Friday, July 18, 2014

Fairyville Friday # 4

Happy Friday everyone !

You know, as huge as Bloglandia is - it's really a small world after all.................
You come up with an idea - and you're all excited about it because it's soooo original - and you happily start working on it -
And then - before it's finished - lo and behold - someone else has done it - and done it far better then you could ever hope to - and suddenly you're completely deflated.
Plus you look like a Blogger Plagiarist...................
But I swear to you - I pinky swear in fact - that I had already started this before I saw " the great one "
( and I'm only going to show you " the great one " at the end of this post - because maybe it won't make mine look so pitiful.

A stone cottage fairy house !
Now if that's not the cutest thing ( well actually it's not - it's not the cutest one by far - as you'll later see )
but I'll just trudge along and show you how I did mine anyway - and really if you had nothing to compare it with I just know you'd fall in love with it.............

I started off with a little box ( I don't know what you call these - but they hang on the wall actually )

and a fence post newel that I also had on hand ( which when you're in fairy mode looks very much like a roof )

See what I mean?

I applied " No More Nails " as the grout - but any thick glue would work

And then I added small stones ( purchased at the dollar store ) randomly

While that was setting - I painted the roof black

For the front of the house I simply drew the shape of a door

and placed the rocks all around it - painted the door black - and added a little rhinestone type of thing
( that came from a pair of flip flops LOL )  for a door knob

I painted a french window on the other side -

and here's the little fairy house I was so proud of for about a day - I mean, really, how much cute can you pack into a post, right?

DIY Fairy Stone Cottage

apparently a lot more than I can -
here's a photo of " the great one "

Is that over the top amazing or what?  This should be a feature on I WANNA live there Wednesday for crying out loud !
Take a hop over to the Feral Turtle to see how Karen made this - it's incredible !

This miniature house real estate business is a tough one - and that's all I'm going to say about that.
Shingle roof?  Glass windows?  Dormers?
Phfffft................there's not a lantern to be found - sadly lacking I'd say.

You can see the rest of the village's houses HERE  &  HERE
You all have a wonderful weekend ♥

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  1. Hahaha, I love Karen hers is lovely but I just know that she would love yours too because yours is adorable too. Don't worry I've also googled brilliant ideas I've had only to find it had been done a gazillion times before.

  2. Suzan, your fairy house looks wonderful. A lot of thought and hard work went into your little house. I feel that this will be a new trend soon - we have the fairy garden and now the houses.
    Have a great weekend and enjoy your pool.

  3. LOL...I think yours is equally as great! They are both adorable and any fairy should be thrilled to live in one! I was in the thrift store the other day and spotted a farmhouse style (similar to this one build it yourself dollhouse and I almost bought it. It was gorgeous...still new in the box and would have cost around $200 new and I could have gotten it for $8. I just don't have the space for it...but I seriously wanted it! Chel from Sweetbriar Dreams is working on one in memory of her grandfather and it is Dickens style...go check it out. Have a blessed Friday!

    Hugs, Vicky

  4. They are both cute and unique just in different ways. Isn't that what's crafting is all about? But, Susan, how do you have time to craft with all that you have going on? You are making those of us who "just craft" look really BAD!

  5. What fun! I love yours most. The lantern and the bicycle are SO adorable! -Bev

  6. Karen is awesome!!! Her little house is fabulous... there's no doubt about that, but yours is pretty great to. Isn't it Plato who said there's no such thing as an original idea? If that's true I guess we can only put our own unique creative touch on whatever we do. That's exactly what you did Suzan. Have a great weekend, and enjoy the party... fairy lights and all.

  7. Ah great, now I have to get a lantern and bike to keep up with the Jones, or Suzans in this case. Miniature real estate can be so competitive. lol I love your roof. That is just pure genius. I am pinning this one as I still haven't started my fairy garden yet, but when I do, this is exactly what I am building. They had some fence post caps in the clearance bin at Rona and I passed them up. I wish I would have bought a few. Thanks for the mention Suzan. Cheers!

  8. it looks lovely!!! I almost hate to say this but I have saw them on Pinterest but none with the same charm as yours, the black roof and french windows, very very YOU!!!

  9. Suzan,
    I love your fairy house it is adorable. Love the little bike too cute.

  10. Yours is so cute though! I love your little lantern. But I love me some Turtle. Karen is a genius too. :)


  11. Suzan, I think we can all relate--I feel like that always happens to me! Love the bike and lantern and the personality yours has :) Thanks for the heartfelt post! Blessings, Cecilia

  12. Just don't google. Ignorance is bliss! Both fairy houses are adorable. And both you and the turtle lady are hilarious. And talented.

  13. Heart & soul, sweetie....that's what it's all about. And you have that in diamond : ). Don't forget you have that rocking bike and lantern and little girls who will freak over it. Xo Patty

  14. I'm willing to bet that ALL of us have had a great idea, only to find it has been 'done' before ~
    Yours has your own unique style, and so it is beautiful.
    Hugs ~~~

  15. Oh Suzan I love yours! Sure the other one is great and I love it too but yours is so adorable! people are not all alike and houses are not all alike. Doesn't mean only one is cute! Love ya my friend - you made a rockin' house ;)

  16. Yours is just as good, just different. What I can't get over is that you bought stones! LOL

  17. Hey at least you made one! Lol. Seriously, yours is cute too. I love them both...yours with the lantern and bicycle, French window, arched door, stones...too cute! Karen's is lovely with the shingle roof. I like them both. Each one is unique. (And more than I've done!)

  18. I love your fairy is adorable!! I was at one of my favorite shops that other day and she had made a fairy shop that looked like her store. Wish I would of taken a picture of it.

  19. Awww, don't feel made a real fairy house with a door and everything. Karen made a bird house...not the same at all!!!

  20. That is so cute! I know what you mean about working on a project that you think is your own original idea only to find out it's been done by others (that you didn't know). But hey, at least that means you have vision of your own! Fairy gardens have been very popular in blogland, but I must say your stone cottage is the first for me!

  21. Your stone cottage is waaaay to cute. I saw "the great one" too and love them both!! Now I have to make one too!! Enjoy your little cottage ~ Amy

  22. Your little house is so cute! Leave it to Karen to take it all up a notch!! She's a dormer pro you know!

  23. Oh wow, very cool! Looks lovely in your pics... :-)


  24. Very cute! I adore anything mini! I'm visiting from What's it Wednesday. :)
    Have a great week,

  25. I love both of them -- so very adorable!! Lucky fairies! :)

  26. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity on The Inspiration Board at homework. I loved your project and featured you today!

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    carolyn ~ homework


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