Thursday, June 5, 2014

C'est chic, les Antiques !!!

Let's spend a little time doing it together!
( all images sourced from Kijiji - an alternate selling site but the same as Craig's List - I buy from both )

125.00 - metal bed frame - loving it!
Can you just picture it with tons of white frilly pillow and a down comforter - this was meant for a breakfast in bed setting !

40.00 ( Kris you'd be jumping all over this ) love that it's narrow - and the frosted glass is pretty special !

What a statement piece for a child's bedroom - 125.00 - painted in pretty carrousel colors - ribbons cascading down from the top - magical !

350.00 - antique double bed - I'd love this in the guest bedroom - these were so common when I was a little girl - especially in country cottages.............white lace curtains swaying gently - fresh cut flowers in vases -

200.00 - LOVE LOVE LOVE - as is - sort of Gustavian, no?

250.00 - wish I had room for this - I wouldn't change a thing on this - sheer aged perfection !

Oil stove - 1916 - 200.00 - the curves are just beautiful - wouldn't this be beautiful in a kitchen corner?

80.00 - great chest - again I wouldn't do a thing to this beauty !

1500.00 - with leafs - gorgeous !  ( I'd have to reupholster the chairs )

110.00 dollars - love this style of dresser - I've worked on quite a few of them, they never get old ( pun
intended lol )

This mirror has been reduced to 20.00 - I often buy these because they can dress up a dresser so beautifully

Old milk container 35.00 - it's been painted - so I'd paint it again - white with a graphic transferred on

950.00 - can you imagine this painted and with beautiful linens?

385.00 Cedar Chest

30.00 dollars - oh the possibilities are endless with this one really

95.00 - hand made copper stove utensils - these would look so gorgeous in a rustic kitchen
( or spray painted black in mine ) I adore them

Ok - I could do this post until it was 20 pages long - so I'm going to leave you with this - brace yourselves
because there's not one of you that wouldn't give anything to have it !!!!

It's 900.00 but it's a beauty ( and a half ) - expensive until you see what Restoration Hardware charges and then it's worth every single penny

Suzan says - I'd give anything to have that in the garden - under a tree
John says - WHAT???????????  ARE YOU NUTS - IT'S 900 DOLLARS !!!
Suzan says - That's called Patina - and it's perfect - absolutely perfect
Suzan says - Wouldn't it be fabulous to have a nap on in the shade?
John says - Get a Hammock - a lot cheaper and a lot nicer in my opinion.

Now there's nothing wrong with a hammock - in fact I want one - but how can he not see the beauty in that day bed?
It's like comparing the Love Boat to the S.S. Minnow !

Are there any items here that you'd give anything to have?

I've started tackling one of the teeny tiny bedrooms upstairs

It's going blue and white - walls - ceilings and floors
Half way through it I decided to take a nap and gently fell asleep to the music of John cursing and yelling as he removed the linoleum from the floor ( which is a horrible horrible job I have to admit )

This is what's left after removing carpet - paper - and 2 layers of linoleum................
It's the underbacking of the last layer of linoleum - and it's sickening to get rid of -

The only redeeming factor is that it IS in fact a teeny tiny room - ( we still have 2 other rooms - one of which is large - with floors like this to do )
That " fur " gets scraped off by dampening the floor with hot little section at a time.  I'm not sanding ( maybe lightly - but I'm not doing the whole sanding of the floor with an industrial sander ) this floor will be painted white like the rest of the upstairs.

But it's a cute room - tucked under the rafters - with lots of charming details like that window - and the slanted ceiling and the alcove and that tiny Alice in Wonderland door !
It can accommodate a double bed and 2 dressers quite easily or a dresser and a little reading alcove and BECAUSE it's so small I can afford to add a little luxury to it without breaking the bank.
So I've been looking at wall paper for one of the walls - not sure if I want to go with a vintage themed
( both selections found on Amazon )

or a toile ( the toile melts my heart to be honest with you ) but I love love love the pale yellow against the blue flowers too !

Anyway - big plans for a little space are in the works..................

Oh and I'm doing a " walk " for Cancer tonight - just in case you thought I was lazy.............
From 6 p.m. until the wee hours of the morning...............

