Thursday, June 12, 2014

Welcome to Fairyville Friday !!!

I've been intrigued and fascinated by these forever................. ( what makes someone my age want to play with fairies?  ) I used to create miniature Christmas villages for the kids like you wouldn't believe - they were huge - truly villages - with schools and houses and Churches and playgrounds and skating rinks and ski hills )

Last year Danni ( whose grandson is now officially my boyfriend - online boyfriend ) created this
You can read about it here SILO HILL FARM

And I fell instantly madly in that the cutest thing or what?

It led me in the direction of another new obsession ( I haven't done Christmas villages in a very long time )
I won't be making an outdoor Fairy Garden per se................I'll be making an indoor Fairy Village ( where it'll be nice and safe from that nasty groundhog HERE and the ducks HERE but especially from those Grackles ( who apparently like shiny things ) HERE

So......................I bought a bird house ( with a little veranda - now how adorable is that? )
That hole will be covered up or made into a port hole window but I did cut a little door on the side - still rough but at least the fairies can come in and out now lol
Just need to paint it up in pretty colors

I cut the door out with a steak knife - please dear God - do NOT tell John - and don't tell him I use butter knives to open paint tins - it drives him NUTS  I use butter knives as flat head screw drivers also - I'm a utensil type of gal LMHO

There's even " eaves " on the roof !

Then I picked up a kit from Michaels - which included a charming fence

and the sweetest arbor

 a bench for them to rest on

a bird bath ( I'll be painting the interior of it blue )

a wheelbarrow -

a watering tin

and a little welcome sign

I picked up this little lantern separate - just because I had to have it

It's so cute I can't stand it

OMG !!! That little basket filled with miniature flowers?

I purchased 2 more birdhouses ( remember this is going to be a village )  and lots of fun things which will wait for the next post - this is getting kind of long :)
But still on the list are:
cocktail umbrellas
match boxes
and then I'm going to spend some time this weekend looking for remnants from my Christmas villages - there
were some pretty cool things in there, like street lamp posts and bridges and such.

I'll be updating the progress weekly on Fairyville Friday
now I'm off to paint a fairy house - you all have a beautiful weekend!

Oh and I've started a Pinterest page just for Fairy Gardens - if you're as intrigued by them as I am you can find it HERE

Awww - what the heck - here's a little teaser ( I hope the little girls I'm creating this for love it as much as I do !!! )  Here's Rainbow Road, Fairyville

You all have a wonderful weekend -
Much love,

P.S. - I just opened the front door to let Soda out for her middle of the night pea - and there was a SKUNK standing right in front of the door !!!
OMG - this doesn't ran off and it didn't spray - but I'm still shaking.
I'm living in the middle of a ZOO !

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  1. The inspiration house is the cutest! Your house is amazing! Where in Michael's do you find such goodies? I have to make one for my granddaughter! Are they pieces for a doll house or specifically for fairy villages? This is just a lovely idea! :-)

    1. Hi Laurayne !!! Just ask a sales person - they'll direct you to the right department !
      If you check my Pinterest page ( link above ) I've got a couple of sites where you can order items online! I'm having such a blast with this lol
      Thanks :)

  2. Adorable. Fairyville Friday is such a great idea. My sister has a fairy garden. I found her a little bicycle for it in Alaska. Your garden is super cute. So glad your skunk didn't spray the cat. Yikes.

  3. You are one lucky girl that the skunk didn't spray!! That would have kept you busy for the whole weekend, and not working on fairy gardens! Seriously, I want to know when you sleep. lol Cute fairy garden, Suzan, and I know yours is going to be the cutest ever - love that little bicycle. ♥

  4. The building on your small village will be a welcome break sometimes from the renovations on your house. :) I think it's fun.

