Sunday, June 1, 2014

Thank you Tree................


But I watch daily as it starts to bud - and I think how beautiful it will be when it's in all it's full glory - we'll have a dappled curtain of privacy created by nature and I'm grateful.
I feel the breeze from the rustling leaves in the evening and I think how perfect a spot this tree was
planted in - it'll allow breezes into the bedroom on hot summer nights and I'm grateful.
I look down as I make my bed - noticing the shade it creates by the side of the house - outside the backyard and I make plans to create a secret garden and I'm grateful.

Each morning it seems to be a little more full and as slow as the process may seem at times it happens rather quickly - one day you hear your better half excitedly shouting

" Sue - Sue - come quickly - you won't believe this "

And you grab your camera - ( because you're a blogger and well, that's just what blogger's do )

And you stand in awe - so silently that you can almost hear this beauty blossoming - and marvel that THIS belongs to you - this magnificent gift - this totally unexpected magnificent gift and all of a sudden you know - you just know - that as much as you've been complaining about this house and how you've taken on more than you can chew and how the renovations are maybe just a little more than you bargained for and all of the nasty surprises that come with buying an old - very old house all come down to this one singular moment and you're moved - almost to the point of tears - and you and your husband stand arm in arm and gaze at it like 2 small wonderous children - and you smile at each other and think..................

We're home.
It doesn't matter what the inside looks like for the next few months - not when the outside looks like this.
We're home.
This is where we're meant to be at this time in our lives - everything happens for a reason - and this tree was
planted here - in this exact spot - so that one day I could sit beneath it with a favorite book and a glass of freshly made lemonade - with my feet up and the world resting on the shoulders of my glorious tree - instead of mine.
We're home.
Even if the bathrooms need to be gutted and the floors still need to be done - and the ceilings are a disaster and there are far too many rooms left to paint and the windows are dangerously close to falling out of their frames................
We have a tree that speaks to us
and that beckons us towards a little peace and quiet -
that tells us it's ok to take a break
that it's not going anywhere
that all it needed was time and patience ( much like the house )
and most importantly it tells us, that no, we did not make a mistake when we signed the papers.

I think of a family that planted a seed long before I was born and I am dangerously close to crying now - not frustrated tears, not tears of despair or grief or sadness - of which there have been too many since purchasing this house - not even menopausal tears - these are tears of gratitude................

I think that I shall never see 
A poem lovely as a tree.

A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
Against the earth's sweet flowing breast;

A tree that looks at God all day,
And lifts her leafy arms to pray;

A tree that may in summer wear
A nest of robins in her hair;

Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
Who intimately lives with rain.
I walk around the yard in wonderment at all this majestic beauty, taking photos as I go, looking up, always looking up - because after all that's the place where hope and inspiration and peace come from.

I snap one more photo of the cherry tree

and go to where I store my paintbrushes with renewed energy - with a replenished spirit - with something that closely resembles a skip in my walk  and I think how wonderful it is to be me right now - today - owner of this ramshackle house.

Thank you Tree -
I'm grateful
And will paint my next piece pink in your honor 


JOYCE KILMER......................

For finish the tree didn't bear much blossom - just enough to restore hope - but maybe at the end of the day that's all it was meant to do after all - to remind me that when things seems too big for me to handle on my own - I simply need to look up.

Have a wonderful day everyone
Take a moment to look up at some point today - past the trees if necessary.
( and give thanks )
Much love,

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  1. Beautiful post, Suzan. I think sometimes we get so busy in our lives that we forget to appreciate the simple things. If I get stressed I take time out in the garden, and it is surprising how quickly the beauty out there calms me down.

  2. Oh, Suz! You made me weepy this morning...and made me think about some things that have been rattling around in my head. Wonderful post!

  3. Thank you Suzan (and tree). I have been going through a horrible time re a very difficult customer all weekend. She has the distinction of being the only one in 15 years to actually make me cry, (and there have been some that would have made a saint weep)! I need to get things in perspective, I need your tree :-)

  4. PS If you want to know what happened I've posted a question on Hometalk about it. I really would appreciate your opinion/help and that of some of the other lovely blogging ladies who use ASCP!

  5. You summed things up so beautifully. I stand in awe of trees often, they are so majestic.
    Hang in there, your strong spirit will bring you through.
    Big hugs,

  6. We have a tree outside of our bedroom window that we wake up to every day. I love watching its buds turn into little leaves and those leaves push out into full blown maple leaves. Hard to imagine people who choose to live in areas where there are few trees.
    Lovely post Suzan.

  7. I love your beautiful flowering cherry tree! What a wonderful surprise, along with all the other shrubs and trees and plants, that you've discovered. That's one advantage of buying a house on a 'mature' lot in a 'mature' neighbourhood. Your secret garden corner sounds wonderful. Regarding the OCD post, I have a bit of that too. I like things placed a certain way in the cupboards, closets and fridge. I always put things in the fridge in the same spot so I can grab them without searching. Saves time right? Right?? Have a great day. Summer is here!

