Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Angel Curtains

I originally wasn't going to hang anything on this adorable little window - I love the French paned glass on it
and I love that it's the original glass - wavy - dimpled and all of it's imperfections most of all...............
But while cleaning I found a left over roll of gauze from Lindsay's wedding and an idea was born.

I decided to cut different length strips from it and simply drape them over a rod.
But first I wrapped them into a squishy smushy ball - and stuck it in a pot so that it would become crinkled - it's far too flat and pristine otherwise
And Voila

They allow light to filter through in the prettiest way

At first I added a heart swag made out of pipe cleaners (some of the photos I have more gauze on then others - what do you think - full or wispy???)

but in the end decided to go with the Paris banner that Susan from Butterfly & Bungalow made me
If you don't know this amazing lady's blog - do yourself a favor and drop by - her style is just unbelievable.

It ties in with the Paris themed armoire on the opposite wall ( HERE )
And I adore the ribbon details on this banner

I hung them directly on the window itself ( not the frame ) so that we can easily open the window to let in even more light ( it's a small room - with a small window - so not the brightest in the house )

And one of the little ones said
" Oh they look like Angel Curtains "

Thus the term Angel Curtains was born - and how they shall be referred to from this day forward.

A little strip of left over gauze holds an old key which hangs off the latch on the cupboard door
( waste not want not )

Angel Key chain perhaps?

Total cost for this project was another $0.00

Have a great day everybody!
Much love,

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  1. Soooooo dreamy,love it.Wish I had a tiny window to do the same. Hmmm now somewhere I'm sure I will find a spot

  2. oh they look lovely, so feminine, perfectly named,

  3. Love, love, LOVE the "Angel Curtains" and I love them more full I think. So perfect for this little room which will be perfect for your two little Angels when they visit! LOVE!!!

    1. Actually there's 6 of them Laurayne ( little girls ) but they all come in two's and that's the max for this room lol )
      Thanks so much !

  4. Perfect for the space. I prefer fuller - and some pearl beads would not be amiss. You know, Fairy Treasure.

  5. Best price ever! So pretty and hoe adorable she called them angel curtains, I love what little ones see.

  6. 1. I would kill Steve if he made a photo of me in my bathing suit! Actually, for my 50th birthday, he blew up a photo of me snorkeling in Puerto Vallarta to 3' x 5' and hung in my classroom window. I was not happy!
    2. I love your angel curtains. I prefer to have no window coverings because I love light streaming through the windows and I love the 86 year old glass in the windows.
    3. I love Butterfly )8(.
    4. Thanks for the sweet words on my recent blog post.

  7. Suzan, I love the name the children gave them! The filtered light looks gorgeous on that window. SO pretty and magical! xoxo

  8. Perfect touch for the window, love it!!!

    1. Thanks SO much Karen - the little ones like 'em !

  9. Love the angel curtains...so dreamy and pretty!

  10. Oh.....these don't have to go on a tiny window (I'm thinking a larger one). How perfectly sweet!
    When my Treasures (grandkids) were little I had draped a mass of grapevines across the head of our flat canopy bed. They loved to go to sleep in our bed then we'd move them. As time went by 'fleurs' grew, bird nests were found tucked into little spots, huge nylon butterflies and dragonflies found their way to the vines and lo and behold one night they climbed in for a story and little lights started to twinkle and blink above their heads. Don't you just love being one of Peter Pan's sisters, Suzan? I do :-)

  11. Absolutely love the "Angel Curtains"! Cutest name ever! I do think I like them wispy more than full but they look beautiful either way. Really like the banner on them too. What little girl wouldn't adore this bedroom? I do too. You're amazing!

  12. So very creative, Suzan! I see an angel, dressed in a flowing gown, floating at your window, keeping you safe and sound!


  13. Wow! The angel curtains look so enchanting. I love the idea! I think you did a wonderful job in sewing those. Those would look perfect in a whitewash walled room. I can't wait to try that out. Thanks for sharing!

    Bob Ward @ Allure Window Treatments

  14. I absolutely love the curtains and 'angel curtains' how precious is that?

  15. So sweet and romantic! Angel curtains, ... I love it!

  16. Love the name, angel curtains! So sweet! The banner is just the perfect touch. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  17. I <3 your curtains and your vintage key is my favorite:) Visiting from The dedicated house link.

  18. How sweet are those angel curtains. What a great idea.
    Have a great week,

  19. How adorable and the name is perfect! I might have to try this in one of my rooms. You are a smart chick!

  20. Suzan....you did it again! What a sweet creative and winsome project. Your little one's are right....angel curtains for sure. And I must say....I like it full and wispy...hearts and Paris. I say....have fun with it...I'm sure you'll come up with more ideas with the seasons....like maybe the addition of white fairy lights?
    Thanks for sharing this with us at Project Inspire{d}! Pinning!


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