Monday, September 15, 2014

I can't get rid of it

White chalk paint dressers makeover

Sometimes that happens - I buy a piece to do over and sell and then I
Just.  Can't.  Get.  Rid.  Of.  It.....................

Painted country dresser

This is probably the first time I've bought a piece that had the perfect wood top......................
I did nothing to it - not even wax - because it's that perfect - beautifully aged maple.

and it compliments the pure white ( Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - Pure White )

I love that it's an understated piece - not fussy at all -
I only lightly distressed the drawers - I left the frame pristine

I didn't really have the space for it - at all - but once the slip covers arrived, I knew I had to find a place - so I tried different configurations - she ended up tucked into a corner - sorry dresser - this is NOT a time-out - I just have nowhere else to put you.

John says - well that's ridiculous - just sell it - what's the point of it being in the corner hidden away?


The point IS that I like her ( her name's Mrs. Jones )
And we have a thing going on.....................we both know that it's wrong
but it's much too strong to let it go.................
And I need to keep her
And if the only place I can find for her is tucked into a corner - well - I know ( I know I know I know she'll be there )
And sometimes that's all that matters.

Until the next one comes around that I absolutely HAVE to keep - and then Mrs. Jones is out the door
I'm not very loyal to furniture
Just selfish.

And that's why she's staying exactly where she is ( for now )

Here she was before - seller's photo

She lived with one family since 1945 - so she isn't ready to be flying all over the place anyway - this was a huge adjustment for her as it is

I may not be loyal to furniture - but I certainly have a heart !!!

Have a wonderful day everyone !
Big hugs,

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  1. she is lovely, I have one just like her, not painted though, I would love to paint mine but I would have to divorce my husband first, decisions decisions,,,

  2. Well I love it and would buy it from you if I lived - oh - closer than 3000 miles away. sigh.

  3. Oh wow Your living room is fabulous
    And the dresser is the frosting on the cake!!

  4. She is a beauty! And I've always loved that song...

  5. I love it too. She can have a home here in Wisconsin if she wants to move. :-)
    You are so fun...I love how you write.
    Have a great week.

  6. I think she looks great over there in the corner. Great choice on leaving the top.

  7. I love it and am glad you kept the top in it's pretty natural maple. I think it looks lovely in the corner and I'm sure it provides great storage.

  8. We got a thing going on....

    1. we meet every day in the same cafe......................

  9. I cannot believe you resisted even a little color on that! It is beautiful and I love the top!

  10. I'm smiling at your comments about Mrs. Jones not ready to go all over the place. No, no she needs time to adjust to travel so she needs to get used to being in her new place for a (long) while. So pretty! Love the top with the white...perfect!


  11. Love her! Even though she is in the corner she 'balances' the room. Tell John that one : ) Patty. p.s. we took part of the ceiling down in one room downstairs - no hacked beams, and lots of straw and plaster came down. what a mess.

  12. I have the same problem, can't let go. Place a lamp on her, and she will become important. Beautiful work, Elaine

  13. I wouldn't have let her go either! She's gorgeous, and you picked the perfect spot to display her beauty!

  14. It is so pretty ! I would keep it always too ox

  15. Love her! I think she looks great in the corner. Sometimes natural wood is just right.

  16. I think it is sweet in the corner - it draws attention to the window. Sometimes a piece has to settle with us for awhile then quietly move on. John should take a chill pill and enjoy his time with Mrs. Jones.

  17. Suzan, I love these two and three-drawer chests. I think I'd keep her, too. What a lovely find! Until the next one comes along that will grab you even harder!!

  18. I love Mrs Jones...she is a beauty!!

  19. I love your big heart! She does look fantastic tucked into the fact she looks like she was made for that corner! Beautiful!

  20. She does look perfect right there in the corner. I don't blame you for keeping it for a bit...the adjustment period and all of's downright kind of you! :)

  21. Love it! I just did a dresser conversion I couldn't part with mine either. Theresa @DearCreatives

  22. I so love it! How gorgeous is that top. With the white bottom, a perfect pair. Your living room is so lovely.

    1. Thanks so much Bev !!!
      You can't believe how nice it is to hear that - with what we've been living in lol

  23. I always love your furniture makeovers Suzan! This one is a keeper.. . so pretty!

  24. Suzan Mrs. Jones is a keeper. Great storage.


  25. Suzan, Mrs. Jones is right where she should be. You never know when the odd lamp will come around and need a place to 'light' and then Mrs. Jones can open her arms and everybody will be happy. I think she is pretty too!..Happy Thursday..Judy

  26. Suzan, easy to see why you couldn't let go of Jonesy! She is a beaut and I actually really like her tucked in the corner. Her wood top helps pop with the piece on your coffee table. Thanks for sharing her with SYC.

  27. Suzan, Mrs. Jones is a beauty and looks great in that corner! How else could you show off your neat wares over there? I think she's quite comfy there, thankuverymuch. : - )

  28. It's clear why you couldn't part with Mrs. Jones. She's a lovely thing, and looks perfectly happy being a wallflower.

  29. I love it Suzan - her simple lines are perfect and the top is beautiful. Thank you for sharing at Share It One More Time. Cathy

  30. I wouldn't be able to part with that piece many different rooms you can use that one in!

  31. So pretty! Nothing better than a painted dresser. Great update.

  32. It looks great in that room! Keep it, very nice refinish!


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