Wednesday, June 25, 2014

We needed a bed......................

A double bed to be precise - because a queen almost takes over most of the little guest room...........

And so I went on line - and came across this double bed headboard

with the cutest little footboard

John says - why do you have to become friends with everyone you talk to?
Suzan says - what do you mean?
John says - Well how many emails does it take?  You either take it or you don't
Suzan says - it's call negotiating John -
Suzan says - and sometimes there's back and forth - sheesh !!!

And this is the way the negotiations went - read right to the bottom to see what a sweetheart I was dealing with!

Could you please let me know if the bed is a double? And how much would you sell it for on it's own? Many thanks

 Good Evening!
The bed frame is for a double mattress and the price?
How about $80?
On Jun 15, 2014 12:03 AM, "Suzan Sweatman" <> wrote:
Thanks for the quick reply – but if the entire bedroom set is for 200 – I was hoping I could get the bedframe for 40.00
Thanks again – and good luck!
Kind regards,

I was more than willing to negociate. But you took all the fun out of the experience.
You hurt my feelings :(((
I suggest you visit the free section. You'll find what you're looking for...Plenty of great offers.

Oh oh - ME?  Take the fun out of something?
Let's quickly fix this !!!

On Jun 15, 2014 12:47 AM, "Suzan Sweatman" <> wrote:
Lol – what is your lowest price you’re willing to accept?
I really wasn’t trying to take the fun out of anything ( super super stressed out – renovating an entire house and looking for a headboard
For our guest room - )
Really sorry – never meant to offend !
Can we start over?

Hey, Susan!
Tell me: When could you pick it up?
If $50 sounds like a fair price, it's your.
On Jun 15, 2014 10:30 AM, "Suzan Sweatman" <> wrote:
Does it come with the mattress Fany?
We could pick up tomorrow night !
Thanks again 

It only comes with the box spring. If all of this is convenient for you, I'll be around tuesday morning for the pick up.
What do you say?
Fany :))

On Jun 15, 2014 12:10 PM, "Suzan Sweatman" <> wrote:
Can I get back to you tonight on that ( Tuesday morning? )
Husband’s out today – and need to check that it’s ok for him

Sure! Sounds great!

On Jun 15, 2014 9:38 PM, "Suzan Sweatman" <> wrote:
Is 10 a.m. good for you on Tuesday morning?
Is there someone that can help my husband put it in the van, ( I have appointments on Tuesday )

Sure, Suzan!
10 am is good and, I will help!
Let's talk soon ;)

On Jun 16, 2014 10:33 PM, "Suzan Sweatman" <> wrote:
OMG – I need your address – with your postal code Fany LOL
My husband will be there for 10 a/m tomorrow morning

This morning, I dismantled the bed for you. Super easy. No bolts or screws.

If you like the night tables, they're yours :)
xxxx Sheppard,
(514) xxx -xxxx

Really?  I think I love you Ms Garceau !
Thank you SO much

And sometimes that's the way negotiations go - just like friendships - they hit a rocky patch and then everything turns out beautiful in the end!

She also threw ( literally ) an adorable clock - ( milk paint ??? ) and a mirror - plain but wood 

And then John called to tell me there was a table there - that her Grandfather had made and what did I think?

OMG - I'm too overwhelmed to think -but the price she offered it to us?
Yes please!!!

It's going to be our main outdoor dining table - I'm IN LOVE.  This is a keeper - and makes me seriously consider expanding the kitchen to turn this into a butcher block island


Well we'll see - does anyone else love this as much as I do?
( it'll be outside but in a protected area - until I expand the kitchen LMHO )
A butcher block table - MADE.  BY.  HAND.

You know that furniture speaks to me, right?
Oh the things this particular piece has been telling me - about Sunday dinners - and a couple worrying over bills during the depression - and homework spread out over it - and dogs being fed under it and pie shells being rolled on it - generation after generation.

At the end of the day, this find probably is among the top 5 that I've ever found - and seriously very very close to being on the top of that list even.

I'm ready - more than ready - to start giving it new stories to add to the layers..............
( e.g. a new couple worrying over renovation bills )
Thanks SO much Fany - such a pleasure doing business with you!

And on another note presents arrived yesterday from across the pond - waaaayyyyy across the pond - as in Australia  - from Dee over at the OLD FAT HEN - hop over and see the gorgeous candles she makes - and of which I was an extremely lucky recipient!

She calls them Australian Bush - and I don't know which scent mine is - but it's heavenly !!!

For Christmas I was gifted with a batch of loose Peppermint tea - and I was just mentioning to John last week that I MUST pick up a tea ball so that we could try it out - and lo and behold 

With my signature Paris token !!!   Can't tell you how much I love this !

