Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I WANNA live there Wednesday # 83

How the other other other other other half live...........................

All images sourced from The Huffington Post

26 million dollar home for sell here in Quebec - ( Magog to be precise )

It began as a camp for the First Nations in the region. The town was founded in 1776, when Loyalists immigrated from nearby Vermont. They called it The Outlet, referring to the flow of water emptying into the Magog River from the lake.[citation needed] The city was named after Lake Memphremagog, on which the city is situated.[citation needed]
It was formally named Magog in 1855.
In 2002 the City of Magog was merged with the Township of Magog and the Village of Omerville as part of the municipal reorganization in Quebec.
Memphremagog is an Abenaki (first nations tribe) meaning "lake of low water" or "lake between two mountains"  ( Wikipedia ) 

As for the rest of us lowly serfs?
Well, we can eat cake I suppose
Have a great Wednesday everyone

Partying here !!!
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  2. ^That's me up there, not checking before I submit. I like this house (not my style, but I can appreciate it), but who wants to clean it? Pas moi, baby!

  3. Woah! That is quite the house! Not for me though. My favourite part is the stone gazebo with the fireplace in it next to the lake - the rest of the house is just too much. My house and deck would fit in the kitchen! Have a great day Suzan.

  4. Yep, I could live here...if someone else cleaned it! I bet there's no bird poop in that pool either :)

  5. After redecorating this house in my mind, I have decided to move in. ;)
    Fantastic details! I looked over these photos several times just to admire the architectural elements. Great find. xoxo, T.

  6. I can appreciate this house, but it doesn't make me crazed with want. I become overwhelmed with crazy thoughts like "What would it take to re-roof that unit?", "How long does it take to mow the lawn?", "How do you take those draperies down to be laundered?" - you know, paranoid homeowner thoughts.

    It's fun to look at though.

  7. Wow jaw dropping. That outdoor fireplace and gazebo on the water. Woooo so pretty.

  8. That stairwell is gorgeous! I've never seen a kitchen done that way, that's pretty original. Thanks for sharing! Nice to see how the other half lives, ha ha.
    Dawn @ We Call It

  9. Honestly, I'll take my little house over a mansion like this, even though its beautiful. I just don't know if I would be comfortable living that glamourously.

    1. I agree - it would be completely alien to us - but would be nice for a week!

  10. Do the 2 aqua couches come with it? If so, I'll buy it.

  11. It looks like a flipping castle inside! Has some cool features like that killer stairway and the balcony space over the kitchen. It would be like cooking at the opera! Way to opulent for my taste but I love the views. Very nice little starter home... :)

  12. The house is beautiful in a way too over the top for me way, but I could enjoy the views of the lake forever.

  13. Hello Suzane, It is really almost unreal to see the wealth and the super sized living places. Yet I am happy and blessed and I love my sweet home!
    Blessings, Roxy

  14. Holy Moly! Yes, it is drop-dead gorgeous, and if someone gave me the keys, I'd move in. I always wonder when families live in such huge houses, how much do they see each other?

  15. That's just crazy....when are we all moving in?

  16. Oh no no no no no! My style would never go in a house like that. Besides, all those high windows? My chiropractor told me to stay off ladders.....they're bad for my hip.

  17. What a beautiful tour!!!!.... but living there doesn't appeal as much as my real "regular" home. :) Thank you for posting this.

  18. Girls I could LIVE there and play like a glamorous blogger !!LOL

    Of couser I need a full staff to keep the house clean and tidy and my meals cooked etc LOL


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