Sunday, August 31, 2014

Pepper, anyone?

John is the fussiest eater I know, bar none.

He eats his hot dogs plain - and when I say plain I mean the weiner tossed inside of a dry bun................
Nothing is allowed to touch that weiner ( except for the dry bun )
His hamburgers get eaten the same way ( although once in a blue moon he'll go all crazy on me and plunk a slice of tomato and lettuce on top )

Condiments can make him go into a frenzy.

He eats salad without any dressing - just the vegetables sadly sitting there looking up at him.
( as opposed to mine - which are dancing and swimming in oil and vinegar )

For many many years he wouldn't eat my chopped egg salad sandwiches - because I used Mayo
I had to slice the egg and put it between 2 pieces of dry bread - until one day he mentioned that he had to find out how the Church made theirs because he really liked those ones.

I told him I'd find the recipe - and the next time I made them ( the exact way I always do ) I said
" there you go - now do you like them? "
" LOVE them, he replied "
" I thought so " I said  - " they just needed a little mayo - NOW will you be a little more willing to try things once in a while? "

Last night I was preparing dinner - and made a small tomato salad as a side dish.

Cherry tomatoes
Thinly sliced spanish onion
Slivers of strong cheese
Fresh basil from the garden
drizzled with Olive Oil

John walks by................
John says - Oh I'm ok with just the tomatoes
Suzan says - What do you mean?  You don't want anything at all on them?
John says - Nope - I'm not afraid to just taste the food
Suzan says - What exactly does that mean?
John says - You have to hide the taste of everything to eat it
Suzan says - Well isn't that rich?  You've somehow taken your fear of spices and herbs and condiments and turned it into an act of bravery?

I then set out to put some flavor on the zucchini we were going to grill

Olive Oil
Garlic powder
Pinch of salt
and some chili flakes

John walks by again -
John says - Nothing on mine - thank you very much
Suzan says - Your bravery knows no bounds John - honestly !!!

As we sat down to eat supper
John says - Pass the pepper please
John sprinkles 4 grains on his food
John says - Aren't you putting any on yours?
Suzan says -No - I'm ok - thanks
John says - Why?  Are you afraid of a little pepper?

Priceless - the man is priceless....................

John's " sides "

Ok - off to finish working on those built ins - a nightmare people I tell ya - a NIGHTMARE
Crooked walls do not make for nice built ins - and these walls are so crooked it's ridiculous !
We'll have to get very creative with molding to hide that little fact !
Right now the room looks 10 times worse than when we started working on it ( and it was pretty bad ) BUT
I WILL have built ins lol

And stay tuned - for those of you that have asked me to put up a video of myself - one's on its way this week
Dear God
That's ALL I'm going to say about that...................

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!
Much love,


  1. What a picky eater. Nothing on his food - how boring is that? He'd go hungry at my house.
    Have fun with the cabinets - I'm sure they will look terrific.
    Happy Sunday.

  2. Can't wait to see the built ins all finished. I know the "joys" of living in a crooked house. My son swears he feels like he is drunk when he first comes in my house. The first floor lists to the right. I have gotten used to it but it is startling to someone the first time they come from the front of the house to the kitchen all the way in the back. When my son put the storm door on the front of the house we had to shim like crazy and the only way to line up the door properly was to have my neighbor next door come over with his router and trim the frame so that it was straight. I need to start dating a carpenter!

  3. Your John eats pretty much the way my Mr. P. eats - drives me crazy! Those built ins are looking good, Suzan!

    1. Drives me crazy too Rita - but he gives me lectures all the time that he doesn't tell me how to eat my food -
      Sooooo - I usually make 2 versions of everything - ( ridiculous isn't it? )

  4. The salad and the zucchini look delicious. And, please grind extra pepper onto my salad.

  5. Well, I don't do pepper, but gimmee salt and garlic on most everything, please!!

  6. You seasoned food looks so delicious! I like a bit of seasoning on mine but no salt. The built in shelf wall is looking good. Are you taking Monday off and doing anything special? ss

  7. I kid you not my husband eats the same way but worse! No dressing on his salad! Never goes near Mayo and if he KNOWS cream cheese is in something, he passes on that too! Meat and potatoes! Or potatoes and meat:-)

  8. LOL, John won't eat mayo, vinegar or salads. I've been trying to get him to taste it for 26 years and it still hasn't happened. He puts ketchup on things I can't believe. It is hard for an Italian to comprehend these things. Ketchup goes on a burger or fries, nothing else, Mayo on egg salad and salad is an everyday staple. He is so strong willed when it come to salad and dressing.


  9. Okay I get the salad with no dressing..I can do the same thing..however that hot dog on a dry!!! I load mine up so much I almost need a fork to eat it...Men?!!??? the tomato salad looks devine...I use mazzarella like the strong cheese idea....Love and HUGs from hot as you know what South Carolina..USA...

  10. What a hoot! Hubs thinks I'm weird because all i want with my cheeseburger is cheese. I always find trying to eat one with condiments messy and too big. I have a small bite and have learned to adapt. Maybe John is trying out in baby steps? Patty

  11. John's braver definitely knows no end. Because really when you think about it, it is pretty brave to eat a hot dog on a dry bun. Think of the choking hazard involved :)

  12. Argh my son Jack is the same, slightest hint of anything and he starts gargling with milk or water to get rid of the taste, drives me nuts. Even the little ones eat with more flavour than him. Crooked walls suck I have some bad ones here, my shelves looked lopsided in one room and they were dead level, annoying but I bet you make it work.

  13. So funny! I guess he's not a huge fan of the cooking shows then. I suppose I'd be a lot thinner if I didn't slather everything in either butter, mayo or salad dressing though. The spices, I could not live without. Everything would be so bland. But then, aren't British foods kind of bland anyway??

  14. Love your almost done wall of built-ins. I think it looks great! I'm with you, my food likes to swim!

  15. John would be horrified to see how much pepper I put on my food. Love the stuff!


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