  5. Love it!! I have a Victorian Doll House that i LOVE to "play" with!!!


  6. That is totally adorable Suzan! That bike is the sweetest thing. Love it!!!

  7. Do tell where you got the goodies I have a wrought iron birdcage been wanting to decorate like this love it so cool thanks for sharing can't wait for the next post

  8. that is adorable, so much fun to do!!!! The skunk, well that stinks, lol, good thing it didn't spray!!!Oh my gosh that would have been bad, real bad,

  9. Now aren't you the artiste? I love your fairy garden. I had no idea one could buy all those things to build one with. I think the girls will love this and have fun playing with it. A skunk?! Yikes. You do live in the city don't you? Goodness gracious, it's getting a bit too crowded with wildlife isn't it? There's a great recipe on line for getting rid of the skunk smell on dogs. Humans? Well, that's not good. You have to burn or bury any clothes that have the spray on them, not to mention the cleaning of the hair and body and the house. Sorry, I won't say anymore. Just check out the door every time you open it!! Enjoy the weekend!

  10. This is simply too adorable and amazing Suzan! Wish I was a fairy!

  11. your fairy garden is beautiful, isn't it fun to create them. I'm working on a new one it is a beach, I have already made the ocean, it even has waves. I found a bird house at Dollar General on sale for $6.00. It looks like an old Airstream trailer with a pink Flamingo and a palm tree, it is so cute. I have a light house I bought at Michael's. I already have little palm trees and small shells and star fish, now I'm putting it together. My fairy gardens are therapy for me, all the stress leaves me when I'm working on them. I love getting new Ideas from other people, thanks again for the inspiration.

  12. OH your fairy garden is gorgeous, Suzan. What a great job. Love the fence and all the cute things you put in here. Beautiful.

    Big hug from here

  13. Suzan...I know what it is like to have critters at your home. We had a bird get into the house, a raccoon had 5 babies in our chimney, a Squirrel under the sofa, and a snake chilling out in our dining room. Knock on wood...but we haven't had any recent creatures in the house.
    Love the fairy garden!!
    Hope you have a great weekend.

  14. I love the fairy gardens! I've been thinking about making one for my Mom. I didn't know you could get the stuff at Michaels. I'll have to check that out. Speaking of Christmas villages, my MIL gave my daughters like 50 houses with all the accessories... SO MUCH STUFF. and work during Christmas. I hate them. Call me scrooge. All those cords and lights and broken pieces and WHERE the heck am I supposed to put them?? And whose going to put them away afterwards?? They're called Dept. 56, and we have them all. Ba hum bug.
    Sorry, I got lost in my rant.

  15. This is one bandwagon I haven't jumped on (yet). I didn't know you could get a kit at Michael's. Where's my coupon again?

    As for the skunk - I never know what i'm going to find outside at night. My dog ran into a raccoon the other night!

    1. It's really quite therapeutic Heather -( so if your feeling the need for a little therapy lol)
      The skunk terrified me - not so much that there's one outside - but that it was right there at my front door when I opened it - HOLY *$#&@)(!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Love your fairy garden. Sorry about the skunk, but he only wanted to come visit because he's black and white and just adores your paint schemes! :)

    1. LMHO !!!!
      THen I think I'll have to change my color scheme Betty !!!

  17. OMG - I can't stand it, it is soooo cute! : ). You just gave me a fun idea that I can do to keep me from going freakin' crazy here. I love you!!!!! I hope I don't incur a skunk here, ever, or racoon, mice, porcupine, coyote, or a bear. All which are possible. We do have a deer family of 7 that go through regularly. Patty/NS

  18. Well that is positively adorable! I'm warning you, those cute little things are addictive! Of course, when I show this to Jacob, he's going to want you to make him one with a superhero theme because he will be the first to tell you that "pink is for girls", LOL! Thank you so much for the shout-out and now you make me want to do another one!

  19. Yikes...thank goodness it didn't spray...phew!
    I love all your fairyland things...can't wait to see it done. My favorite is the bicycle...oh my goodness -- cuteness alert! Our Hobby Lobby carries fairy garden things - I need to see if I can find a bike. :o) Love the idea of a village! I need to refresh my fairy garden and then maybe I'll put a village in my huge lantern! :o) We like them because deep down, we are still little girls playing with our dolls and dollhouse. Have a great weekend (skunk and other critter free!)

