Thursday, September 26, 2013

A door to nowhere

Good morning everyone!!!

Our neighbor gutted out his Victorian home and had doors sitting ( covered with tarp ) in his back yard ( our alley ) for the last month .................
We were constantly trying to get in touch with him to see if he'd be willing to sell them - but he was never around - or we weren't.
Finally yesterday we were able to chase down his contractor and asked HIM if the owner would be willing to sell ! or 2 -
Long story short - we purchased 4 of them - 2 with glass panes on the upper half - and 2 solid wood !!!

Here's photo's of 1 of them ( the rest are outside )

These are HUGE - 85 inches high !!! ( you can't tell in these photos because our ceilings are very high )
And if this place weren't up for sell - this is the exact spot I would leave it in - ( attached to the wall - a door to nowhere, type of thing )

Suzan says - If we weren't selling - I'd have that door installed in that little niche
John says - What?  That's ridiculous
Suzan says - WHY?
John says - Well a door should lead to another room - not a brick wall
Suzan says - Can't you ever just use your imagination?  Just every now and then ?
Suzan says - It would be a little quirky design - and I think it would be absolutely charming
John says - I think it would be absolutely stupid.
John says - People would come in and open the door thinking it was another room
Suzan says - WHO is going to walk into our home and start randomly opening doors????
John says - You never know - you just never know..................

Suzan says - anyway it's a moot topic - we're selling
John says - yeah - but you'll probably want to do it somewhere else now................
John says - AND I think a door leading to nowhere is just stupid
Suzan says - I know - you said that already

Look everyone!!!  It's already blingified !!!

Suzan says - AND I feel that conversations that lead to nowhere are kind of stupid myself.....................

Besides, don't all doors lead to Paris?
( and he most definitely will NOT get that !!!! )

I've squished them all in just so you have a chance to see them -
Wood letters from Michael's ( I told you they owe me a sponsored post - I went a little crazy with the pumpkin bling and letters )

Who wants to place their bets now?

I WILL have a door or 2 that lead to Paris - mark my words..............

And only I have the magic keys that will let me enter it :)

I think it's time for some lyrics, don't you ?

Richard Marx
Just when I believed I couldn't ever ask for more
This ever changing world pushes me through another door...................

( very symbolic for me right now, those lines )

Have a wonderful Friday everyone - may your day be filled with only open doors :)
( FOUR of them - did I mention I have FOUR of them - no Andi and Kris - you can't have them LMHO )

Much love,

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  1. Love the doors but what are you going to do with them?-love dee x

  2. I like the idea of a door to nowhere, because in your imagination it can take you anywhere.

  3. My sister has a garden gate in the center of her garden. It doesn't go anywhere or do anything except look wonderful. My brother in law thought she was crazy. Years later he said he recognized the error of his ways. It's perfect. I love doors and am always searching for them. I think the ones you purchased are fabulous. I love the tall and skinny shape and the panels are wonderful!

  4. Congrats on your doors. And all doors should lead to Paris. :)

  5. The door is beautiful. What a treasure to find in (almost) your own backyard. I look forward to seeing what you do with it (and the others) in your next home.

  6. If all roads lead to home...certainly all doors can lead to Paris! I love these Suzan and I love that you want doors that lead to somewhere magical and imaginary keys to open them! So you! And yeah....Andi is certainly going to want your doors!

  7. I wish I had a door to lead to another place. Especially Europe! Sure would beat that incredibly long plane ride! Looks great!

  8. Love your idea and I am sure John will soon agree with you that you need a door to PARIS ... but four ? I am sure you will do something very creative with them.
    Great door and letters.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  9. Suzan, love the door and oh the possibilities of creating something awesome... Doors are so in right now.... and - Paris, why not? Can't wait to see how you transform it... have a wonderful weekend... Cathy

  10. thats a beautiful door and I think it would be a great idea, use it in your new home for time being just leave it, it looks beautiful with the lettering and the ring of keys from the glasss knob, I wouldn't let john have a key though,

  11. Your conversations with your hubs always crack me up!!! And I LOVE the way your imagination works---what you are doing to these doors is so cool!

