Sunday, September 29, 2013

Isn't Food Beautiful???

Good Morning everyone!!!

Last week when I went to the market I showed you photos of all the beautiful flowers that were in all the stands - ( HERE  ) but the fresh produce is every bit as gorgeous!

There's nothing like nature to get creative juices flowing ( quite literally lol ) and as much as Fall fills me with a sense of endings - ( sorry - but it does - I just can't get as enthusiastic as everyone else about it ) I can't deny that the colors are just magnificent.....................bushels of cranberries

Suzan says- Isn't this absolutely inspiring
John says - for what?  to eat?
Suzan says - for everything - to eat, yes but to decorate too!!!
John says - you mean the colors?
Suzan says - actually no - I mean I'm going to decorate with food
John says - Just don't buy anything that I can't actually eat, ok?

Fresh produce

SO inspiring - and actually left me a little hungry - care to come for lunch???
This is a typical lunch around these parts on the weekend

We can pick up some fresh sausage

Cheese will be nice with the sausage !!!
Some fresh 3 x creamy Brie, S'il Vous Plait :)

Olives???  LOVE ( only I eat them - John won't touch them )

Now what are we going to do for dessert?
A weekend lunch HAS to include something sweet don't you know !!!

They call Montreal the Paris of North America - this is when I feel it most - when I walk into any of the thousands of " les boulangeries " in town ( Bakeries )

in my world there's nothing more beautiful than a box with a ribbon on top of it, filled with French Pastries lol

Back home for my favorite ( all time - bar none ) lunch of all time

Autumn on a plate !!!

and some dessert to share - half a creme brulee and half a slice of strawberry cheesecake each

Walking home with our " lunch "

Suzan says - I never realized how dangerous the city of Montreal was
John says - The crime rate is very low here Suzan
Suzan says - but the calorie rate is horrific......................

Have a wonderful Sunday all
Much love,

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  1. What a glorious feast for the eyes! Yummmm! Of course I particularly liked the desserts! I miss the fabulous deli's of Chicago. I think you're going to miss this kind of market thing Suzan!

  2. Oh my goodness,what a lovely sight. Yes please lunch at your place for sure. :)

  3. I love the markets in Montreal. Atwater or Jean Talon? FAbulous shots and I am sure a delicious lunch.

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous...and you KNOW I am off sugar-and here you are tempting me....seriously, Suzan! xo Diana

  5. I would stay and look more but suddenly I am hungry...Yummy photos and must be a wonderful place to visit..

  6. Wow - that is a lot of gorgeous grub! I am dying for that bread right now...

  7. The cranberries look huge! And if you see them that must mean our Thanksgiving (November) is coming faster than I am ready for this year! October will be here Tuesday and gone in a flash. Then you know that means Christmas is coming. And it all started with your visit to the market!♥♫

  8. Such beautiful food....:) I would love to have a market like that where I live. Montreal looks and sounds like a lovely place to live. I would love to visit there some day! Have a wonderful Sunday....Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  9. Oh those desserts are bringing back memories of Paris. We indulged every day (something we don't do at home) and actually lost a few pound because we walked everywhere. I called it the Paris diet. Just the best!! It wouldn't work here though because we have to drive everywhere. Love the pics!

  10. I'll take a dozen of those fruit tartlettes please! I'm reading this BEFORE breakfast and now I'm ravenous.

    Psssst, I'm with ya on the not being into Fall thing.

  11. Everything looks so deliciously beautiful! I can have any one of those desserts hmm hmm

  12. Cute story - great photos. No I'm starved! Have a great week.

  13. Hi Suzan! I am an Irish girl, so bring on that bread! And I'll have a glass of wine too :)

  14. Gorgeous bounty of ANYTHING anyone could ask for! Reminds me of its counterpart in Toronto, the St. Lawrence Market. Have yo heard of it? JUST as delicious and decadent! I agree, Suzan, a cold deli lunch is such a tasty treat! BTW, are those Kalamata olives I spot?!! They're the best!


  15. You can keep the sausage, but the rest, yes, please. It all looks so delicious.

  16. Suzan,
    Oh the pictures so beautiful of natures fruits and veggies. Lunch looks so yummy. My fav is creme brulee. Nothing yummier than that. You do have some beautiful pastries. Now I am hungry and have to go get a snack!!!!

