Saturday, May 31, 2014

O.C.D. ( c )

I have a mild case of it................I say mild because it used to be much worse.

I can remember being so relieved when they finally labelled it - and then sick with embarrassment that I actually had a disorder ( I've since learned to " own " my disorders - of which I have too many to count
simply because if I didn't I'd drive myself insane )
If any of you have noticed I usually always do three exclamation points and that's because I have 3 kids.
There you have it - if you ever only see one, you now know it was a struggle to move past it lol.

Anyway I've discovered that practically everyone on the planet has some form of it.

I used to put my cups a certain way in the cupboard - until I saw SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY
( well as much of it as I could stand - I don't do thriller's very well ) and there was a scene in the movie where the sicko notices cups are not put the way he wants them - so for a very long time I purposely 
did NOT put the cups a certain way - AND it took quite a long time to realize that being very diligent about NOT putting the cups a certain way was just as much an obsessively compulsive thing to do.  Trying to place them all messily took time and effort ( but if anyone looked in the cupboard my secret would be safe lol )
Ok - so the reason I'm telling you this is because of this conversation the other night when I was refolding the sheets John had put in a ball in the linen closet.

This is the way I like the linen closet to look - it makes me less anxious about the utter chaos living in a reno brings

Because if the only place my world has any semblance of order is in the linen closet - then the linen
It's completely crucial that in the midst of mayhem I can walk in here once in a while and feel peace.
It doesn't even matter if John " get's " that or not - it just IS.  I don't know if it's part of the disorder or the saddest commentary in the world - I only know that I must never - and I mean never - walk into it and see this ( well at least until a few more rooms have been done and then it wouldn't matter at all as much )

Because my sanity is hanging in the air right now -
It's enough that we just discovered we owe the government a new car basically
And the house is nowhere finished with reno's
Or that I'm drowning in furniture to paint and get rid of
If you add a rumpled sheet or blanket to that I'm afraid I'll slip off the edge.

Suzan says - Just leave the sheets for me to fold from now on please, ok?
John says - I think you have O.C.D.C.
Suzan says - and what would that be John?
John says - You never heard of it?  It's where you
Suzan interrupts him -  you mean O.C.D. the disorder
John says - What's the difference?  You know what I mean
Suzan says - You're asking someone with O.C.D. what the difference is?
Suzan playfully pushes him across the bed
John says - Cut it out - I'm watching T.V.
Suzan waits a little - and pushes him with the other hand
John says - WHAT THE HELL?
Suzan says - that, sweetheart, is O.C.D.
John says - Okay - enough (*&#*&@)*
Suzan says - And you may just have a mild form of Tourettes.........................


Have a good one all - though I have a LOT of rooms to scrape old remnants of carpet from - and windows to paint - and ceilings and walls for that matter - I think I'm going to get in that linen closet and make it shine LMHO

( and than another one - so that it's an even number )
The Happy Blogger
Or the
Demented one anyway


  1. awww, I feel for you I truly do, I am the one in this family that no matter how ill or tired I am I must have everything on counters in their proper places, all pillows must be in place, shoes must be in place, its exhausting and frustrating, and yes embarrassing, I have always been this way, even as a child my toys an clothes had to be in order, I wish I was not this way, I wish you weren't also, I also wish you didnt owe the government a car! My heart goes out to you,

  2. I could do with a little of your O.C.D., Suzan. And for another thing, it is brilliant to have only white linens. I wish I had known that years ago. Anyway, I'd never take a photo of my linen closet and show it to anyone. LOL

  3. Now I know we are sisters from different Misters LOL! I have OCD too!!! I cannot got to sleep at night unless I know everything is in it's place. When I make the bed all the pillows have to line up just so so I get it!!!! It can be exhausting sometimes. Have a great week end my friend.

  4. I have the touch of OCD too... Can you say "Anal-retentive"?!?! Sometimes I just laugh at myself ~
    But I AM getting better with age ~ it is amazing how much energy it takes!

    Hugs ~

  5. I believe I have a "mild" case of OCD .... and I'm okay with it.
    Have an awesome weekend.
    diane @ thoughts and shots

  6. Is it a sad to say that I completely agree with you? We've been in renovation mode (DIY style like you) for about a year. There are times (like right now with indoor and OUTDOOR projects going on at the same time) when I feel like running away and joining the circus! So a nice, neat linen closet provides balance to the chaos. Funny enough, I'm about to rip the shelves out of my linen closet because the configuration drives me nuts! I've even decided to paint the inside a nice, serene blue so I get a calming effect when I open the door. Who nows, I may start sleeping in there until the renovation is done!

  7. That is a gorgeous linen closet--if you ever have the urge to to travel south, you are welcome to organize my linen closet! :)

  8. I don't have a linen closet :-(
    I do have a sort of see-saw OCD, sometimes I let it all go to hell in a handcart because I am so busy and stressed ,but it makes me miserable.
    Mind you there are those, pretty much anyone who has ever lived with me or knows me at all, who would say that my idea of letting go is pretty amateur stuff compared to the rest of the non OCD world!
    Other times I know to the nearest millimetre where every cushion or ornament should be. (Who am I kidding? I ALWAYS know).
    Since we are all creative ladies and we all seem to have it to some extent, it is obviously part of our genius, nothing to be ashamed of here...:-))

  9. I must agree with you. When there is too much chaos in the house, a perfect closet can soothe the nerves. I remember watching SWTE and I liked my things like that, too. I liked it that way so I could see what we had at a glance. I did not, however, beat my spouse if it was messed up. That was a terrifying movie. Still is.
    If you take the time to do things RIGHT, ones hubby should appreciate it. ;) LOL
    I am known for "the room scan". I always know when something has been moved.
    My gift is not appreciated, either. Sigh...
    xoxo, T.

