposed to be a pale pink - but I'll take it!  Eventually I'd like roses covering the fence entirely :)
We had that at one house and I've been pining for it since.

The Tiger Lilies have started to bloom as well

They're spilling out everywhere

This pergola bench will most likely be moved next year - but for now I just put my climbing flowers on it because Sasquatch thought it was her dessert - ( she doesn't really like to climb I've noticed - lazy thing )

But it probably worked out best because it's starting to climb !

Climb - little flowers climb - way up high - spread your tiny blooms and climb - across the universal sky
( and away from hungry critters )

I added a door in the corner of the garden - under the ladder arbor and added my twig heart to it
Nothing much can grow there so I needed to add some interest

she wears a sign that expresses what I feel about this backyard ♥

A wooden trunk that once resided in my bedroom now sits outside - perfect for storage AND holding back some overgrown plants - I put flameless candles on this at night

I'm not sure what this is

But's it sure is beautiful when it blossoms

I found a few rusty items in the shed - no no no - they don't belong in there !

John says - what the hell are you hanging a rusted spade on the fence for?
Suzan says - It's called ART John - don't you recognize art when you see it?
John says - if that's ART - then I'm a horse's ass..............

Oh well - if the shoe fits sweetheart - because it's definitely ART

So is this old steel sprinkler -

and this one

John says - WHERE are the sprinklers?
Suzan says - In the garden
Suzan says - Can't you go buy some cheap ones from Home Depot or something?

But he uses them - and then I run around and place them back in the garden

John says - They are NOT art - stop already
John says - What the hell is this - the Louvre?
John says - Next you'll be putting velvet ropes around everything

My Son left a hat here last week - yup - you guessed it - it's now been claimed by Mama as art

John says - we'd better bring Gordie's hat inside
Suzan says - DON'T touch it please - it stays there
John says - Let's hope no one forgets their underwear here when they change into their swimming suits - you'll be decorating the trees with them................

OK - I almost peed my pants over that one - you have to understand he's very aggravated when he's saying these things - I don't know if they're as funny to anyone else as they are to me - but I could split a gut sometimes !!!

I paired an upside down ceramic funnel with a rusty plant stand

John says - I'm afraid to ask - but what exactly is that?
Suzan says - It's a garden dunce cap..............
( sometimes you gotta beat them at their own game don't you know? )

Back to the flowers - the hanging baskets are thriving

as are the rest of the potted annuals

Looks like we've went round and round the garden - several times in fact lol
There's a party here on Saturday night - let me know who's coming - and how many of you there are please.

Have a beautiful Tuesday -

Party time!
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  1. Balloon flower...that's what the blue flower is called. There is a fancy scientific name (platycodon grandiflora) but that is ugle. "Balloon flower" is much prettier! I understand completely why you choose to be outside at this point. How easily you are lured into the sun and out of the "hell hole". I am sure the house and all the problems have totally worn you down. Do a little something inside and then reward yourself with the garden...and the pool!

  2. Beautiful flowers, Suzan! Such a nice contrast to all the neutrals inside!

  3. It`s so beautiful in your garden, Suzan. Love your decorations.
    Now I wan`t to see what you have been up to when I was in Italy.

    Hugs from here

  4. It's all looking so beautiful, stringing up undies though, remind me not to change at your place LOL

  5. Pretty garden - I love that bench!!!!

  6. Your garden is beautiful!! Love all the fun garden accessories!
    Mary Alice

  7. Your yard is just gorgeous...your own little paradise! You should make a buntine of undies for John...just to see what he says...lol! I love your "art". Your gardens are unique and beautiful. Have a glorious day!

    Blessings, Vicky

  8. Beautiful gardens!! Thanks for sharing.

  9. This is beautiful! You have many of the exact same flowers I do in my garden... but I am hung up on the Sasquatch vision. A groundhog does not run on its hind legs but a Sasquatch does. Did a small hairy bipedal run through your garden? I am obsessed with this notion. And naturally, now I'll want one also.

  10. Yes, balloon flower, for obvious reasons. The underwear story is hilarious! Did you get a new camera? Your photos are really nice and clear.

  11. So pretty.. and I'll be there Saturday :)

  12. Add me to the list and a + 1. Anni will be with me. Will the girls be there for her to hang out with?
    The garden is so pretty- a far cry from your snowy months!
    Are you hiding under a blanket trying to catch a photo of your Sasquatch?

