Monday, September 1, 2014

They call me Lady Bump....................

Last night John was standing in the kitchen and I sidled up to him and bumped him on his hip

John says - OW !!!   What the hell was that for ?
Suzan says - I'm doing the bump - as I bump into his butt
John says - Can you stop please?
Suzan says - I want to dance - we never dance
John snorts - You call that dancing?
Suzan says - It's the " bump " - didn't you ever do the bump?
John says - No - and can you do the " bum " over there ?
Suzan says - It's called the B.U.M.P. and I can't do it over there because it takes 2 people to do it
John says - Where do you think these things up?
John says - There's no dance called the bump
Suzan says - Of course there is - I was THE lady bump !
John says - Are you telling me there was a dance where people just bumped into each other?
Suzan says - Yes - with rhythm of course
John says - Of course...............
John says - Like this?

To which he then bumped me so hard I almost went flying into the fridge.....................

Suzan says - You're no John Travolta - I'll tell you that
John says - Well you're no Ginger Rogers

And therein lies the problem right there - I'm not quite sure if that's his era - but it sure isn't mine !!!

I was going to try to teach him how to do the Hustle - but I think it's a lost cause.................

I remember the song perfectly - I remember the dance perfectly
But I don't remember her letting out that blood curdling scream - do you ?
She sounds like a cat in heat LMHO - it's painful to listen to!
I was too busy bumping all over the dance floor to hear it, I guess.
Those were the days my friend - we thought they'd never end.......................
We'd sing and dance...........
Forever and a day

Now I MUST get back to my paint brush

Have a great day everyone
Lady Bump


  1. Hmmm I need a video of the lady bump teaching John to dance.

  2. Suzan....are you in that video??? LOL! I have never heard that song before, but I loved seeing that video with all the disco era clothes and dancing. I swear, one of my sisters was a disco queen and it brought back a ton of memories. Your built-ins are looking lovely!

  3. Too cute, Susan, you're going waaaaay back to yesteryear! I remember the Bump but not with that g-awful song. I was a fan of Soul Train and listened to Ain't Gonna Bump No More (with no big fat woman). We really got down with bumping back then. Now, I'll probably break my hip or something. Great memories!

  4. Starting my day out with a laugh and a funny visual of John bumping you almost into the fridge! I remember the bump, much better than twerking which is the craze these days. Your built ins look great...can't wait to see the whole wall! Have a lovely day...I'm off to the movies with the hubby and son to be as lazy as possible on this Labor Day!

    Blessings, Vicky

  5. Love it, Suzan! Bad Company's "Can't Get Enough of Your Love" and Average White Band's "Pick up the Pieces" - now THOSE were the days of the Bump! Oh yea.

    1. Oh my gosh - it's happened - we're old - how depressing !

  6. Hahahaha! Love the John and Suzan stories! Now do the bump sister!

  7. Oh I remember it well! I have the Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack and that was my dance songs. We were disco queens! Lol the bump used to hurt me. I guess I got a boney butt!

  8. Quick response to what I see on the wall - I am digging the built ins. You are going to style them perfectly. You will love them when they are finished. (Or, at the very least, like them a lot!)

  9. Back to blogging for me-

    Oh- That is one of the songs that John & I used to bump all over the dance floor. We did a mini-rendition a couple of years ago somewhere and the kids about killed themselves laughing. They wanted to know WHO in their right mind would do anything like THAT? Ummm...have you SEEN some of the dances today? lol

    .....We'd live the life we choose. We'd fight and never lose.....(yeah- that's MY dream)...xo Diana

  10. I don't think that song made it way down here in Louisiana. But we did the Bump at discos just like the one in the video. Thanks for sharing and reminding us all of another era. Have a good day painting! Hugs, Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  11. I {thankfully} missed that one in the 70's ~ I wonder why she was torturing a cat!?!

    Happy Painting!

  12. Suzan, I did my share of bumping back in the day, but apparently my husband was the (self-proclaimed) King of Disco before we started dating. As an aside, I think that Penny McLean looks an awful lot like Vanessa Bayer from Saturday Night Live..........
    Happy painting!

    1. Oh he must have been one popular dude LMHO !!!
      And you're right - they DO look alike - would never have thought of that !

  13. Good God when I see a video like that I cringe, such 70's kitsch! teehee! I see a peek of shelves with books..... Patty

  14. We bumped but never to that song. Or else I was too out of it to notice. I had to go back to see your built-in shelves after reading the comments - I totally missed them. That woman singing has got me all riled up. And the neighborhood's cats!

  15. This is hilarious! I recently watched a mini series called North & South and immediately thought of your husband! Maybe because his name was John or "something"... Either you are the master of taking pictures that hide all the "redneck" tool practices or those shelves are looking amazing!

  16. I remember the bump but never heard that song before!!! You are so right about the scream!!!! LOL!!! She should have skipped that part!! We danced the bump, and disco, this brought back some good memories!!! Jim was made to take dancing lessons as a kid so he does have rhythm!!!! Thanks for a great post!!!!XOXOXOX Karen

  17. He didn't know about the Bump??? WTH? But thanks a I have the "Hustle" song going thru my head....


  18. The bump was my best dance. I'm good at butt dancing. Not so good with my feet. But my butt can dance. I don't remember the Lady Bump though. I'll have to listen to jog my memory.


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