Have a wonderful weekend everyone -
Much love,

Partying over here !!!
I Should be Mopping the Floor                           Knick of Time                          Miss Mustard Seed


  1. oh to be rich, I think I would buy it all! Actually the cedar chest is exactly like mine, We had to strip the lino floor off our first home and when you said the fur, i knew exactly what you meant, that is the nastiest job, The bedroom will be beautiful, I love the toile pattern but the other is lovely as well, great walk for cancer, ours in coming up! I hope the bugs die off!

  2. I want it all.....I have NO room, but I could throw some of my things away and certainly make room...especially the metal day bed! As for the wallpaper-I love the yellow and blue the most but the toile is stunning too. Hope you survived the walk! <3

  3. once again.... all great stuff.... Iove the blue and white look in a bed room.... just makes me want to cosy up in bed.... but in this case it could have the impact of a little high contrast... it depends on the light that you have coming in ... whereas throwing in the yellow melds it all together... particularly in the winter time.... but that is just a thought.... congrats on the walk.... it is a wonderful vigil and hopefully the weather is good.

  4. I feel for you. That floor looks like a beast to tackle but I can't wait to see it when it's done. I love the daybed. It's way better than a hammock.

  5. Fabulous finds! and can you pls email me a close up of how your window is hinged to the window frame?? I'm getting ready to do a similar project and looking for tips...


    ps sorry about the castors... lol

  6. I LOVE the toile! Blue and white just speaks to me....reminds me of a summers day. It's going to be lovely. Best of luck with your Walk For Cancer!

  7. I want that narrow door, I know where I would put it immediately! I think I should move to Canada!

  8. I enjoyed looking at the antiques you've found on the net. The white round mirror is a beauty. I love that little room you're working on. It's so cute and the yellow and blue wall paper is gorgeous. I also love toile. I bought a cute little metal table yesterday for $3. I'll be spray painting it for the new pergola deck and will post about it soon. Have a super weekend!

  9. Some of those items are magnifique! I'd love that white bed.

  10. I want each and every one! (Except the milk can..I have one of my grandfather's. It is rusty and needs something done to it to dress it up a bit).
    I love your plans for your tiny the toile but blue on yellow so pretty! I feel for John scrapping those layers off - not fun! Glad he's the one tackling it! Ugh. Can't wait to see it all done!

  11. Love the blue and butter yellow! I had a bathroom in that colour once and never tired of it.

  12. In love with both beds and that carousel too Suzan. And as for the teeny tiny bedroom - I can just envision it now, it will look great for sure!

  13. Such great prices! I love your sweet little room. And the wood chaise, OMG! un-freakin'-real!!! That would be find it's way into the back of the truck, super fast. The metal daybed, ooolala, those curves, deadly. Yes a bit pricey, but you cld spray it so John will think it will be pristine always, then casually neglect it..... Love the toile, such a sucker for it. Go for it : ). Patty/NS

  14. Good to see you're getting my room ready for when I earn enough for the plane ticket, I love toile but I'd be just as happy with the other paper ;-)

  15. OMG Suzan I need that door. Ship that to me!!!! Love that bed too how awesome. Good for you to do the walk tonight. You go girl.

  16. The door and the daybed - love! I also adore your little room upstairs. What a darling little window. It has SO much potential! Have fun on your walk tonight - what a great cause! BTW, I am also having bird problems lol. They have built nests in our shutters and tweet at 5am. I'm too nice to sweep them out because they have baby birds in them. As soon as possible, they will face eviction!

    1. That little room upstairs has become a BIG nightmare with the floor LOL - what an awful job scraping that crap off is ................
      But we're halfway finished :)

  17. Love the daybed and the old door!! Hope the weather is good for the walk tonight.


  18. A great place to be for sure! I think I am in love with the daybed too! It would be awesome to have it outside under a tree.....with a lot of mosquito repellant a "whole can" a lot!

  19. I cannot even look at a project right now and I have no idea how you do it! I'm intrigued by your little bedroom and looking forward to seeing your blue and white!

  20. you lazy? never! Love the antiques.. and yes, that bed would look wonderful in a garden.

  21. Hi Susan!!!

    I have two that I'm crazy about. The reading lounger for $950 and the one in the last picture!!!

    John put it in the same category as a hammock!!! Guys just don't get it!!!LOL!!!
    And do you know where I'd put it? In my reading room at your place!!!!

    Have a great week!!!



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