Friday, June 27, 2014

Remember this?

Good morning everyone!

Well I'm reverting back to my childhood - without a doubt -
While unpacking stuff for the guest room / munchkins room I came across this

Some of you will remember when I did this - most of you will probably not because it was done over 2 years ago - and the interior was never completed ( I had dreams - oh I had dreams LMHO )

(So this Fairyville I've started may only be complete in 2016)

In the meantime they can help Lolli work on the interior of this

If you can bear to look at photos even worse then these - and trust me these look AMAZING next to what I used to take lol - you can see how I turned this breadbox

Into a little dollhouse HERE

My daughter's having a first year anniversary ( oh my gosh it's been a year since the wedding - can you believe that? ) party today here at the house - a pool/bar-b-q party to be precise.
Want to see some of the wedding posts?

True Colors ( that's why I love them )
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You know I'm really tired when there's more links than content

See you Monday - bright and early everyone!
You all have a fabulous weekend

Party Time!!!
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  1. I cannot believe that was a bread box, that is sooo cut, what is the number 23 for, or did I miss something?
    I also cannot believe its been a year since the wedding, I just love the photos, such a happy beautiful bunch!

  2. Hope you have a fantastic party and Happy Anniversary to your daughter!

  3. That is adorable - how creative! I'm dying to see what's going on inside? Perfect little addition to your Princess bedroom.

  4. Wow Suzan a year already for your daughter's wedding. Wow time does fly. Enjoy the pool party/bbq this week end. Sounds like lots of fun.

  5. You, my Montrealer, are magnificently marvellous at makeovers!!

    Happy anniversary to the happy couple! I still remember that fun post of you and your girls getting ready for the wedding; priceless!

    Happy weekend, my friend!


  6. So much fun, a breadbox doll/fairy house! And I simply can't believe it's been a year since Lindsay's wedding and the meet the parents fiasco with the meat! That story still brings a chuckle, sorry....... Congratulations Lindsay & Tony! Enjoy the pool party, will his parents be there? xo Patty

  7. Suzan, I LOVE this idea! I've never seen anyone use a bread box for a dollhouse... Genius! I tell ya! I might even copy this :) Have fun at the pool party!

  8. Oh one year already wow that seems so soon! Gorgeous little fairy house too

  9. That is just adorable! You have given me ideas! Thank you!

  10. What an adorable makeover. No one would know it was a bread box in its former life.
    Have a great week,

  11. This is such a cute makeover! Our little great niece wants a place to keep her 'treasures' and this is getting me thinking..... Thanks for the inspiration! Enjoy your party!

  12. Oh my word, this is genius. I love it. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

  13. Who would ever have thought! Oh you!! You are so creative Suzan!
    Thanks for sharing it with us at Project Inspire{d}!

  14. We had one of those breadboxes and the matching canisters given as wedding gifts 37 years ago! I painted the breadbox white and stored cookbooks in it then when we renovated the kitchen I gave it away. Not sure where the canisters went. Cute idea to make a fairyville house though.


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