Monday, May 26, 2014

Red skies at morning

and John is still snoring

John yells out - What are you doing thumping up and down the stairs?
Suzan says - I DON'T thump - I gently ran downstairs to take a picture of the sky - you have to see this - it's just magnificent
John says - What time is it?
Suzan says - It's 4.56
John says - WHAT???????????????????
John says - you ran out in your nightgown at 5 in the morning to take photos?
Suzan says - Yes - because within minutes it vanishes
Suzan says - You see, now you've missed it................

John says - I'll take your word for it......................
John says - And the next time I see you snoring away with your gob wide open I'm going to run around the house moving furniture and running in and out with the back door slamming - and
Suzan interrupts - You really should start a blog you know.

I do not snore -
I do not have a gob - I have a mouth - and it remains closed when I sleep
I'm pretty sure about that.

The lilacs are starting to bloom

love the color of this one !

especially as it tucks into the old ladder

Does anyone know what type of tree this is?  They look like miniature pom poms !

I received a package in the mail last week from Kris at Junk Chic Cottage - I'm sure you all know who I'm talking about - the Queen of Shabby?  If you don't know her - please do yourself a favor and drop in for a visit - be prepared to be there awhile because her blog is as bad as pinterest ( you all know I mean that as the ultimate compliment, right? ) Shabby chic perfection !!!

Here's what she sent me !!!

This is the prettiest whimsical tote - and it's MINE !!!
Kris said it made her think of Soda & I - Soda's holding my paintbrush for me - how adorable !!!

There's writing on the inside - it reads..................

and that's not all - OMG - that's not all - look what she put in that package !!!

Oh Kris - I can't tell you how thrilled and touched I was by this over the top generous gift

John says - Why do people keep sending you presents?
Suzan says - clutching a paintbrush like a microphone - BECAUSE, JOHN " They like me - They really really like me !!! "

( I don't have to explain that line, do I lol ? )

Blogging has been a blessing that was bestowed upon me - plain and simple - the friendships made - the laughter shared - the inspiration gained - I can think of no other word than what it is - a blessing.

Red skies,
And precious gifts from afar........................

Some days you could almost burst with happiness - and you think to yourself
What a wonderful world.

Much love,
L'artiste et sa muse
( AKA Suzan )

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  1. Beautiful sky, I too would have got up early to photograph it, and silently glided down the stairs, as I know you did. John was obviously dreaming!
    The tree looks like a Vibirnum opulus 'Roseum' - the snowball tree.
    What a lovely, thoughtful gift from Kris.

  2. How lovely is that Suzan. The text is all about appropriate.
    Suzan, I had that tree pop up in my backyard a few years ago. I love it.

  3. I think the "pom pom" flowered shrub is an oak leaf hydrangea. They're gorgeous!

  4. Oh yes, Kris is awesome, and that bag is sooo perfect for you. I have no idea what that tree is, but it's really lovely. Your lilacs are looking gorgeous. I just love this time of year... with the gardens popping into life. I need one of those garden ladders!

  5. What Jan said...I didn't know the variety, but I'm pretty sure it's a hydrangea. Your lilacs are gorgeous! I can't wait to have some!

    ...and John is still snoring. Bahahaha!


  6. Good morning Girlfriend. Love that you received my package. That bag with the artist muse was so you and little soda too! I thought you might like to try the milk paint sometime on something. Chippy goodness and you have not control of the outcome. Kind of a fun thing.
    I am pretty sure that is a hydrangea too. You know if you empty your coffee grounds in the soil of the hydrangea's it will give acid to the soil and change the color of the poms from white to a blue, violet or pink. So each morning after your pot of coffee go out in your nightgown and give the grounds a sprinkle on the hydrangea. You will see the color of the sky light in your hydrangeas. Glad you got your package. Love you like a sister. Thanks for your friendship means a lot to me. I am glad I could surprise you with something special that reminded me of you.