  12. I think the door to nowhere/Paris is a fabulous idea! I don't know many people who can decorate a door, but I love the keys, letters and knob! A pretty vignette on a wall!

  13. I love the door to nowhere. Maybe you could hang a beautiful painting of Paris behind it so when you open it you get a little glimpse of Paris. Whatever you do with them I know it'll be great and John will have to eat crow!

  14. You'll just save your wonderful doors for the new house- I know you'll find a perfect spot for a door to nowhere. I'm thinking that a door to Anthony's house might be a good thing for you. When John decides to act up, you can tell him that you are going to Anthony's thru your magic door! And not to wait up! ;)

  15. John would curl up and die in my house I have doors (both solid and screened), gates, windows, and mantels on every blank wall in the house. I am reserving a space down my stairwell for that elusive perfect door that I will find some day. Enjoy that doorway to Paris, Suzan, because doorways are important in life.

  16. your John sounds like my Chuck. hahaha. and I love the idea of a door that leads to Paris!

    1. Thanks so much Debbi !!!
      I'll let you know how that " trip " works out for me lol

  17. And here I thought it was going to go to Narnia.

    Paris is maybe better though. I know it's your personal super-secret Paris door, but can I come too?


  18. GREAT doors! So have a great weekend, maybe one of the doors will be a direct route to your favorite city, kind of like Dr. Who. Now that invention would be worth billions, and think of how much furniture you could find to buy and paint then! And you could afford to ship it FREE to anyone out here in the Land of Blog that wanted it in her house!♥♫

  19. love the door ... love the bling and the Paris sentiment ... love your conversations with John. I KNOW that door will be somewhere in your new house.

  20. C'mon, John. Use your imagination! I love the door against the brick wall, Suzan! And that last photo with the skeleton keys hanging on the doorknob? LOVE IT.

  21. I am totally in love with this idea!! Sooo gorgeous... and putting the letters on the door to spell out Paris was just plain genius. Love it!!

  22. Jeez, men are no fun. But the moment someone comes in you hurry to show them your wife's fantastic ideas, right?

    Ok Suz......if that were my door I'd install it right into the brick -------by it's hinges. Then it can be opened and inside would be a door sized print of the Eiffel Tower off in the distance. Love the bling and the keys....(my 'door' would open onto Lahina Beach on Maui).

  23. You have to have a door that may look like it leads to no where in your next place. In fact I may have one, too, when I move, If you want to make it a door that says Paris, then you could get a mural the same size as the door and put it on the wall behind the door. Just think of all the possibilities. I really love the idea.

  24. Awesome find, definitely has good structure already and with your pizzaz, perfect!

  25. Here's the deal: If all roads lead to Rome, the way they wanted us to believe in the Holy Roman Empire times, then a door can lead to Paris.

  26. Hi Suzan!!!!

    Oh the memories!!!!!

    I love the doors and the height and the glass doorknob!!!! A year ago at this time
    I was in beautiful Montreal and loving every minute of it!!! I just love your place!!!
    It brings back all the memories with my aunts and uncles who lived there........

    I love the idea of the door going nowhere. It reminds me of Alice In Wonderland.
    Having Paris on it gives you the chance of thinking about Paris and when you will
    be opening a door (Your front door) that will lead you to Paris again!!!

    The glass doorknob with the keys is just beautiful. I would love a set of keys like

    Have a great weekend Suzan!!!!!


  27. Oh Suzan, I am so jealous. I want these doors badly. I would to just have an old wood door leaning somewhere in our new home. If you want I will gladly buy one and take it off your hands, LOL!!


  28. Love your door and that it leads to Paris!!


  29. John would not like my house. Not only are there glass domes everywhere, but also miscellaneous house parts scattered to and fro. I've got a whole basement full of house parts awaiting a designation.

  30. Love the door and the keys are gorgeous. You know, I have two doors in my livingroom, that leads to nowhere (or maybe Paris)

    Have a great weekend, dear Suzan.