  8. Ahhhhhhhh so happy this has happened and it is a sign that all is good and you are where you should be. Now get that pool open so I can come float in there LOL!

  9. Lovely......and I knew you would get there! The house, and tree- were just waiting for the two of you to come along. It's all yours now. xxoo

  10. Wow all your trees are beautiful!! Love the lilacs too...

  11. trees....ahhhhh, my favorite reasons to be outside. :0)

  12. Beautiful post Suzan and absolutely gorgeous trees.We do need to remember to stop and enjoy, especially when life gets crazy. My lilacs are blooming now too and their scent flows through the house when the windows are open. They are the view from my craft room right now and it totally relaxes me. You have a gem of a backyard. Enjoy it.

  13. Joyce Kilmer said that so beautifully. That poem has always been a favorite of mine...but you have done a beautiful job of creating the poetry of what YOUR tree means to YOU-just now-at this time in your life. It does put a spring in your step and joy in your heart when you can find something in an ordinary day that brings you such pleasure and hope! xo Diana

  14. Oh what beautiful pictures and that is your sign that this was a good thing and the timing was right. Enjoy!!!


  15. suzan... as i said to you before that you lucked out and got a beautiful yard.... i am so glad it grab you by your bosom umm i mean got into your heart ... all of your ranting about the house is because you want it perfect and that is understandable love you my imaginary friend xx

  16. I have a secret garden behind my crabapple tree and it is a favourite part of my yard. Your garden is lovely and you will enjoy seeing all your flowers as they grow. My first year in our home was like Christmas as the growing seasons passed, watching and being surprised with what had been planted by the previous owners. I love everything you are doing, inside and out!!!!

  17. Wow! Such a beautiful, wonderful surprise! And to be blessed with all the spring flower shrubs and trees you have is amazing. Wish I had them here but so far it is so unkept and wild and overgrown it will take us years to clean up. There is the view of the cove we live on and that makes us very happy. Take the time to enjoy the beauty around you : ). Patty/NS

  18. Just got around to reading this post tonight. I think I have both types of O.C.D. and John's one O.C.D.C. And the reno's STILL haven't started but the meltdowns continue. I totally get it. My bedroom is the only place where a corner of pretty is happening, otherwise I think I will go crazy! Patty/NS

  19. This is just a lovely post, Suzan. The blossoms are so beautiful! Wow. Makes everything worthwhile, doesn't it? Enjoy your very pretty yard!

  20. Beautiful post!! Beautiful Cherry tree!!

  21. Beautiful post, Suzan, and you couldn't have picked a more perfect poem for it.
    Next ranting post, I'll be reminding you of your cherry tree morning...
    Debbie :)

  22. I love it. So beautiful. I'm so happy you found some inspiration to keep trudging on.

  23. This was so perfect, Suzan! So funny, as I just read your earlier post about how you were transforming your outdoor space, I was thinking that I hope you take some time to soak it up and enjoy the outdoors. What a gift to have that beautiful tree to restore your soul! I'm all teary, reading that you are finally realizing you are Home!

  24. Oh Suzan! I'm so happy you had that moment of "knowing" you are home.
    You've had an overwhelming year for sure. YOUR tree is beautiful! I have 2 huge oak trees in our front yard that hide me when I'm drinking my coffee on the front porch. Funny how trees become part of the family :-)

  25. You've got me crying - I'm so glad you finally feel at home. It's been a long struggle for you two renovating and making it your own. Isn't it funny that something as simple as a tree can do that to you.
    Every evening, we sit on our deck which is under a big old maple at the back of our garden and marvel at the beauty that surrounds us. I get what you mean about feeling at home. Enjoy.

  26. Wow...good thing you moved, eh? :)


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  28. A house can be worked on and fixed up any time, but a tree takes years and years to grow. I sure didn't buy my place for the house. It was the yard (and it's trees) that sold me and that is what has kept me here all these years. I'm glad you are home.

  29. I love trees and walking in the woods among them. I miss the trees in our yard that were taken by storms through the years.

    1. I'm really loving these trees - apparently there was a huge one in the front that the city tore down last year because the roots were getting in the way of underground pipes ( not long before we bought it actually ) the previous owner was very upset !

  30. What a beautiful post, we do get caught up in life and stop to smell the roses, or cherry trees blossoms. I love the look of a cherry tree when it blossoms but don't have one on the property. I love being out in the yard with my flowers and lilacs trees, watching the birds and escaping all the work that needs to be done inside. Maybe this is the season to put all of those projects on hold and just enjoy the summer and all the beauty outside has to offer. hugs my friend

  31. Beautiful, Suzan!! How blessed you are. :) Sometimes we get so singularly focused that we miss the beauty and blessings all around us. Thanks for sharing you moment with us at Project Inspire{d}!

  32. This is such a beautiful post Suzan. That tree is gorgeous and how wonderful that it and the One who created it gave you such renewed hope. I looked around my home today at all that I need to do and my spirit wilted, but this post has lifted me back up. I'm going outside to plant two rose bushes I got for my birthday and a couple of lavender I bought for myself...and give thanks! Blessings, Deborah


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