  7. You two kill me. LOL And I'm totally with you, Suzan. You have to take the opportunity to get those sky shots while they're there! I have a 'snowball' bush too, a viburnum. Mine is getting a little rangy, though. BTW, if you have any space where you could sink some asparagus crowns this spring, even if you don't get the rest of your kitchen garden in, it would give them a year's headstart. Asparagus takes 5 years from seed, so even planting 3 year crowns, you'll be waiting another two years before you can harvest any. Just some cheap advice. :-)

  8. Perfect for you and Soda! And goodies included. Love the little surprises from a thoughtful, caring friend, they make life special. Patty/NS

  9. Beautiful sky at dawn, lilacs, and the perfect gift. I agree what could be better. Well spending time on Kris's is always pretty much better than anything. xo Laura

  10. wow did you have a great day or is so nice to receive surprises isn't it...i think it is an oak leaf hydrangea also a really good older on takes a while for them to get this big..seems to me other than a skunk and a groundhog you have lucked out with a pretty yard xx


  11. Que bonito post, me he paseado por tu bloc y ha estado un regalo visitarlo, te invito a ver el mio, “ Pintar es muy divertido. Constituye una delicia observar y exprimir los colores. Espero tu visita y si no eres seguidora me encantarías que te hicieras y así compartir nuestros blocs.

  12. So sweet.
    You are right ~ blog buddies are the very best.
    Love Ya!

  13. Beautiful shy and what a fantastic gift, yep we really really like you a lot!

  14. Your plant is a Snowball bush. I have one in my yard and love it.

  15. Awe, what a great post and how sweet is Kris! The fact that you jumped out of bed, grabbed your camera and went outside in your pjs to catch a shot is a testament to your love of life...did you hear that John...this is a gal who stops to smell the roses!!
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

  16. The perfect gift for you and she is one talented blogger! I love her pictures! Now I have to see if I can grow that bush in Zone 3. It is gorgeous! Your yard is beautiful Suzan!

  17. I love the photo of the sky and all the photos of the yard are beautiful. What a lovely, thoughtful gift from Kris! It's so neat! xoxo

  18. I LOVE Kris and her blog, she is so talented at everything she touches. This tote is adorable. It does remind me of you and Soda. What a beautiful sky!!!


  19. Beautiful photo of the sky!! What a cute tote!! Aren't blogging friends just the best ever!! How very sweet of Kris. Your pom pom flowers are Hydrangeas...I've had them for 14 years in my front yard and mine turn the prettiest shade of deep pink.

  20. Oh! So sweet! And good for you Suzan! What a great gift. Yes, we really do like you :)
    Love both you and Kris!!!

  21. What a nice gift from Kris. I can relate, Mr. Charmer could sleep every day to 12 pm if I let him. He thinks being retired means doing NOTHING! I have to fight for everything, ugh! Love you photo of the sky, oh so beautiful!

  22. GREAT sky- What a lovely conversation, too- lol That Kris is something else, isn't she? I have been blessed with her generosity, too. xo Diana

  23. HI Suzan, I'm way behind this week as it's been rather busy for me. I'm glad you 'clomped' down the stairs to capture the rosy sunrise. They are very fleeting. I didn't know the sun rises 'that' early already! lol Your lilac and Snowball bushes are beautiful. I'm pretty sure it's a snowball bush. My neighbour has one but it hasn't bloomed yet. We're in for a sunny warm stretch for a change here and things are blooming even more. What a beautiful gift you received. I love the canvas bag and think it's so "you"! I hope you have a fabulous weekend. Hugs. Pam

  24. I started out laughing at your conversation...then became so happy for you. What treasures you have found through blogging, treasures in friendships.
    Debbie :)

  25. What a fabulous tote...lucky girl! And now you know why it pisses me off to miss the sunrise! LOL!

  26. Oh I so love lilacs and their delightful fragrance. Oh, and lucky you! You have a white hydrangea bush to compliment your lilac forest.

  27. What a lovely gift. Tell John you are somewhat of a VEDETTE. I was visiting a boutique and someone who knows we are friends because of the Annie Sloan event, was asking about you and told me she loves, loves your blog. Tell John he gets the supporting actor award. Lol. You still need to come sign my door. It has been in our store window for several months, buts it's missing something :(


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