There was also goodies

This Violet Crumble is exactly like our Crunchie bar - which I love
John says - Oh look she sent one for each of us
Suzan says - ummm no, she sent ME two of them

This card will be framed without a doubt

THANKS SO MUCH DEE - you can't know how touched I was to receive such thoughtful gifts...........
Now I'm praying you don't take any offence here - but the last gift scares me - I've never seen it in my life
( I thought it was a hand cream until I read your card LMHO ) 

Soooo - before trying it - I decided to google it to see what it was like ( as opposed to just tasting it LOL ) 

What does vegemite taste like? 

Any preferred methods to prepare it? or should I save my money.
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It tastes like fermented yeast that have died and puked. I tried it as a psychology experiment, so I recommend you try it, spread it on some melba toast, but if you don't like it, don't be surprised.

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Thanks for describing the taste for me.
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  • mrselange answered 8 years ago
    If you have never tasted it, and you are already an will most likely never like it. It is salty beyond belief and just horrible. Most people who like it, are introduced to as a child and learn to like it.
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  • Punky answered 8 years ago
    save your money its nasty crap!
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  • Ponderous answered 8 years ago
    It is excessively salty, so if you are going to eat it, eat it with something else. Good on sandwiches, but you should put other stuff on it: Tomatoes are good, cheese, mayonaise... Or toast it with cheese and a non salty meat. I like it on a toasted turkey sandwich with swiss.
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  • Fi answered 8 years ago
    Pretty similar to marmite.
    Extremely good in a toasted sandwich with cheese, or spread on toast with a poached egg on top.
    I was never given it as a child, but I love it.
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  • GIDDYUP answered 8 years ago
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  • psycho_mommy answered 8 years ago

    It has a taste kind of like the aftertaste in your mouth after you've taken a multivitamin. It's definitely an aquired taste, and not easily aquired at that!

    If you really want to experience the british influence, you're much better off with a cuppa and some biscuits!
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  • Patrick answered 2 weeks ago
    Imagine sucking on a rusty nail that's been soaking in salt water for a year... actually it's not as good as that!
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  • copeyvox answered 3 weeks ago
    It tastes like salty snot mixed with soy sauce. Oh come off it, man, you've swallowed you're own snot.............admit it.
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  • Erick Rosales answered 6 months ago
    yuck :(

Suzan says - But Dee sent YOU the Vegemite - I'll make you some on toast !!!

And as soon as I saw the name it brought this to mind immediately  ( I still watch this series almost every night - it never gets old for me ) 

Has anyone tried Vegemite?
Has anyone tried Vitameatavegamin?

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone - we're babysitting this week - man oh man am I getting old -
on Friday we have three of them - pool day for sure ! ( and I'll be working on that headboard at night )

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  1. Oh that is so funny about the vegemite.

    Here in Australia most people eat vegemite. It is apparently good for you.

    I like it as a thin layer on buttered toast (the butter weakens the flavour), my husband & sister like it thick like jam on bread.

    Yes it is salty but it is full of vitamin B. Apparently it is similar to marmite, but as an Aussie, I won't eat marmite.

  2. Hi Suzan glad it all got there except the candle label got a bit yuck in the mail.The candles are called D-Lights which is a play on my name and the fragrance is Australian Bush.Normally my candles are in jars but as I was posting this I made it into a tin to travel are so funny about the vegiemite.It is an Australian legend most households have this.Just cook your toast put on butter or maragine and put the vegiemite on thinly.It tastes the best.Itis also good to go into cooking like using a stock cube .try it you may just be surprised then I can call you an Aussie-love your friend -dee xxxx

  3. the seller was a sweetheart an what a deal! Your gifts are amazing, warning, Tim Tams are addictive, just sayin' lol!!!

  4. Oh Suzan, you never cease to make me laugh!!!

    That table is fantastic.

    And, Vegamite sounds disgusting!

  5. I would walk down the middle of my street NAKED for that table. (Burned that into your brain, didn't I?!?)

  6. I love the way you negotiate! Get friendly and get a better deal. It's called dickering and you're good at it. That table is a beauty! I have heard of Vegemite but never tasted. Sounds gross by the other commenters. Tim Tams are great. Do you know how to do the Tim Tam Slam? Google it. It's so good. We've been doing it for years. LOL

  7. I love that table. In fact I might be swooning. I love how your negotiating turned out. xo Laura

  8. Wow - all that for 50?? You go Girl!!!
    Can't wait to see it all done up!! V

  9. I love your posts, thanks for putting a smile on my face first thing in the morning! I loved that episode of Lucy! Love your headboard, but that table is amazing! Oh the stories it holds, congratulations on a super find. Furniture speaks to me, but this one would have shouted to me, TAKE ME HOME!

    1. I'm so in love with this table - and it's history!!! ( far more pleasant to think of the history of a table than a bed LOL - unless someone famous slept in it..............)
      Thanks so much Rhonda !

  10. Just read your posts, started my day off right with smiles and laughs!!!!! You are so funny and that John is a definite piece of work!!!! Good job on the bargaining on the bed set and wow on that table!!!!! Love love love!!!!!! Enjoy the girlies!!!! I am so jealous!!!!! Have a happy day!!!!!

