Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Not All There

Or not all here...................

It takes a mind that's been half destroyed to even consider what I just did - I'm even to afraid to tell John to be honest with you - because there's only so much craziness a person should have to deal with - and we all know he deals with far more than his share.

You all know I'm working on this piece, right?

and that the top part sat in the van for days because I simply couldn't lift it out?

well we finally got it out last night ( WE being John and Gordie - my son )
and I started working on it right away - almost the minute it was placed down -
( after removing the back piece - because OHIHADSUCHPLANSFORTHIS )

Now there was - once again - a lot of bleed through - I'm going through a string of bad luck with that crap lately - anyway - shellac - paint - shallac - paint - shallac - you get the picture - and then I started working on the back piece

I had just enough of the wallpaper that I used on my kitchen hutch to do this with - JUST. ENOUGH.
Don't mind the dark areas - the wallpaper wasn't dry when I took this photo................

But you can see how pretty this is starting to look, right?

WRONG - when I went downstairs to finish the job - the TANNIN STAINS HAD COME RIGHT THROUGH THE WALLPAPER -  sorry - I really don't want to run down and take a photo of it - it's too depressing so you'll just have to trust me on this one -  it ain't pretty.

Suzan says - What a mess, I have to pick up some more wallpaper tomorrow
John says - I wish you'd stop taking on these monstrous jobs - they're too big anyway
Suzan says - Big shmig - bleed through can happen on smaller pieces too
John says - Anyway I'm not picking them up anymore - it's too much

Oh oh - how do I tell him about this?

Which I told the seller we'd pick up tonight?

After I pick up more wallpaper...................

Have a great day all - I have some serious smooching to do today


I think the back wallpaper issue can be rectified - I just went down again - and the stains are mostly on the
edges where the shelves meet and which will never show - I may need to buy some thin molding but that's an easy fix - phew.  This hutch may have been just a teeny leetle bit more work than I anticipated.

Have a great day all !


  1. Oh no, that stinks! Hopefully, it will go okay taking off the paper. xoxo

  2. I love the wallpaper on the back Suzan. Looks fabulous. What a big job though. YOu have more patience than me. Oh, and John has more patience than my husband. ;)

  3. oh there's going to be trouble tonight!!! the wall paper looks great, so sad the tannins are coming through, I thought one cot of shellac would do, there is a product Garry's parents used to prevent stains from coming through, they were professional painters and wallpaper people, one coat did it, maybe it would be cheaper than paint and varnish, I know it worked great.

  4. It is so terrible to have the perfect vision for a piece and the dreaded bleed-through occurs. I had this happen on a wall which had been sealed three times before I hung the wallpaper. If it had been my house, I would have glazed it or something, but no-o-o-o-o, it happened at someone else's house. I cannot believe you are churning out these huge pieces and working on the house at the same time. I think you need a small, simple hobby to restore your sanity.

  5. The squirrel did it. Or the phantom.

  6. I feel your pain, sister. It is SO frustrating to put so much work into something only to have some other issue come BLAM blindsiding you. But Donna's got a good point... have you considered, like, knitting or embroidery? Don't even answer that, I know better.

  7. You are a miracle worker and I am confident you will charm the socks off of us gals. Sometimes a break gives that much needed push to finish against the hurdles with a new vision. Can't wait to see it! Better get to smooching! Love Kate xoxo

  8. It looks so gorgeous Suzan!! Soo sorry about the wallpaper bleed through. Hopefully it's the easy fix that you think. The new piece is fabulous too.

  9. I am glad this crap happens to you too! Now I feel normal, whatever normal is : ) Patty/NS. p.s. there is always sucking up going on here.....

  10. Hi Suzan
    Glad you found that you can remedy the beautiful top part of the chest. It is coming out gorgeous. Oh and that new piece you are picking up. Love her pretty legs. She has got it goin on. I cannot wait to see what relove you do to this piece.

  11. It looks great to me. Hope you can fix what you need.
    I do understand, I have been there and done that too. When a project just will not behave it self!!

  12. The tannins showed through the wallpaper? Wow, stubborn stains...but I love the wallpaper you used on it. Good luck picking up the new one!! lol
    Debbie :)

  13. What a nightmare! But on the bright side, it looks awesome! Happy Mother's Day Suzan


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