Thursday, September 19, 2013

There once was a girl from Nantucket...............

Good morning everyone !!!

Meet Nancy Nantucket :)  - notice how the 2 Billy's are right by her side - I warned her and warned her to stay away from Ikea - but she's head strong this one.  They're homely - she could have done soooo much

She's not quite finished - but thought I'd show you her progress so far ...............( they'll be a graphic added to her this weekend and some more distressing / white washing going on )

For those of you that missed it - this is how she looked originally -

For those of you that prefer wood - and can't stand it that people paint over it - let me warn you - this is
NOT the site for you unfortunately.
If it's going to cause you pain looking at these photos - I have a clear and precise solution - DON'T look at them  ( oh if only I had the solution to all of life's problems so easily !!! )
Does that sound harsh?
I really don't mean it to - it's just that there's people that take this furniture painting thing so seriously ( not many at all - but there are some ) and jump on their soapbox about what a " sin " it is to cover wood -
I would never - and I mean NEVER - visit someone and go on and on about how lovely a piece would be if they just PAINTED it each his own.  My " own " happens to be painting furniture :)
And there's so many other worthwhile causes to jump on a soapbox for ( I've been known to stand upon one myself from time to time - HERE - mine are ALWAYS worthwhile causes LMHO )

I was going for a beach look - so I painted her Paris Grey ( Annie Sloan ) - distressed her - and then did a
" dry brush " with white....................

This was being done last night - the night before a professional photographer was coming to take photos for the realtor......................

John says - WHAT ARE YOU DOING?????
John says - We spent a week getting the house just right - and now you're going to paint furniture in the entry way????
Suzan says - I'll be done - don't worry about it - I'll be done - even if I don't go to bed tonight

Which is exactly what I did - stayed up the entire night - and got " her done "

I'm still reading To Kill a Mocking Bird - I don't want it to end - even though of course I know how it ends after having read it 20 times - I get so lost in " Scout's " words that sometimes I have to put the book down
close my eyes and savor the last paragraph..................the trial has just begun and I'm about to enter my favorite part.

This is what's next on my reading list - waiting in the desk - under lock and key ( well under keys anyway )

The next piece of furniture I do will involve milk paint which I've been dying to try - hopefully next week!!!
For now I leave you with Nancy Nantucket

There once was a man from Nantucket
Who kept all his cash in a bucket
But his daughter, named Nan,
Ran away with a man
And as for the bucket, Nantucket 
( and put it in her one of 9 drawers )

      Shhhhh, what's that noise?  Listen !!!
      The Billy's are serenading her - Great - how am I going to explain THAT at the open house?

You didn't think I'd leave you with just a limerick now, did ya???

Have a great Thursday all :)

Update - I added lyrics to the drop leaf part - you can see them HERE

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  1. I love it, seriously hate wood and want o paint all of mine, but I'm scared I will do a bad job, people are jealous of your mad skills. Forget them! If they don't like painted pieces why do they come??

  2. It looks so much better! Nice work. I am just ready to begin The Mitford Series...excited. Diannta

  3. Pretty! Good luck with the listing photos.

  4. Love her! And I've always preferred painted furniture. She's gorgeous!!

  5. It's funny how some people are about painted furniture - my Dad was always stripping it down to it's beautiful wood and couldn't understand why I was painting everything white.... Then one day he surprised me by bringing me a lovely pie safe that he painted white for me so I wouldn't have to... see there is hope for all.... love the desk it is a beauty. Can't wait to see the graphic... have a great day.....

  6. I do not like the looks of wood, so paint away, Suzan! It gives me a cheap thrill...LOL...

    I LOVE "To Kill A Mockingbird". I have read it a few times, and have watched the movie more than once. It is such a great story!

  7. love her i would serenade her too lol

  8. Suzy Q - you are not alone. People leave comments for Miss Mustard Seed about not painting wood. Good grief. If someone doesn't like painted furniture, why the hell are they reading your blog?!?

    Nancy is lovely. I adore Paris Grey.

  9. Oh my, you are so fun. I love this desk! You did an amazing job on it. It's just perfect. I have painted 2 pieces of furniture that are vintage and needed fresh paint but I have 2 other oak pieces that came to me painted and I had them professionally stripped and left natural. They are still my favourites. Sometimes I wish to paint them again but will leave them be.

  10. I love both...beautiful old pieces that have been well cared for I'd never paint. I'm a woodsy type girl. I also have many painted pieces and can appreciate the beauty of both. Love your newest creation! Now go sell that house! xo

  11. You make me smile, Suzan. I've used milk paint...a project I built back in the 80s, the kind that came in a little bag and you mixed with water. Now I'm planning to redo that same piece with chalk paint. My home is about as eclectic as you can get. My personality is so mixed up each room is totally different. It's a puzzle!