  13. Yes, your 'John' tales are hysterically funny! And what a blessing that garden is for you ~ somewhere pretty and tranquil to ease your soul ~

  14. your garden is lovely as well as those blue balloon flowers, or sometimes called Chinese Bellflower . They also come in a Lavender color. The blue is really pretty when planted with yellow bloom'n flowers.
    Thanks for sharing a bit of your garden paradise with us.

  15. I ENJOY.. so much, reading the banter (that's the word right?) between you and John, and today the comment about the Louvre and the underwear is really hilarious. You both have me laughing out loud. Your blog is one I never want to miss..Bonnie in WI

  16. Yes, balloon flower. It's gorgeous as are all the rest of the flowers. I'd love to hear John make his comments one day...I agree with Vicky...you should totally make an underwear bunting. Lol. Here we are egging you on to get in trouble. What friends! :D I'll be there plus one...I'll bring Bruce so John has someone to commiserate with. (I would if I could!).

  17. I am so envious of your garden, Much like The Wreak, nothing was kept up or maintained in the garden for the last 1/4 century plus. I will be busy moving and replanting the few plants I find in the overgrown mess. The peonies threw out 3 gangly blooms but I hope with a little care they will come back. Love pictures from your garden, helps me escape mine : D. Patty

  18. Your garden looks beautiful, and fun! Too bad the Mr. doesn't understand that some pieces really are "art". My Mr. has given up on asking questions. He just walks by, looks, rolls his eyes, and moves on. Hang a pair of underware in a tree...just for fun. lol.

  19. Your garden is absolutely gorgeous Suzan! Love that door!!!

  20. Your garden is looking so good, and I'm glad the previous dumb owners at least left you some pretty flowers. Your plant is Platycodon granfiflorus, which I think sound so much cooler than balloon flower!. Hello, what's your name, why it's, Platycodon grandiforus! I always love the latin name. To me the coolest latin name is for prickly pear cactus...it's name is Opuntia humifusa. How cool is that!

  21. Totally gorgeous Suzan! I think I'll keep coming back to this post for inspiration while I'm making What is that yellow thing hanging next to the door with your heart wreath on it???

  22. Love all your pretty flowers! And I love that door!!

  23. So many pretty blooms, just beautiful!

  24. yes, again..... It's called balloon flower! I had them in purple(bleu) and white at the farmhouse. Your garden is quite the lovely and all of the rusty garden art and of course that dunce cap (love a quick witted gal) Lots of pretty and happy makes me smile! One question....don't you have a pool? pics please........I know you must be enjoying your summer!! Blessings~~~Roxie

  25. Here in the States I would call Critter Control and have them trap Sasquatch or the groundhog or ground dog as the blog said! I LOVE your blog.

  26. Lots of lovely blooms there / what a great space. I think that you probably SHOULD hang one pair of his undies out there just to see if he notices :)

  27. Haha Art comes in so many different forms! Your yard is simply beautiful!

  28. You two are so funny. I love your crazy banter. Your garden is really beautiful! How blessed to have bought such beauty already there (for the most part) and not having to start from scratch with landscaping. It really is a lovely backyard!

  29. Me please plus one, if we start rowing now we might just make it to Canada by Saturday. Oh and I'll bring some spare undies for your party decorations :-D

  30. Everything looks great. You have done a wonderful job in the garden and the inside of the house. You have really accomplished so much since you moved in.
    Your flowers are so pretty and next year they will be bigger and more filled out.
    Have a great weekend party - wish I was there.

  31. Hi Suzan,
    I love the garden pictures and that pergola. I want that cute hat you have laying on the bench in the pergola. Too sweet.

  32. Suzan, it is gorgeous! the little flower is called a Balloon Flower. Notice how the bud looks like a balloon before it opens to be that beauty? Your climber is a Black Eyed Susan Vine. Perfect for you! Can you believe I bought one a while ago to climb up my bottle tree and it's still in the container. Gotta get it in! I'm laughing because when we need a sprinkler I tell hubby to use one of my vintage ones, (I collect them) and he asks, "Why can't we have a new one?" I say, these work just fine. And yes all of those goodies are garden art! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  33. What a beautiful garden. Your flowers are so lovely. The door is great!


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