Monday, July 21, 2014

Life is a mystery John, so am I

John can't stand it when I change my mind - about anything at all.
God forbid I casually mention I might make a roast beef for supper and then end up making hamburgers
He acts completely perplexed -
" I don't understand - I thought you were making a roast beef " ???????????

Or if I say I'd like to go to a movie - and then change my mind and want to stay in and read a book - again he'll stand in front of me baffled
" I don't understand - I thought you wanted to see a movie" ???????????

I purchased this cast iron plaque from Amazon - to put on the garden gate. ( 7.99 I believe )

and had it on the kitchen counter to bring outside - it didn't quite make it out the door - but rather ON the door

John says - I don't understand - I thought you bought this to put on the gate?
Suzan says - You know John - some thing's are just mysteries - they're not meant to be understood.............
Suzan says - It would be like trying to figure out how they built the pyramids -
Suzan says - It would be like trying to figure out how the great gardens of Babylon started
Suzan says - It would be like
John interrupts - Are you saying you're one of the wonders of the world?
John says - IT SAYS WELCOME - NOT GOOD-BYE !!!!!
Suzan says - Shhhh - it's ok John - everything is ok - don't worry about it so much

I didn't clarify that this is a door we ENTER from the back yard - it's just too complicated - you know - like the pyramids

Later that day

Suzan says - OMG !  What are you doing?
John says I'm cutting back all this crap from the walk way ( in the back )
Suzan says - But you're throwing it out???????????? ( as he tosses them into a bin )
Suzan says - Are you crazy ?
John says - Why?  You have plans for these?  You going to build a jungle for your fairy houses?
John says - They're not even flowers - you take things too far

John says - I like them in the vases - good idea - but what is the key for?  I don't get it?
He has no idea that THAT particular key will unlock all the mysteries in the world - he just has to remove it - rub it on his head - turn around 3 times very quickly - hop on one foot 5 times - hop on the other - scream out loud " Everything Suzan does is awesome " 6 times...............
But I'm not going to tell him because I like the key on the vase and don't want him to remove it.

And speaking of mysteries does anyone know what this is? My girlfriend gave it to me ( well actually I begged her for it when visiting )
She guessed a sugar dish
I guessed a butter dish
But it could be a place that Royalty used to use to store their false teeth overnight for all I know

The dome closes - to keep sugar clean?  To keep butter clean?  To keep false teeth hidden?

Whatever it is - it's lovely - and it's mine !!!

( dahlink I love you but give me Park Avenue )

Have a wonderful Monday everyone
The weather network says today is going to be a " bright - bright - bright sunshiny day " ( so I'll be able to see clearly now ) ♪♫♪
Much love,

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  1. Yay I'm the first to comment. Lol. Love the vases on the table the other night. This is to hold butter, I was told. But yours is missing the glass insert. You can always use it to hold cubed sugar. Caroline xxx

  2. Love the butter dish! Tell John that those are TOO flowers... Lady's Mantle.

  3. Is that man an engineer? If not he could have been. He bears all the signs that come up when a group of engineer spouses get together to commiserate about trying it can be to live with an engineer. Oh, the lies I've told when trying to convince my husband that something new is perfectly acceptable.

  4. I am in love with your welcome sign and that white pitcher with the milk graphic on the side. Do you remember where it came from? I have no idea what that little dish was used for but it is too cute! I love it. Hope you have a wonderful Monday...enjoy the sunny day! It's currently raining here in sunny Florida and is supposed to tomorrow too. No complaints though...we needed the rain.

    Blessings, Vicky

  5. Love the Welcome sign... I really like where it ended up!!
    You can always order another if you so desire... V

  6. This winter I bought a silver butter dish at an antiques show which is the same size & shape as yours. Mine has lion faces on its legs, if anyone knows me they know that is why I bought it. Mine has the glass insert but I have yet to serve butter in it. I just ain't that swanky.
    Nice job on intercepting the cut foliage. I love fresh cut anything in vases in the summer, some times it's just leaves. The key is a beautiful addition to your vase.