  12. I love this so pretty. Your paint technique always makes these pieces show pieces. I love this.

  13. Only you would attempt a furniture transformation in the middle of the night before the photographers came, and mostly likely in your pj"s while reading classics. She looks more classy than a girl from Nantucket - you know what they say about them!

  14. Pretty! I love gray.

    I didn't know you love the classics. I should post our recent list sometime.

    The Glass Menagerie is memorable. I read it in high school and I read it with my daughter. I still remember the first time I read it.

    XOXO Best wishes with house hunting this weekend!

  15. Wait wait wait wait....You didn't take your own pictures for the listing? You had a professional come do it? Ptttht. What kind of a DIY girl are you?



  16. Just so you know,Suzen, I will now be creating limericks in my head the ENTIRE rest of the day (and probably well into the night!) And I would have been one of those people who refuse to paint wood - until I found your blog. Now I want it painted - but want someone else to do it. Cuz I can hardly be expected to paint AND create limericks at the same time, can I??? Oh yeah, you did. Well...

  17. This turned out great Suzan and I can't wait to see what graphic you choose and how it turns out. For a minute when you said shh did you here that I thought maybe the squirrels were back, LOL!!!


  18. Everytime I see an old furniture or even those expensive antique ones,
    iyf they are plain wood, I always say in my head " Would lookgreat PAINTED!!!"
    Your piece is already beautiful, I can't wait to see when it's really done :)


  19. I always wondered if there was a limerick that actually went with the old "there once was a man from Nantucket" joke. Good to know! I do love drawers, ergo I love this! I hope you plan on sharing it tomorrow at the Pinworthy Project Link Party!

  20. Oh Suzan, you are so funny - love the desk. It looks terrific. Hope the photo shoot went well.
    Have a terrific weekend.
    Please note that my email has changed to I have tried to change it but it doesn't want to take it.

  21. Love it...beautiful as usual! Now...enjoy those books! Have a wonderful Friday...:) Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  22. Another fabulous job, Suzan. Love the color and the glass knob. You styled it beautifully!

  23. Looks really nice Suzan. A beautiful piece of furniture to begin with and if you like it better painted, so that is how it should be. I have stripped so many pieces of antique furniture in my younger days ... I guess that is why I am reluctant to paint the vintage pieces now. I have an old oak hall tree I would just love to paint and may do it one of these days.
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  24. I love the desk! It's beautiful! Great job!!

  25. I like Nan. :-) I must say I just love that you name your furniture. I am just as excited to hear the name as I am to see it.
    Yes, you already know we named our second son, Atticus. And if we would have had a girl, we would have named her Scout. :-) You are entering my favorite part of the book too.

  26. The Girl From Nantucket looks quite lovely in her new attire. Painted furniture? Thumbs up!

  27. That piece was crying for paint! No way around it - like the 'meh' side table that I did.

  28. Drinking and painting again.....your desk looks stunning as usual-love dee x

  29. Great now I have that song (besides "Cecilia") stuck in my head. Maybe I'm understanding John a bit...LOL. Beautiful as always Suzan! I'm a mixture of painted/natural wood girl myself. Depends on the piece. To each their own! I agree just go with what another has, don't try to change their minds.

    I am actually going to an ASCP workshop tonight. My first experience. I'm so excited! Have a great weekend!

  30. Love this! The color is perfection.

  31. Love it! I never get tired of this color combo, it always looks so fresh!

  32. hahaha....I had to slap myself when I read your post title, because my mind automatically know where (close to nantucket). lol
    I am one of those that love natural wood, but I won't hold the painting against you. :-) simply because between you and Angie at Knick of Time, I'm getting won over to the whole painting furniture craze. the desk is beautiful.

  33. It is an amazing piece of furniture whether stained, painted or otherwise ~ your furniture ~ your choice, right?? I really love how you made the drawers stand out in all white! Looking fabulous Suzan!!

  34. Whoa what a beautiful transformation!

  35. Hi there. I wanted to thank you for leaving me a comment on my blog. I am your newest follower through bloglovin. I cant wait to sift through your blog. It is so neat with the little wine glass mouse. Never seen that before.

  36. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Great color choice and love the color contrast! SCORE!!

  37. What a great makeover! Love t he color.

  38. Ahh Susan, you always bring a smile to my face. Good on you for speaking out against silly people who banter on about painting furniture. Let them go else where I say!!
    Love this piece and she is looking good.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  39. She looks great. New coating and she is ready to go. Great job.


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