Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I WANNA live there Wednesday # 97

Good Morning everyone !

Prices are getting a little out of hand here in North America -  especially Canada ( my home sweet home ) so I thought I'd take you to France and show you what you can get !!!

And I'll show you a comparison so you can see the value face on

Canada - British Columbia -

yes, you ARE reading that correctly - ONE. POINT. SEVEN. MILLION ( and change )

Ta da


Now it goes without saying that people are buying these up for the land - and building mini mansions on them - notice all that land??? ( mini mini mini mansions )
AND the people buying them up are not even from Vancouver for the most part.....................
They sail the ocean blue to do so and in the process make it almost impossible for the average family to own anything other then a shed.
My little dump would probably go for upwards of 3 million there...................location location location after all.
Way to go Canada - that's certainly looking out for your own.

Meanwhile in France - ( sorry now WE have to sail the ocean blue - but it's ok - we think we have a ship that the water will never go through )

583,000 Euros ( so roughly 750,000 - less then HALF of what that little diamond in the rough above costs ) you can have this
All images sourced from the Prestige Property Group

Granted there's rooms that need to be finished - but a steal by Vancouver's standard's to say the least.


Oh Canada 
have you gone completely insane?

I'll be at these fabulous parties this week!

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  1. Location, location, location. ;) We were browsing through a blurb on the internet the other day and were amazed at how expensive real estate is in some places (for shacks that would cost next to nothing elsewhere).

    I'll take the less expensive one here, please. :)

  2. That pool is gorgeous! I couldn't live in a shed JUST for location.... that's just me :)

  3. Yes, I think we have gone insane with real estate prices here in Canada! Just ridiculous. I was watching TV (Marilyn) yesterday and they showed a couple looking for a house in Toronto. The agent was showing side by sides in the $650 to 750 thousand range with postage stamp back yards (a bonus apparently) that were around 100 years old (lots of character and horrible modern renos). I can't imagine paying that for a house. I guess I'm spoiled and blessed to live where we do in rural NB! The house in France is amazing and at least half of it is in livable condition. Vancouver real estate is horribly expensive for what you get. "Take Vancouver and give me the countryside". (Green Acres) :-) xx Pam

  4. HOLY MOLY. Yes, North America has slipped its cogs; prices are nuts. But that house in France! OH MY GOSH, be still my heart. I think we bloggers need to band together and purchase it as a Blogging Retreat.

    Who's in? :-) --Cass

  5. Oh Suzan wow I knew prices were so high by you but wow that little piece of land going for that much money. Crazy!!!! How can anyone afford to live there anymore.

    The house in France is gorgeous and that pool OMG!!!! How gorgeous is that!
    Have a great rest of the week my friend.

  6. wow thats amazing!!!! I'm going to be missing for a bit, we're switching to a new voice activated computer for the visually disabled ( that would be me, lol), its a process, see you soon,

  7. It's official - the world has gone mad. I'm used to hearing about broom cupboards being sold in London for hundreds of thousands of pounds but I read recently that someone in Oxford (which is 30 miles away from me) was ordered to pull down a 'dwelling' they were renting as it was too small for human habitation. You could literally touch both walls if you stretched your arms and the rent wasn't cheap either!!! I really like Cass @ That Old House's idea of clubbing together for that fabulous house in France, although I'm not a blogger I'd be very happy to chip in :-)) Can we make it a condition of sale that we get to keep ALL of the furniture?

    1. I agree Gerry - stark raving mad actually!
      If 70 of us can come up with 10,000 it could be ours !
      Have a yearly conference - and then rent it out ( to pay the taxes LOL )
      And yes - we'll ask for all the furniture - and then fight like cats and dogs about how to paint it all LMHO

  8. Oh my gosh, that is way crazy! Love, love, love the house in France. I'd be in if I could figure out how to afford getting there. :) so beautiful!

  9. I would vote for not painting. I have always wanted a big room with faded wallpaper peeling down to show all the layers. Let's all buy lottery tickets.

  10. Bonjour! Je voudrais acheter votre maison. lol (Hello! I'd like to buy your home.) I refer to the France version of course. Wow.
    Your prices remind me of Southern California... Los Angeles and its ilk. Landslides, fire and crime are included.
    Here in Cleveland, there are places (unsavory for sure) where you can buy a home for under $50,000. Lots of foreclosures and heaps of people so far upside down they'll never see daylight.
    ~ Christina

  11. That is just absolutely crazy!!!! What ARE they thinking? You are right- how does anyone starting out (or starting over at any age) begin to afford housing when the prices are so out of whack?

    The French home is beautiful...Looks like they have a start on the kitchen but it is not done yet. Love the pool area, too. Calgon- take me away- xo Diana

  12. Can't afford the house, but I covet that great bonsai.
    How about telling us the property taxes on these places? Might help us figure out which is really affordable.
    I found a nice little bungalow in northern Virginia some years ago. They wanted a half mill for it as a teardown. The lot would hold a good sized mcmansion….. I was so disappointed.

    1. I never thought of incuding the property taxes !!!
      ( but I do include the link - just in case someone is interest in purchasing - you just never know !!! )

  13. I prefer that dump in Canada. Bahahahah!!


  14. Hahahahahhahahahahaha! But can they match our healthcare system? What!? A BETTER healthcare system? Salut bye bye je m'en vas! XOX Susan

  15. Wow, that is unbelievable! Might as well buy some ocean front property in AZ. lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  16. Yes, living in Vancouver is extremely expensive which is why my son and his family are wanting to move back to PEI. They will probably never own a home out there even though both my son and his wife have really good jobs. {He's a top exec and she's a nurse}.
    One million and change would buy you a mansion here on the Island. Location means everything. Have a wonderful day.


  17. What the...?
    Occasionally I get bummed out that my house is worth about one-quarter of the value of my boss's motorhome. Doesn't seem logical...

  18. Now I know why I live in Texas. Our prices are wonderful and McKinney TX (30 mins south of us) was voted #1 small city in Money Magazine this month. YAY affordability and liveability.

  19. Having been priced out of the town I grew up in I really hear you on this one! Kudos for the humour and the great photos.

  20. Why are the cities in Canada so expensive? Where do the worker bees live?

    1. Hi Carla!!!

      The bees are being forced to go further away from the main hive...Vancouver because people in the boats that are made of gold are reaching our shores and walking in a buying anything and everything.

      We pay $2,000/month for rent and the government wants to remove the set rental amount so that the owners/landlords can raise the rents to whatever they want. If that happens that means that there will be a lot of bees looking for a cheaper hive wwwwaaaaayyyy out in the valley.

      B.C. is the highest in Canada on a number of things. The bees are getting restlest over all of this.


  21. Oh that is fascinating! Can you imagine that price for such a modest property.

  22. Hi Suzan!!!


    We get upset about the prices of houses. It's sooooo pathetic.....And I live in Port Coquitlam and the houses here are insane!!! What's happening is that the working class people are having to sell and move out into the suburbs, but, the prices out here high as well. I just don't know what they are thinking!!!

    Have a great week Suzan!!!



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