  10. Oh yes, I can relate. Mine is particularly bad with numbers (and I majored in, guess what? Accounting, where the answer is always zero, with a perfect balance of debits and credits, lol.). After a long day of antiquing, I will lay in bed at night and reconcile all that I bought until it adds up. When it doesn't, I will get out of bed & check my detailed invoice until it does. And I write down all cash purchases so that it balances to the penny. Oh yes, Suzan, you are not alone! So sorry about the debt owed the govt, but my OCD is trying desperately to analyze that for you!

  11. I think John had OCD confused with ACDC!!
    See what I mean Suzan!!

  12. LOL....I would love to be a fly on the wall in your house some days! I love your conversations with John! are not alone in your OCD...I have it too and sometimes I worry about myself. It's all good though...everyone has their little eccentricities,,,right? Have a blessed Sunday.

    Hugs, Vicky

  13. You can come and organized my closets anytime…yours looks great…Also, I just wanted to stop by and let you know your wreaths were featured today at One More Time Events…Hugs,

  14. I can relate! I've been OCDCing over my blog lately. Making changes here and there and obsessing over little things. It's crazy when you KNOW that there are bigger and more important things to obsess over ... I need to go and clean my closet. Maybe light a candle...

  15. The worst thing about my OCD is that I sometimes go back 3 and 4 times to be absolutely sure that I have turned off the burners on the stove or unplugged my iron or turned the water completely off. This gets really tiresome when I am trying to leave the house some mornings. I have gone back two and three times which is just this side of crazy. I have recognized that the OCD issues are much worse when I am feeling stressed. Enough about my version of craziness - I would sell my shoes to have a linen closet like yours! There is no such thing as too big a linen closet! We had two large linen closets in the house in Seattle and they were an absolute dream. The linen closet in this house is 3 feet wide and 10" deep. Everything has to go in sideways. It is next to useless. I am, however, thankful that I have even that because houses built in the 1800s did not have closets. This was added when they reconfigured the second floor so that you don't have to walk through a bedroom to get to the bathroom. (Bathrooms were added to back bedrooms after running water and septic systems were the rage. Until then your "facilities" were located in a little house in the backyard!)

  16. My mother's linen closet looks just like yours. I remember as a kid having to fold towels a certain way, with the folded edge facing out so it looked pretty even though you couldn't see anything if the door was closed. But I have to say, there definitely is something refreshing about opening a closet door and having everything inside look neat and tidy! :)

  17. LIttle places of serenity...gotta have them! We could talk for hours on this topic alone Suzan. LOL!

  18. I used to fess up about having everything perfectly organized, the hubs never did a good job folding the laundry or making the bed. Ha, it was too time consuming and I put to much stress on myself. Now days I really don't care, organization is good, but anyone, even my husband or my ten year old boy can do a great job! However, it's really nice to see a tidy and pretty place, like your linen closet!

  19. Ha, you made me think that perhaps I have a mild case of OCD. DONT ask me why it bugs the .... Out of me, when I reach over for the tape dispenser that is supposed to be on the cash counter and it's not there I have to go get it and put it back in its place. Every morning I walk around the boutique rearranging things where they should be. Haha 13 plus employees and 100 's of customers touching things and misplacing them. CAN you imagine. I cannot concentrate on the daily tasks at hand until I do this. Mmmm OCD perhaps!!! Lol. My desk is the same everything needs to be in its place before I get started. Miss ya!!

  20. You're right, everybody does have their own version of OCD. One of mine involves laundry, also. We fold everything upstairs on our bed, the husband will just dump it out whether the bed is made or not. ARGGGH!!! I am not okay with that. The bed must be made prior to the laundry being dumped on it. p.s. I did trois exclamation points, just for you.

  21. hahaha, I love when your posts make me laugh out loud!

  22. Please come do my linen closet. I just shove things in and then slam the door. xo Laura

  23. LOL ~ so much fun. I have some of it too. I like to put my groceries in a certain order when we check out at the super market. Canned goods all together, boxes all together, fruit all together.....
    It drives my hubby crazy. :-)

  24. I instinctively count to four out loud before I pull the door shut when I'm leaving the house. That gives me 4 seconds to ensure I have everything I need. People laugh at me but it works. There was a some-e-card that said "I have selective OCD... I haven't vacuumed in two weeks but don't you dare get my silverware drawer out of order." I relate to that.

  25. I do agree with you, I think we all have some form of it or other. I count every step I take in my mine...even while thinking of other things. We have 3 double light switches, and it drives me crazy if they aren't both up or down...they have to match!
    Debbie :)

  26. I need a bit of that disorder. I would love for my linen closet to look like that....actually I would just like to have a proper linen closet!

  27. I'm not in reno mode and I don't have OCD (well, I don't think I do but then again, it is possible!) , but I can't tell you how many times I have organized the linen closet, only to find things shoved in. Drives me crazy! Now he folds; I put away and we all live happily ever after.


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