  31. You got FOUR??? Lucky you. Your chances of having a door lead to Paris just quadrupled. xo Laura

  32. I love your doors! Lucky Girl! Its almost like your own entry to Narnia. :)

  33. "WHO is going to walk into our home and start randomly opening doors?..." Hahaha...yes, who, indeed? I love that line. I have a silly mental image of some guest walking around my home opening doors. That would be kind of weird...and creepy, no?

    Anyhow, I love what you've done with it. I have this urge to visit Paris. My brother has been a few times and he just loves it. I've never been. Hopefully one day...

  34. Ooh...I love it! A door to nowhere is such a great idea! I love the know and what you did with it with the Paris lettering and the keys...but most of all I love your fun conversations with John...;) I always look forward to them.

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  35. I love your doors - I think the Paris door, knob, and keys are terrific. Sure hope you take them when you move. Hope the offer was what you were asking - I just know it will sell soon, it's to beautiful to pass up.
    Have a great weekend.

  36. Hello Suzan, I absolutely love your doors, can't believe you have four of them, what a great find. Hope they fit into your new home. Have a great weekend.

  37. Now, in Beetlejuice, you knock on the brick wall and the door opens. I'm guessing John isn't a big fan of that movie. That's a beautiful door and you know with my door fetish that I covet it. Maybe I should stop at the 2 doors that go nowhere in my house. lol

  38. I have a Pinterest board just for doors! My daughter and I have recycled one by painting a chalk board in the middle. On vaca in Knoxville we brought home a trailer full of doors and windows...from a salvage yard to work on this year! A door to Paris sounds perfect! You'll need to show John a few....then he will be convinced!

  39. Just make sure your door doesn't lead to Paris, Wisconsin-cuz you've already SEEN that on my blog and you KNOW you don't want to go there!
    I LOVE doors, too. I am still trying to get my son to GIVE me one of the doors he has in his garage. Selfish boy! lol I used to have a poster of doors that I loved....hmmmm....wonder what ever happened to THAT!?!
    Drop by if you have time for a real giggle. I know you will snicker all to yourself-xo Diana

  40. It has a darling bit of charm to that spot & I've got a set of large iron keys for my garden shed decor that I'm going to hang on the crystal knob too! My husband will probably frown on that & we have similar discussions about my ideas too....

  41. I love the blingy door handle and it would be great if oh were staying, maybe it would be like the lion, with and wardrobe and you'd find yourself in Paris

  42. I cannot find your email address. Because I can't make head nor tails of Google+. But I wanted you to know you are featured today on my Creative Bloggers Of The Week Post. I hope you get this. Here is the link:


  43. i love your door!!! i love old doors & doorknobs. i have a door to nowhere too -- you can see it here....

    it's a rainy evening so i'm catching up on blogs -- i've missed all my "friends" -- take care suzan!

  44. Poor John... he just doesn't understand our ways - lol.
    Great door Susan and I share your dreams of Paris.

  45. My favorite thing in the whole recycle world!!! DOORS!!!! You are one lucky hombre my friend!!!....but in a girl way.

  46. Dear John,
    Have you ever seen someone trying to see if a paiting leads somewhere behind the wall they are on? Well, think of these doors like a work of art. They are just here because they are soooo beautiful.
    Dear Suzan,
    I hope I helped with my little explanation to John! By the way, have I mentionned I have the most ugly doors upstairs... And do you know how many I need? Four! Two of them should have glass pannels to let the light in the corridor.
    My address is...

  47. That's a gorgeous door! The fact that it leads to Paris makes it so unique ;) I love the knob and the keys too.

  48. Love that added bit of bling.....don't care that it leads to no looks amazing!

  49. I really love that doorknob! Good for you, saving some history there. I wanted to invite you to my new link party I'm starting tomorrow, 10/1: We Call It Olde Link-Up - it's the place for any post about antiques and vintage items. Hope to see you there! -Dawn @ We Call It

  50. I want a door to Paris!! I love the doors, such great ideas.

  51. This door gives out a gorgeous and inspiring aura. After seeing your work, I was inspired to give my bedroom door a makeover as well. It didn't take you a lot of time and effort to transform this old door into a lovely one. It really reminds me of the apartment doors in Paris! :) Job well done, Suzan.

    Willene Fagen @ Roofing & More, Inc


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