  7. You crack me up! I love your conversations with John....sometimes they just don't get it! LOL ........and your silver dish is nice. It can be used in so many ways.....which should ultimately make John happy! LOL :)

  8. Thanks for the hearty laugh this morning, Suzan! I'm with Barbara - I live with an engineer, too, so I recognize the symptoms. ;-) What a deal you got on your welcome sign! It's beautiful on the door - would be beautiful anywhere, inside our outside. The flowers (yes, they are flowers!) your husband cut off look gorgeous in your white pitcher! As far as the butter/sugar/false teeth dish, call it whatever you wish - it's a beautiful dish. Love the intricate pattern cut into the lid.
    Kim @ Curtain Queen Creates

  9. Crumb catcher... used by the butler to sweep any crumbs off the table between courses...

    I think John and my hubby are related!

  10. That's a pretty sugar dish, hmmm I would use it for holding a pretty bar soap in my bath! I always enjoy the conversations you have with John, it's like remembering a conversation I had with my husband, they don't get it!

  11. Yes, as it turns out men and women DO NOT think the same. Those are flowers. The plants called Lady Mantle. The blooms remind me of dill. You're right that is a butter dish. There would have been a glass dish inside. I just sold one 😊. I loved it too!

  12. I think it's a butter dish, but it looks a little like a UFO ;) I love it because it's so unique looking! Keep on confusing John, it's just too funny!

  13. I thought you might be interested in this In this sign. I have on on my gate and I LOVE it!!!

    1. I contemplated that one Kathleen - that's too funny !!!
      I'm ordering one of their bathroom signs too :)

  14. I can always count on you for a laugh!!! Can't believe John cut all of your Lady's Mantle - I lost all of mine from the harsh winter (Connecticut) and so no blooms for my flower arrangements, very wise of you to put the cuttings in vases, they are so light & airy. Love the plaque on the kitchen back door - anyone who sees it will know they are welcome in your kitchen - whether coming or going!!!!! :)

  15. I also think it is a butter dish. I actually just looked up vintage butter dish on Ebay and a few came up that look similar! It is so sweet. So is John - so very British. He sounds exactly like my dad (also British) who just cannot ever seem to just go with the flow!

  16. Men don't understand anything, that's why I don't have one lol !
    It's for butter, you put water in the bottom to keep the butter cool, then there should be a glass insert to sit the butter in, and the lid to keep it fresh. I'm sure the Queen has one !

  17. I was gonna say ashtray, you can tell I've neither been close to cigarettes or caviar.

  18. It is missing it's little glass plate for the butter but is still sweet, shabby sweet! Darn, now I want one and I have probably passed on 10 at yard sales in the past few years. Silly me.

  19. Do men ever get why we do certain things, Julian has learned just to come home, nod his head and say "that's different". I know that means he's not sure on it. If he comes back later and says he doesn't like it it's open for discussion, although I have a stronger vote, I am the one at home all day looking at stuff LOL. Love the caviare dish darlink!

  20. I just tell Mr FT it's for the blog......he seems to get it and doesn't ask questions. I think he's a little afraid of me. hehe. Love your beautiful false teeth holder. When I get me some falsies, I wanna have one of those beside my bed too!

  21. I feel your pain. My husband wants to cut down alllllll that crap (bushes, flowers) and have nothing but grass. And it totally blows his mind (and everyone that visits my house) why I numbered my stairs. Three cheers to not being cookie cutter...:)

  22. Great post - why can't our husbands understand they will never understand us and just give up! Mine is just learning after knowing me for 30 years~I think it's a sugar dish -J

  23. We received a similar butter dish as a wedding gift--took a long time to find out what it actually was. Not sure that I have ever used it, but it is a pretty piece of silvery frou-frou.

  24. Stopping by from Feathered Nest Friday link party. Love the mason jars, they will be prefect for the rustic wedding we're doing in the Fall. Thanks for sharing!

  25. I did something similar to my mason jars! So pretty! I would love to have you link it up to my Feature Friday Link Palooza!

    Danielle @ Blissful & Domestic


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