Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I WANNA live there Wednesday # 81

Good morning all !!!

Oh I've found a place I WANNA live in this week for you - take a look at this beautiful South Hampton retreat............
This house was originally a garage ( and I complain about renovations !!! )

I love that this pattern can be found on items in almost every room in the house!

All images found HERE
And a great interview on designing this beauty can be found HERE

What do you think?
Could you live in a garage :)
I could - in a heart beat !!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday all

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  1. Darling place. Someone must have gotten a heck of a deal on that much yardage of fabric!

  2. I'd usually balk at the use of so much of the same fabric, but it works here. There's an easy flow and my eyes were drawn to so many interesting items in each room that the fabric didn't feel overpowering. Love that the mirror is a family piece. Yes, I do believe that I could live in this garage. xo, T.

  3. Love the outside trim and the very serene inside.

  4. I'm not so sure about the fabric thing, what happens when you decide you're bored of that look, or is that just me?
    I can't imagine reaching a point where I say 'that's it, everything is perfect, I wouldn't change a thing', half an hour on Pinterest and I'm planning makeovers for every room!
    Then you have THE CONVERSATION, you know the one, 'but we spent 2 years labour and the price of a family car on that fabric/look and NOW you're saying you want to do it all again!!!' :-D

  5. Right now my garage is cleaner than my house, so 'yup'.

  6. Just adorable. It would feel like you are on vacation everyday to live there. So pretty.

  7. Oh that is a really cute house! I love the green and white all through it. However, I don't know why the bikes are in the kitchen. :/

  8. Wow, that's amazing. And they made it impossible to complain about decorating in small spaces...everything looks gorgeous!

  9. This is fun. I like the bedrooms the best.

  10. That is a very beautiful home! Thanx for sharing it on THT.

  11. This house hints at grand, but settles on charm. Love it, and especially the high ceilings!

  12. Isn't it though Patti?
    Thanks !

  13. Oh my word. I want to live there too. This place is amazing. I can't believe such a fabulous transformation. Thanks so much for linking to Inspire Me.

  14. That is a wonderful home! I love my home, but I do sometimes see homes that just make me drool! :) This would be one of them.
    Have a great week!

  15. Let's go there for the summer!!!

    Thanks for sharing at Project Inspire{d}!!! :)

  16. Hi Suzan! Thank you for sharing this oh-so-interesting home! Fabulous ideas we can steal in every picture. Congratulations for being featured over at "A Stroll Thru Life" blog party!

  17. I can't believe it, it must have been a HUGE GARAGE, though! Thanks Suzan for sharing!

  18. What an amazing conversion, I love it!! Those turquoise chinese stools are fabulous, I actually have a tiny little bowl in a similar colour and pattern but I accidentally dropped it and broke a piece out of it which devastated me. That little cottage would make the perfect holiday home for me :)

    Lee :)

    1. I had to come look at it again Lee - OMG those stools are gorgeous !!!
      How did I miss them ?
      Too much eye candy I suppose !


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