  20. Suzan,
    This is so cute. Love it. How creative and fun. I love the little fairy bike with flowers in the basket.

  21. Be sure to have lots of reflective surfaces. Fairies are very vain and like to look at themselves.(I know things...)

  22. This is sweet! I've been eyeing up an old tree stump in the yard for two years thinking I would build one....I did look at it two days ago when I mowed and thought about it again. That's a start...right? Anyways maybe I will get inspired from your fairy fridays! Cheers.

  23. Oh My I love your fairy gardens. I am also addicted. I made three this year for myself. I made four little ones for gifts. You can see them on my blog http://cozyblanket.blogspot. You may have to scroll down a bit. My obsession started with the little stone house. This year I added a vintage camper. I said I made three, I forgot about my flower boxes . So much fun. One year my grandson asked if I put out food for the fairies t
    At night. This year my five year old granddaughter looked at the case.per. at first she was worried that the door didn't open. She was glad that the window did, so the fairy could get inside. She also said there needed to be a fairy on my pink bench. Lol

  24. They're going to LOVE it I know my little girl would!

  25. Your friend's fairy garden is adorable!! Your fairy village is too- and what a neat idea for displaying it! LOL on the skunk- although that would've been a disaster if it had sprayed! I've had some random holes dug around the yard and garden that I'm sure are from skunks. I know they are traveling about this time of year since we've seen several hit on the road.

  26. This is great. I have been collecting things for a fairy garden for each of my girls. We are going to plant our little plants and finish it off this weekend. Yours looks so great! I especially love that red latern. I don't blame you for wanting it!

    I love reading your posts! So glad I found you on the Monday Funday link-up!

  27. Suzan, Your Rainbow Road fairy village is so sweet. I just love it. I feel like I have found a soul mate. I have crates of Christmas village stuff hanging out in the garage that I can use for an indoor fairy garden. You are inspiring me to go ahead and start an indoor fairy garden too. I think I would like to make the fairy houses like you have. The possibilities are endless. I passed on a bunch of birch bark birdhouses at Goodwill today. I could kick myself in the backside for not having more of a vision for applying them to a fairy garden. I have already checked out your Pinterest board and found several great ideas that I repinned right away. My four cats were just screeching at a raccoon outside the patio door (they come around this time of night). I better go calm the little guys down.

  28. So cute, Suzan! I can't resist the miniatures myself. Some of them are just so cute you have to do something with them! Love your idea of using birdhouses for your village.

  29. I was just working on a post for tomorrow and said we live in a funny! And I love your fairy land...beautiful, just like you! Sweet hugs, Diane

  30. They are as much fun making them as having them if you ask me! I have one in a rusty wheelbarrow and a new one in a large birdcage out on the deck. Loved the sneak peek and can't wait for the big reveal! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  31. Love your step by step ! And the skunk ! We had a similar experience last year - a 'regular' had babies and we learned to look before we stepped outside. Love seeing the visitors our stream attracts.

  32. You fairy villa is absolutely gorgeous !!! I want to make one outdoor from the tree we just cut two weeks ago :) I hope it will look as fantastic as yours :)



  33. I've always wanted to make a fairy garden. I love your creation and all the fun little pieces. Suzan....I think...just maybe you had too much fun with this! ;)
    Thanks for sharing it with us at Project Inspire{d}!

  34. First off that is so stinking cute I can hardly stand it. Secondly, you know you should use that weird faux water stuff in your little birdbath, the kind that they use in vases for faux floral arrangements to look more real? It hardens but looks like water. Just a thought.

    Thirdly OMG about the skunk - you coulda been SPRAYED, can you even imagine? And inside your house as well? I am dying for you, you musta freaked out! I am and I wasn't even there!!!!!! YIKES!

  35. Soo cute! I am a potter and have been making fairy houses and furniture this summer! So Much FUN !

  36. Your little fairy house is adorable! When oh when do you find the time to do these things, Suzan? I'm cracking up about the skunk -- sorry -- but you know I can relate to things like that. Yesterday morning, I went to have coffee on my deck, and a huge turkey vulture was sitting on the railing! AND THEN HE WAS THERE AGAIN THIS MORNING! UGGGGGHHHH! I do think a skunk is worse, though!


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