Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I WANNA live there Wednesday # 84

Good morning everyone!

I decided to look back in my old neighborhood this morning - and WOW - wait till you see this one
I'm in love, ( and it makes me miss that area more than I can say )

This is a pretty spectacular place right in the heart of Westmount ( Montreal, Quebec )

Queen Anne Revival
4 beds - 3 baths
It's currently a duplex - but was originally a single family home

Listing reads

Property Features

-Built in 1898 by renowned architect Robert Findlay, this
Queen-Anne revival home is presently a duplex and has been
so since 1939 with the addresses 56-58 Chesterfield. It
does not work as a duplex as the layout is not proper and
there is insufficient electrical power to feed both units.
The house requires being converted back to a single family
residence (staircase to 2nd floor would have to be rebuilt)

-The house has been occupied by the present owner for over
40 years

You can read about the architect Robert Findlay HERE

And here we go..............

Check out the window !!!

the window !!!

I love this bathroom - from the tub to the door to the floor !

Can't even begin to describe my love of this house - just gorgeous!!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday all
( buy a lottery ticket )

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  1. I could live there! What a great house. When I saw the kitchen, my fingers started to itch, wanting to restore it to something more in keeping with the style of the house.

    1. Mine too Loribeth!!! This one's a keeper lol................

  2. Oh WOW!! What an amazing house. I am definitely loving it. xo Laura

  3. Beautiful house (why does that front porch remind me of a train???) but why oh why did they destroy the character inside in that bedroom??? or is that the basement?? and that kitchen - boy would I have a blast fixing that up! :) Happy Wednesday!!!

  4. That is definitely my house. Only the kitchen is a tad boring. But when I come up with that kind of money, I'm sure the kitchen can be made a little more interesting. And that amazing exterior!!!

  5. There's definitely a lot of character there! I like it!

  6. I wonder why they don't rewire it so that it can work as a duplex. I LOVE it but imagine how HUGE it would be as a single home. I can understand why you miss that area Suzan, it is so lovely there especially in the summer.

  7. Beautiful home, it would be spectacular with your style put on it, especially the kitchen!!!! Love your I wanna live there Wednesdays!!! Have a happy day.

    1. It's the windows !!! Wow - what a house
      Thanks for visiting Karen ♥

  8. I got to the first photo and BAM! my finger stopped in mid-mouse-scroll. This place is definitely Cheryl Style. I couldn't study this one too close because it hurts that I cannot have it.

  9. Oh so pretty. It would need some work in some of the rooms to restore the character of the home in the decor but wow what beautiful bones she has!!!! Gorgeous neighborhood.

  10. Beautiful house and architecture! I definitely see myself living here... but after fixing up some of the rooms, especially the kitchen :D! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  11. Stunning! I can see why you miss that 'hood'! :)

  12. That is a beautiful house and property. It would be amazing brought back to it's original single dwelling.

  13. What a great space. Looking forward to visiting Montreal this summer!

  14. It's beautiful but I am much happier in your guest room overlooking your pool! Shall we have cocktails by the pool today or in your wonderful kitchen?

  15. Lovin it! Love the upstairs balcony, porch is stupendous and wouldn't it be fun to redo the kitchen

  16. I like everything about the house except the kitchen. I adore those cute little windows!

  17. Beautiful. I miss some of the places we've lived. I know what you mean.


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