Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The importance of using a filter with a pool...................

2 posts in a day - because I simply cannot believe this one!

I was having some fun yesterday and took a couple of photos -

John says - What are you doing?
Suzan says - Taking some fun photos
John says - For WHO?  The blog?  No one's interested in seeing such frigging nonsense
John says - It never stops.
Suzan says - Well I think they're kind of cute and funny
John says - Why can't you just stop for 5 minutes?  Relax - get in the pool
John says - It's like living with a child

Suzan says - You have absolutely NO sense of humor, you know that?  None at all.  Zilch - nada ..........
A whale on a raft - or a crocodile on a raft IS funny

Now I have to explain a little something about John - he has no FILTER when it comes to what HE finds funny - absolutely none.
And between the two of us I'm far funnier - you have to trust me on this one.
I came in later and uploaded the photos and I see this in with them

Suzan says - What the hell is that in my photos for?
John says - I thought you wanted photos of a whale on a raft???

See what I mean?
And not very funny at all.
I mean, who says that to a woman?

And he almost kiilled himself laughing
Well, well, well,
Aren't you just hilarious Mr.Wood.........................
Don't quit your day job.................just saying.

Having no filter also means that when your wife asks you if she's gaining weight
you reply " well there's only one way that happens - stop filling your cake hole "

What the hell?
I repeat,
NOT FUNNY ( at all )

I'm off to share a barrel of laughs with my better half and I desperately need to teach him how to use a filter ....................in the pool

Have a great one all.
I'm getting ready to fill my cake hole with pie................and have a whale of a time doing so


  1. And that, John, is why YOU do not have a blog.
    Your pool is a lovely way to spend some down time! So jealous.

  2. Ha, I'm surprised John is still allowed in the pool area after that comment. Keep all of the pie for yourself. You look great. xo Laura

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  4. LisaJune 24, 2014 at 8:05 AM

    Love your blog! and yes you are funnier than John.
    Do you know why I have not been receiving your blog updates in my mail box?
    I miss them

  5. When Jim makes comments like that to me, I tell him " Buddy, you're begging for me to burn your pork chop and bust your saucer!!!!" You are so way funnier!!!!! Just saying!!!! And there is nothing whalish about ya Girlfriend!!!!

    1. Hey Karen!!!
      And he really thought he was being very funny - ( God Love Him - lmho )

    2. I know what you mean, LOL, Jim laughs at all his own jokes and I just look at him. He then says, me Mars, you Venus!!!! He knows we are from different planets!!!!!

  6. I definitely think you have the better sense of humour Suzan. And I don't see a whale in the pool, that's for sure! I like the floaties though and what a way to spend a summer afternoon. Is the water warm yet? Like 85F warm? And the air has to be 80-85 too. I'll be right over. :)

  7. I think the next photo we should enjoy is the one where you push him into the pool and hold his head under water. ;)
    Magoo's favorite joke is to say "Oh, look! The moon is out" whenever I bend over. Dork.
    Float away, Suzy! xo

  8. hahahaha....some of these comments are as funny as your post. :0)

  9. OMG! Naughty John! Very, very naughty. The angel curtains are beautiful and the swag is the finishing touch. Patty/NS

  10. Wait a minute.....is this man still breathing? Maybe John needs Brad to make a house call. No, he isn't a doctor....he's a carpenter/builder who is 2 away from celebrating 50 with his high school sweetheart.

  11. He did NOT!! Oh my goodness, I would of pushed him in.. You are not whalish at all. Men! Mine told me once I was getting chubby, I reached over patted his stomach and told him he couldn't say much. :o) He's learned to have a filter. ha. Enjoy your pool!
    Still waiting on a full kitchen reveal...did I miss it?

  12. Men...sheeesh..They are so hard to ignore sometimes. I think you look lovely and your pool is to die for. and I am so proud of you ...You are not in jail nor have I seen you posted on a wanted poster ...John is a lucky butt head. Love ya ! You friend from the states...Sheryl

  13. What a cute post!!! Now this is something my husband would do too…gotta love 'em!

  14. I think retaliation is called for in this instance, Suzan!

  15. yeah! retaliation! get him suzan! .............and take a picture of it while you do it! :)

  16. Replies
    1. It gets pretty hot here in Montreal - humid and hot ( much like New York in the summer actually - we're pretty close ) so in July we can be looking at 90 to 95 ( I'm giving you Fahrenheit - but we use Celcius ) especially with the humidity.

  17. Yikes If it were me John would be glad to be past child rearing years because fertility would become a huge problem.

  18. LOL Mel! Too funny. Suzan, feel free to slap John and then you can take Mels advice! Then we will see who's laughing........lol

  19. And you didn't drown John? Or stuff him in the filter????


  20. OH MY GOODNESS I laughed so hard. My John is like that too. I swim a mile every day in our pool and he comes out and picks up the timer and says "pick up the pace' but no one sees him even putting his toe in. I love the pics of the rafts and riders.....you are a beautiful. AND FUNNY

  21. Pretty funny Suzan! Love your pool and tell John to shut his pie-hole. (That's what Sam says.)


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