Monday, September 22, 2014

Happy 74th Mom !!!

I'm lucky she doesn't fully understand what a blog is
I'm lucky she doesn't have a computer
And I'm very lucky she let me take the picture in the first place.

September 22, 1940

Mom says - You're not putting that out there on the computer I hope !
Suzan says - Why?
Mom says - I don't want my picture out there - there's too many maniacs - are you crazy?
Mom says - You have to be very careful you know
Mom says - What about those people out there beheading people?
Suzan says - I don't think you have to worry about that
Suzan says - Can I just put it on my blog?
Mom says - What exactly is a blog anyway ?
Suzan says - I keep telling you -  It's like an online journal - just my blogging friends will see it
Mom says - Well okay - but I don't want it going anywhere crazy................
Mom says - And I don't want my face on that Face thing
Suzan says - Do you mean Facebook?
Mom says - You have to be very careful you know
Suzan says - Yes you already told me that - I'll be very careful.

Happy Birthday Mom - Love ya.


I don't know why but the memory of shoe shopping stands out for me.
From the earliest time I can remember - till present - I've loved shoes and can very distinctly remember prancing around in my Mom's kitten heel sling backs...............
Unfortunately while my mother had a size 6 graceful foot - I inherited clodhoppers.

" You got your feet from your Father " she would always tell me

She wore a size 6.

I've worn a size 8 admittedly - ( and sometimes a size 9 secretly - for many years - until I could come to terms with that fact )

I picked up a pretty pair of shoes for her for her birthday.

I took a size 7 because I DO realize your feet get bigger as you age.

She opened them up last night - and fell in love with them - until she tried to slip one on her foot.

" they don't fit " she lamented

" I'm a size 8 now " she sighed

" No problem " I assured her - I'll exchange them for a size 8 "

" it all goes to hell you know - this age thing is not for the weak "

But all I could think about as we drove that a size 8 or 9 is just about my limit of dignity - and if your feet keep growing am I going to be wearing a size 11 when I'm 70?


Send in the clowns - there's got to be clowns - don't bother they're here.

Have a wonderful day everyone -
I'm off to the shoe store ( and a podiatrist - I've got to stop this before it happens )
Otherwise I'll just be a nose and feet.

Much love,


  1. Perhaps you can bind your feet as you age? I'm sure John would love to help you, hehe. Happy Birthday to your mom - what a gift she gave the world when she had you!

    (ps Suzan, I wrote you a note through FB, it likely hit your Other folder, if you could please check I'd be happy).

    1. LOL Rita - I may bind my complete body pretty soon!
      I've been looking for that message all week Rita - I can't find it !!!!!!
      Where do find the " other " folder? Have no idea what that even is !

  2. Hahaha! I love it!! Not that you'll be reduced to a nose and feet, I love the conversation you had with your mom! Sounds like the same conversation I would have with my mom! I love your posts, they make me smile:) Happy Birthday Suzan's mom!

  3. happy birthday to your Momma!!! For some reason women's Chinese foot binding popped in my head!

  4. Happy birthday to your mom! I lost mine 10 years ago and still miss her terribly. I know about the feet thing. I used to wear a size 7. Now I'm an 8 1/2 and sometimes 9. It sucks because I also keep getting shorter. I used to be 5'2" (which is already short) and now I lie and tell people I'm 5'1" but am more like 5'. At this rate by the time I'm 70 I'll look like a toddler wearing skis!

  5. You are hysterically funny! I thought everything shrunk as you aged? Okay, I did go up a shoe size recently but that was to make room for a bunion. Oops, I guess that's part of old age, too!

    Happy Birthday to your dear mom!

    Jane xx

  6. Your mom is lovely and a young pup. My mom turns 80 in February, but still looks and acts youthful. My mother's feet are also dainty, mine... let's just say that I could stop a car Fred Flintstone's method.

  7. Happy Birthday, Suzan's Mom!!! May you have a day filled with love, friends & family ~

  8. I love your comments! Especially with John. My husband is just like John with his comments. Thank you for giving me laughs and giggles...

    1. lol - thanks so much Debbie - I think most of us are married to the same guy !!!

  9. Happy birthday to your mom! I used to be an 8. Then an 8.5. Then a 9. Now a 9.5.

    Unfortunately, I'll never be a "10."

    The insanity just won't stop....


  10. Happy Birthday, Suzan's Mom!
    Suze, you don't have any followers that would behead your mom do you? Do you?????
    I think she's safe here. :) xoxo

  11. Happy Birthday to your mom!! I have worn a size 10 shoe for years, and you're going to tell me my feet are going to get bigger???OY! Do they even make cute shoes in a size or two bigger???

  12. Happy birthday to your Mum. I hope they have a size 8 for her. :)

  13. Happy birthday, Suzan's mom! Don't worry, I'm a blogging friend... thought sometimes I'm a little mad. Suzan keeps saying I'm young, but my feet are already half a size more than they used to be...

  14. Oh what a chuckle I had reading your post! My mom just turned 74 in April, and she sounds JUST like your beautiful mom! The other day she was talking about how lonely she was, and how nice it would be to have a companion. (Dad passed away 17 yrs ago.) When I told her I could sign her up with an online dating site-I swear her mouth opened so wide that her upper plate almost fell out in her tea! Later, she finally agreed-but only if I could find her someone who for sure was an ax murder!!! Gotta love them! As for your feet-thanks for the tip! Just one more thing I have to worry about when I get old!!!!

    1. Her upper plate almost fell in her tea - I'm laughing out loud here !!!
      Good luck with your Mom's online dating -

  15. Heheheheh..... cute, and a belated Happy Birthday to your precious Mom. Geez I didn't know your feet keep growing as you age. Funny thing is my mom wore size 9 and she was short. But her feet never looked oversized. I can still getting into 7/7.5 so that's good. But I do think my nose and ears have grown. Just call me Dumbo : D. xo Patty

  16. Too funny Suzan! I have clodhoppers too...size 8-9, but I have the "little" feet in my family! Happy birthday to your sweet mom...I hope no maniacs see this page and her picture!

    Blessings, Vicky

  17. OMG- Your Mom is a hoot! Happy Birthday to her...I just kinda want to post her picture all over the internet now...except I would not let any beheaders see it! lol
    Shoe size- um 9-1/2 here and if they are super narrow a 10. Yes-it is what it is. xo Diana

  18. Happy Birthday to your mom!! I have worn a size 9 shoe for as long as I can remember and my feet better not get any bigger or I won't be a happy girl!!

  19. Dolly Parton once said something like this: "I wear a 6, but a 7 felt so good, I bought an 9."

    Hope Mom has a happy birthday.

  20. Your Momma is a Dollbaby!!!! She is so cute, just like you!!!! I lost mine 18 years ago this Christmas, and her birthday is this coming weekend. She would be 82, bless her heart. Tell your Mom Happy Happy Birthday and big hugs from me!!!! Have a wonderful day!!! XOXOXOX Karen

  21. Thanks so much Karen - I WILL tell her !!!
    I'm sorry your Mom is no longer with you ♥

  22. Big Birthday Wishes to your mom Suzan!! She is sweet! You know what they say about big feet......oh no, sorry, that's mens feet.....forget it :(


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