    1. thanks so much Karen - we'll be jumping in the pool as soon as Lolli gets off the computer lol - Pop's out there playing with them already!

  11. I just love reading about the furniture treasures you come across & the conversations that spring from them. Thanks for the smiles! And now I've also got this running through my head:

    Buying bread from a man in Brussels
    He was six foot four and full of muscle
    I said, "Do you speak-a my language?"
    He just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich
    And he said,

    "I come from a land down under
    Where beer does flow and men chunder
    Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder?
    You better run, you better take cover."

    From Men at Work to the Woman at Work...have a great weekend!

    1. OMG - I KNEW - I just KNEW I had heard that word before LMHO -
      Thanks for the reminder Nancy ♥
      and thank YOU for the smiles!

  12. We all know that fermented yeast pukes and THEN dies. Not the other way around.

    Your gifts are thoughtful and lovely! And really, no package from Australia would be complete without Vegemite.

    Important question: Did Fany throw in the pug pillow?

  13. What a great transaction!! Woo HOO. The table is absolutely beautiful. I would want a kitchen redo to put that in the middle for sure!!!

  14. Thanks for the laugh! I'm the same way...if I think I upset someone unintentionally, I have to make it right. I don't like hurt feelings. What a sweet lady to offer you the other things as well. I love that table...lots of stories to tell I'm sure! Have fun swimming and enjoying that pool!

    Blessings, Vicky

  15. Love the table!! I can see why you would want it in the would look perfect as a centerpiece in a kitchen. Have fun in the hot here that I now wish we had a pool.

  16. Yah, good luck with the vegemite! (doing the Snoopy laugh!). So sweet to get a gift and what a score on the furniture.

  17. what a fun post!! Love all the things you got. and yes, the first thing I thought of was Lucy and her vitamina -- whatever, haha. thanks for the smiles. visiting from Charm of Home.

  18. Suzan,
    OMG, just like Nancy E, I immediately started singing the Men At Work song when I saw the vegemite, lol. Too funny, and so was the negotiating. You tell John he better hope you make friends with everyone you talk to, hahaha. I LOVE that table. I really love the table's top especially, with all the worn wood and patina. The legs look super heavy - what a great find! The rest of it is good, but that table is great! Score!

  19. Fantastic finds and great, funny post! Have fun with the set!

  20. That hand made table is AMAZING! I mean over the MOON! I know you were thrilled! It's always fun to visit you and see what in the world you've been doing! haha! You make me does your sweet hubby! Hugs, Diane

  21. You really got a great deal Suzan, on all of it. I am excited to see what you do with the bed. That table will look amazing outside. Poor John! I hope he's ready next spring for the big kitchen reno......lololol I Love Lucy!!!

  22. Vegemite is awesome! By the way TimTams are a ign of everlasting friendship and you can eat them in all sorts of ways. Google timtams slam :) score on the furniture going to check out my fellow Aussie.

  23. So did John survive his today with Vegemite? (vegetables and termites??) Anyway John (bless his heart) should take a lesson from you in friendly negotiation. Love the table and your thoughts on its history!! I've been looking online at Annie Sloan chalk paint. None around here. I think I want to order it in Duck Egg Blue. Love that color! Kevin said that hospital cabinet is a wood substance (pressed wood??) And very sturdy. And vinyl coated to be easily cleaned. Think the paint will adhere? Can't wait to see how you'll transform those pieces!

  24. Toast with Vegemite. Darned smart phone. Changes my words! Every time I type hope, it puts in hippie!!! Grrrr.

  25. Amazing! I love the table so much. Lucky dog. And all the other stuff. I need a Fany! Enjoy.

  26. I love that you turned this into a happy ending...and boy, did you!! Congrats on the new email friend and the new furniture/items. :)

  27. Cute bed. I love your negotiations!!

  28. Great finds!!! Love the foot board so cute!

  29. Beautiful finds, and so generous of her.

  30. How fun! I LOVE that table! If you were my neighbor I'd be fighting you for it! LOL
    And the gifts were great - you always make us laugh -THAT'S why she sent you the vegiemite!

  31. The table is to die for. How serendipitous.

  32. The table is amazing. If you ever goes missing you know i took it haha. I oftern say that to my friends when they have a to die for piece of furniture. Not likely since i live in New Zealand. Timtams are the best. I love the orange chocolate ones. The vegie mite is an Australian thing. Us kiwi's(New Zealanders) eat Marmite, much better. We do love to tease(Canadians, and Americans who visit)and say it tastes best if you put it on thick. So mean i know. We took it on our trip to California. We had our American friends eating it. You put it on toast sparingly and add some avocado with a little pepper. Though since John's not appreciating your negotiating skills, maybe you should tell him the thicker the better. Haha


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