Monday, September 29, 2014

Well excuse me but I think you've got my chair.........................

No, that one's not taken, I don't mind

If you sit here, I'll be glad to share

TWO houses ago - when we were moving into THIS HOUSE - I realized we were not going to have room for the second chair in our living room set............

It's a large set - and the chairs are almost like love seats

Anyway - it was a last minute decision - and we didn't have time to sell it - so I simply placed it outside with a sign reading " take me "

A couple of months later - while on Craig's list - I noticed someone had it up for sell for 150.00 - location?  My old neighborhood - one street over in fact 
Maybe - but I don't think so.....................
I asked John if we should buy it back - but he was horrified at the prospect of spending (rightfully so) 150.00 on something we had left on the curbside.

We've since had the set recovered ( well slip covers ) and we're in the process of working on a little reading room/den/t.v. room - and I casually mentioned to John that I wished we hadn't gotten rid of the second chair................

It would have been great in the den................soooo comfortable

And that night - lo and behold - on Craig's list - I saw it again - for 35 dollars - now it's 3 streets over from our old street )   These bizarre things happen to me all the time - truly - I'm starting to think I'm related to that lady from Long Island....................  except my show would be about furniture and houses - I'd walk in and scream " that desk used to belong to an axe murderer !!!!!!!!!!!!! "  OR  " how long have you had that chair?  I'm " feeling " there's a lost mate out there somewhere "
Then I'd save them by taking the pieces off their hands.

Suzan says - I'm going to buy our chair back
John says - It's too big - there's no room for it 
Suzan says - But it's a sign - the universe is telling me to get it back
John says - Well ask the universe to get it here for you - I'm not picking it up.

And he was adamant - 

So - I guess it'll go a few streets over still............................

And the twins will be separated forever more

How can he be so heartless.........................?

Have a wonderful day everyone !

Are you waiting for someone to meet you here?

Well, that makes two of us so glad you came  
♫  ♪

If you'd like a personal reading please contact me - I can " read " any type of furniture in your home.

Interested Networks will have to speak to my agent.



  1. Lol my furniture is any easy read it says I hate the messy children. Hehe buying back something you've given away Jules. Would be the same as John on this.

  2. Just be patient. In another couple weeks you might find it at curbside once again. lol It does look like a comfy chair! My living room furniture says, 'Please, replace me. I've lived a long and good life.' (I tried slipcovers. They just didn't work on my furniture, so I sent them back.

  3. Tell John to march right over and get that chair back...$35.00!! It's a steal....sort of.. It looks so good slipcovered and even better as a pair. Run John...don't walk.

  4. Thank you for quoting my favorite George Strait song! What a tale you have with this chair!

    1. You're welcome Charlotte LOL
      I've been singing it for 4 days now

  5. Tooo funny that is all I am going to say and this only happens to you LOL!

  6. It happened to me with a dresser I picked out of the trash. It belonged to a friend's grandmother. They left it not in their trash but in someone else's.
    I'm dying here. Did he let you go get the chair?

  7. ♫♪ well, thank you, could I drink you a buy..♫♪
    Poor ole chair...I think it wants to come HOME, John.

  8. So funny. Once I gave away some old Christmas things to Goodwill. A few weeks later I was in just browsing for fun things and there on the shelf was a snowman I had given away. I almost cried (and I'm not very emotional) when I saw his little face staring out waiting for a new home. I didn't buy him back but I was tempted.

  9. Seriously? The same chair? That's incredible! At least the price is affordable now but maybe it's not in as good condition or the dog slept in it or something. Start over fresh. Have a great day!

  10. LOL Poor Suzan! You really are a psychic of all home furnishings! You could have a TV show of your very own but then you might get famous and you wouldn't have time to blog and then,..... well that would suck....

  11. John, B. J. says, "go get the chair!!!" Lol

    1. He doesn't believe you LMHO - says B.J. would have agreed with him -
      Too funny!

  12. Husbands can be such old POOPS! They just don't seem to understand how fretful we can feel when WE DON'T GET OUR WAY! "I WANT IT!" "no you don't. you only think you want it...."YESSSSS I DO~I WANT IT REALLY REALLY BADLY! PLLLLEEEAASSEE!" "no". "BUT I PROMISE, (snibble, snibble) I WON'T EVER ASK AGAIN, JUST THIS LAST TIME"! Then I get the "old poop" stare.........from the old poop!

  13. Love the George Straight lyrics...:) I immediately started singing it in my! Sorry about the chair. It does look very comfy! Have a blessed week.

    Hugs, Vicky

  14. Maybe they would deliver the chair for you? I have no husband, but most of the time, people selling stuff I wanted agreed to deliver it to me... It usually cost me a glass of homemade lemonade...

  15. Maybe the chair feels orphaned and is looking for you.

  16. But where on earth could you get a great chair like that for 35 bucks? You should go get it Suzan.... We could all send you a dollar and you could sneak it in... Cover it and John won't even notice. Just keep it on the down low....HA!

  17. It's like Welcome Back Kotter.

    But a chair.



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