  17. Suzan that is an amazing market! Yes I decorate with food too! Seriously I do....but my husband told me please don't by the green apples anymore...I am tired of those.Okay but I really love the green color in the kitchen.....then he says well can ya just get some red ones for a guess ;-)

  18. What a great market - the food looks so yummy. I love a weekend lunch like that - in fact I could eat like that all the time - just some picking....... The pastries are to die for - I have to watch my sugar in take, but I can look and not touch.
    Have a terrific Sunday and enjoy!

  19. my oh my, looks delicious!!!

  20. what a great look lunch yummmmmmmmm im starving now thanks for sharing

  21. Oh my goodness, Suzan! I would love to have markets like this one around here. Everything looks oh so French. Which, in addition to the beautiful landscapes in your country, makes me want to visit Canada. It was a treat reading your post and dreaming today. Thanks so much for sharing!

  22. That is one gorgeous you can see I think food is beautiful to look at, too. And that's what inspires me to cook with fresh foods. And wow, do have have the greatest desserts! I would be in sugar heaven! :)


  23. You're killing me, Suze! It's wonderful...but where is my plate?

  24. Ohhh...don't be sad it's fall! Be happy because you have pretty food, and that wine is always in season!!!


  25. We sat on the deck on Friday night munching on foccaccio, homemade tomato jam and old cheddar - like your lunch, it was heaven.Yum.

  26. Hi Suzan!!!

    What a beautiful array of colors at the market!!!

    I'm awful...Because as I scrolled down and saw the bread, I was like, 'Bread and cheese.' Then you showed the "les boulangeries"/"Bakery" items and I felt with each one my hips grew bigger!!

    French pastries are the BEST!!!!! Was John happy with your lunch plate?

    Have a great week Suzan!!!


  27. Ooo la la! Looks and sounds delish! That is what my husband and I do when we go on a picnic, just the two of us....cheese, crackers, fruit, olives, bread,etc. and something sweet. High calories and high priced but worth it!

  28. The colours are beautiful and the food doesn't look too bad either-love dee x

  29. It's gonna take a whole lot of painting to burn those calories! It looks delicious! Now I will go eat my figs, Gouda, and rye with blueberry-lavender jam.

  30. Okay, now I am really hungry. Somehow it seems a little nicer than my peanut butter sandwich.:)
    xo Laura

  31. Oh my how yummy those things look, I had to slurp in the drool several times just seeing all that beautiful goodness.

  32. this reminds me so much of home (Italy). I just can't find anything like that here where I live

  33. Montreal is deadly if all the shops sell food that gorgeous.

  34. It might be horrific but it looks so worth it, you can invite me to lunch any time ill bring the wine!

  35. Buy me one of every baguette and sweet there is.

  36. Oh yeah. The calorie rate is very high! It all looks so delicious and tempting though. Hope it was good. :)

  37. I'm obsessed with taking food pictures, and equally obsessed with looking at others', so thank you for satisfying my obsession! If I could each bread and cheese for lunch every day, I'd be a happy camper. That lunch looked delish!

  38. Ooooohhhh, creme brulee. I want to go, too!
    I went to a cheese factory in northern Wisconsin this weekend and bought two enormous chunks of odd shaped Monterey Jack & cheddar (the 'ends') for a song. It was not quite as visually stimulating as your experience here, but I was excited about it.

  39. I just finished breakfast not too long ago, but reading this post has me hungry! I love your style, nothing like cheese, sausage & fresh bread with a good wine for lunch.
    Debbie :)

  40. Yum Suzan, give me some brie, olives and great bread and I am in heaven!!!


  41. Beautiful pictures and delicious looking food.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  42. That looks amazing. Oh to be eating French pastries right such a beautiful city!!

  43. Your food pictures are so inviting! I went to the fridge but no sausage, no cheese but I do have wine! So I guess I will salute Autumn and your lunch!!

  44. Ohhh, we are coming! I was chatting with the husband and since France is a good 5 years away, we figure we can swing Montreal a bit sooner (maybe next summer). Let me get daughter #2 some experience with French as she starts school next fall and daughter #1 will have one more year so she can speak for the family and hopefully know a touch of conversational French versus just the math and science-y stuff that she knows now. You'll have to let me know what's fun for kids!


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