Friday, June 27, 2014

The pool is open !!! ( and talking in tongues )

Fairyville Friday is postponed this week because I haven't had time to play with fairy houses -

My son came by with his girlfriend Vanessa - and her 2 little girls....................

And he picked up a bunch of " friends " for them for the pool
Some of you saw how much fun I had with them

Crikey the Crocodile


and enough toys to tempt the little ones to go in

Meet Leah

and Livia

Suzan says - C'mon girls - aren't you going to go swimming ?
Leah says - You have to have a little more patience !
Livia says - Giljewopwu  aseuropweirj   alskd   alksdewi !
Suzan says - Pardon ?
Livia's Mom says - She likes to speak in tongues

Suzan says - Ok - let's get your bathing suits on

Leah says - Ok

Livia says - eoriuw  fdjr gjiorew aks vksr adkl !

Livia says - Do you know what that means?
Livia says - If I don't have floaties on I'll drown and If I drown then I'll die and if I die then I'll be sad
Livia says - Will you be sad too?
Suzan says - I would cry a lot
Livia says - dkflasi  sdfjiwqu  fisle tie qdkla !!!

Leah says - You have to be more patient - I'm just going to sit here for a little while
Livia says - dkfjlak  fajfl  afjlka  dkfjla COLD !

C'mon girls - you can do it !!!

that lasted about 3 minutes - but I have to admit Gordie and Vanessa had a blast

While the little ones cheered them on

Soda even got in the pool ( the right way - not like the accident when we first moved here !!! )
courtesy of Lindsay - ( or Lin-z - the way she spells it - which is NOT the way it appears on her birth certificate !!! )

she was ready to come out by the time Ashley took her

And just as a side note I have to tell you when my son was at the store picking up all the swimming pool toys he took a double look - as soon as he got to the house he showed it to John - who took a double look and a third look  (and maybe you'd have to know me in person to see this - but even I see it - it's a little uncanny actually )
It's almost my double right on the package of the floating mattress - which is what he was picking up for me!
Gordie says - Look Mom - even the same dark roots !!!
Thanks sweetheart :)

When the girls were leaving - Leah said - Hey - how come your picture's on that package???

And Livia?

Well she was far too busy to see the resemblance

Day 2 - and the second batch of swimmers arrived............
Meet Olivia !

And Lucy - ( as in I LOVE Lucy )

Izzy :)

Amelia !

and little Aidan - the only boy amongst all of them and who wasn't having any part of this girls fest !

until he spotted the boat

Soda spotted the other one - I could die !!! ( she did this on her own lmho )

After 5 months of renovation hell on earth we have a lot of catching up this summer ( before reno's begin again in the Fall )

Oh and between all that?
I FINISHED the guest room -

John says - Can't that wait for a rainy day or something- summer's here - you don't want to spend it painting and scraping do you ?
Suzan says - fdjluiw vjhle akslwi skfjo

I'll bore bombard you with photo's of it soon !

And a pool - a pool definitely helps :)

We're babysitting 3 of those munchkins today - any guesses where most of it will be spent?

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend !
Much love - and big fat WET chlorine smelling hugs!


  1. I'm so glad to hear you are enjoying summer and putting the majroity of your work on hold for a bit. I don't know how long the sumemr season last in your part of Canada, but where my cousin lives, it's very short. Enjoy yours while it lasts. Looks like the pool is getting lots of use...:) Cute kiddos! Enjoy life....Blessings, Vicky

  2. Ah Suzan, I am so glad you get to take time off to spend with the babies!!! I've always said that's what life is about, the babies!!!! I have been blessed with the privilege of spending lots of summers with my grands and it has definitely kept me young and kept me going!!! I love it!!! Have fun!!!!! XOXOX

  3. Awe those pictures are adorable! You will definitely be the party destination all summer! A happy weekend to you all. Cheers!

  4. This is what I like about your blog. You go stupid crazy with renos, you show amazing furniture redos, you dream about all the places that you can live and you play in fairyville. You occasionally comment on the news and the way that the BIG PICTURE world sneaks into our lives; then, you do this..... you show us that we need to take time to just enjoy the really good things in life - that is our family and friends. I love it, Have a great weekend.

  5. YAY! It looks like you opened the pool gate and a herd of tiny humans tumbled in. Adorable.

  6. Nothing is more fun than a pool full of adorable kids (and one adorable dog)! You are all going to have a blast this summer.

  7. Too Cute!! Love that pool!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  8. Oh boy, I burst out laughing when I read you were talking in "tongues: also. Loved all the pictures. Adorable children!!!!

    1. I had a video of us speaking to each other in tongues and I couldn't upload it - technically challenged to say the least LMHO

  9. PARTY time! So much fun. And talking in tongues, how fun is that (and so true). Enjoy every blessed second. Patty

  10. Aw what cuties! Glad y'all are enjoying your summer! Soda is so cute ( and I'm still waiting for a picture of her :) )

  11. What a fun post! So glad you are enjoying your new house and what sweet little ones!

  12. Looks like a fun day in the pool!! Soda is so adorable!!

  13. How did you manage to find the cutest kids EVER?!?!?! They are all so adorable! Soda in that boat is xmcivjbaivnsfa (translation - ADORABLE!)

  14. How fun to have all those kids to swim with! Summer is the best with kids, you don't want to spend it all painting. Soda has the right idea.

  15. Oh what a great post Suzan. Do you have enough pool toys LOL so many that it almost fills the pool. All of the kids are so cute and what a great time they are having. Soda looks like she is having a lot of fun also. You are going to have a blast all summer in your pool.

  16. It looks like so much fun! Soda is adorable and deserves a break from renovation as well! thredfd iijjnd pmdasqs! (Have the best summer!)

  17. Looks like a fun day! Glad you're getting some down time!

  18. This is one advantage of having a pool in the house; you can have a party anytime you want! All of you certainly deserved this chance to party, as you have been in a stressful process of renovation for the past five months. It’s time for you to just relax and refresh your mind. And in my opinion, having the little munchkins over makes it twice as fun!

    Mitchell Knapp @ Scenic Landscaping


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