Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I WANNA live there Wednesday # 95

Good morning everyone !

I seem to be a little starstruck lately I know - but here's another one that captured my attention -
Some of these rooms are to die for !

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon
All photos from CELEBRITY HOMES

She had me at Red Front Door lol

And I'm in love with this gallery wall

OMG - that worn leather chesterfield????

My girls are twins - so this nursery just melts my heart away - ( I'm sure they have as much security as Royalty - but French doors in a nursery would terrify me - I'm way too neurotic for that ) but everything else is just gorgeous !

Morrocan inspired sun room?  Love !

Sheer Perfection ( in my humble opinion )

You could have a party in the bathroom - looks like there's an island

Not quite sure what this is - but it sure looks comfy


and the piece de resistance?

Which is what that Sheer Perfection room above looks out on

And that's how the other half live folks !!!
Now I'm back to the reality of this
The floor is ready to be primed - hooray - freaking hooray LMHO

You all have a wonderful day -
I'm going to ask John to start doubling up on the lottery tickets !

Much love,
Hugs too

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  1. This house is beautiful...and I think one of her kids is named Moroccan, right?

  2. Suzan - I think the comfy room is a media room? It looks like the green light on the ceiling might be coming from a projector of some sort?? I love the red gingham checked chairs in their dining room/breakfast room? (We only have one place to eat in my house and we call it "the table" LOL). Your house is beautiful also!! Have a great day!

    1. Well I think you're right Sharon !!!
      OMG - now I want a media room too LOL
      And you made me laugh out loud with " the table " !
      God love you - this house is NOT beautiful ( our last one was - this one is NOT )

  3. I suppose this is what one has to put up with when they are this well-off. If they are famous and want their privacy, this is what they have to go through. They need to be able to do it all at home...swim, golf, work out, eat, etc. Poor them... (I concur with SharonFromMichigan about that room being a media room, but I would like to add that I saw it as a opium den - just kidding...kinda!)

  4. While GORGEOUS I admit, I would rather live in my little bitty home with my chubby wubby hubby and my precious 90 pound boxer with all its minor imperfections than any where else in the world! But it is fun to dream, but it is all the other stuff that makes a house a home sweet home! And that, my friend, is exactly what you have! Thanks for sharing! Peaceful Blessings! Nancy

    1. I'm most impressed with how the grass is cut - all crisscrossed like that - I'm going to ask John if he can do that LMHO !!!
      Blessings right back Nancy

  5. You never have to show me a house again. This is the one I want. And I never want to move again once I'm in there either. That's a nice nice nice nice nice nice house!

  6. Mehhhhh... just knowing she has people doing everything for her takes away from it all for me. I'm more impressed when I know folks did the work themselves. You know I have you up on a pedestal Suzan! Much more impressed with your home :-)

  7. Gorgeous house Suzan. Love that pool and backyard. Very pretty.

  8. Now that I have returned to reality...... naw, I think I will stick with my mouse pee and poop encrusted beams. Which I sprayed with bleach, we know how to roll in this hood. Get a lottery ticket for me please the ones here are all duds.

  9. Pretty sweet home.....I am so in love with your shelves you built! You guys really did a fantastic job!

  10. good luck with that floor refinishing, big projects like that require lots of inspiration, thanks for sharing all those lovely photos full of pretty ideas

  11. Love it! Some of it is a bit over the top but most is gorgeous and tasteful. Love the entry, love the white couches, love the master, love the nursery. Lots to look at here... :-)

    Lory at Designthusiasm.com

    1. I agree - but the parts I love - I really love lol

  12. This house was formerly owned by Farrah Fawcett. She LOVED this house! Just thought this to be an interesting little tidbit of info.

    1. Wow - thanks for the info - I had no idea - but I can certainly see why she loved the house!
      ( makes me feel a little sad actually )

  13. Thanks for sharing your ideas. There is a lot of inspiration!!
    I am your new follower
    Greetings from South Africa

  14. Hey Suzan,
    It really is a pretty house. Thanks so much for sharing with Adorned From Above's Link Party.


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