Sunday, August 17, 2014

Don't listen to your Mother.....................

Sometime back in April  my daughter called me from the Dollar store.  The conversation is kind of how I remember it.................

She told me they had bags of gladiolus bulbs and did I want some..............

Mom says -Nah - I wouldn't trust bulbs from the dollar store.
Lindsay says - Why not?
Mom says - Well - I just wouldn't - they're probably seconds or something
Lindsay says - How can bulbs be seconds?
Mom says - I'm not sure but I wouldn't buy bulbs from the dollar store
Lindsay says - Well I'm going to buy some to plant in planters for the balcony.
( they live in a highrise apartment )
Mom says - Every now and then, Lindsay, I know what I'm talking about - I wouldn't buy them from the dollar store if I were you.
Lindsay says- You're such a snob.

Yesterday I found this beautiful bouquet outside our front door - from Lindsay
I'm in awe - they're gorgeous - the color is perfection - they're tall and straight and perfect !

Today John was going to the dollar store

John says - Is there anything you want?
Suzan says - Yes - I want a bunch of bags of Gladiolus bulbs
John says - WTH?  I said I'm going to the DOLLAR STORE
Suzan says - I heard you - and I want a bunch of bags of Gladiolus bulbs
John says - I wouldn't buy anything like that from the Dollar store
Suzan says - Why not?
John says - I just wouldn't -
Suzan says - Please just listen to me for once.......................there's nothing wrong with buying bulbs from the dollar store.
John says - You can't plant them in the Fall anyway
Suzan says - OF COURSE YOU CAN PLANT THEM IN THE FALL - and they'll be fine - like tulips

Aren't they beautiful ?
I just found out we can't plant them in the fall here - but first thing next Spring I'll be buying as many of these as I can fit in my DOLLAR STORE cart

John says - Hey Clever Clogs, it turns out you CAN'T plant these things in the fall
Suzan says - Please don't call me that - it turns my stomach and makes me want to vomit a little bit.

He's strutting around like a peacock right now - I HATE it when he's right -  sadly it happens once every 5 years or so - I've learned to suck it up.  I'm safe now until 2019 so if the truth be known I'm relieved it's out of the way.

Moral of the story.

Don't listen to your Mother OR your wife all of the time ( most of the time but definitely not all of the time )

And because the plank wall is ohsoclose to being done - we just need to trim it out - and try to hide the fact that the bottom of the planks don't reach the floor on one side ( .sing with me everyone - " there was a
crooked girl - who walked a crooked mile )

I was able to stage the vase of flowers against it anyway - I call this next shot -   " Gladiolus against a bleached plank wall "

 Next time you're at the dollar store - and you see these bulbs - pick them up !
SOMEBODY please listen to me - I know of what I speak ( sometimes )

Oh and before I forget - I found this on Craigs List - to put against the plank wall ( just the mantel ) so
YAY - I'll have something else to paint - good times ! ( in case you were getting worried that I might be running out of things.)
I like all the curves -

It's going a clean crisp white - in the process as I type - because I paint with one hand while I write up posts with the other
Sneak peak time?

Here's it is decorated courtesy of Pic Monkey

As much as I can work a little magic on this - one side will not hit the floor

And they all lived together in a little crooked house ♪♫♪

Have a wonderful Monday all
Much love,
The know-it-all

Party Time !!!

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  1. I would have thought the same thing, who knew the bulbs at the dollar store would grow such beautiful blooms!!! How sweet of LIndsay to gift them to you!!! And we do have to let the old boys be right once in a while, otherwise there's no living with them LOL!!!! Have a blessed day!!!! Your wall and mantle look great, love the lightness, I want to brighten my home now, Jim would kill me!!!!

  2. Cheers to John but mostly to your daughter. I will definitely be on the lookout for flowering bulbs next spring. Who knew they even sold them! I love your plank wall. Can hardly wait to see the final reveal!

  3. Who would have thought that the dollar store bulbs turned into those beautiful flowers. I saw the bulbs back in the spring and I passed them up, too. Bet you can force them indoors like amaryllis and paperwhites during the winter. How pretty would that be?

  4. Having been one of those snobs with a turned up nose towards dollar store bulbs, I now see the error of my ways. I have been successful with them every spring. The only thing I would advise is to get them when they enter the store or they will either get mushy or dried. I put mantels on blank walls all over the house. I'm gonna love yours! Even with the creepy animals decorating it. ALERT: squirrels love bulbs!

  5. ....clap clap. Do you get it? The song? I love the glads, as we call them. Gorgeous colour. And from the dollar store no less. The new mantel is beautiful and I can't wait to see it installed and I'm still trying to figure out which room this is going to be in. Dining room? I hope I don't miss the posting of it. Enjoy the week. xo

  6. I would not have trusted bulbs from the dollar store because seeds from the dollar store did nothing! Sorry John was right.... haha. I hate when the husband is right. The gladiolus are gorgeous and I love the plank wall and mantel so far.

  7. If your floor is crooked, you can cut a wedge shaped piece to fit... I'll be right over! LOL

  8. Ha ha who knew dollar store bulbs could be so pretty. They will be great next Spring to plant for you. Love the sneak peak at the plank wall and the mantel. Looks awesome.

  9. Suz, I sooooo enjoyed this post. And I love her gladis = they're gorgeous.

    The fireplace surround is awesome. Well done, ma'am. Now go and enjoy your next five years, right? : = )

  10. LOL ~ I planted gladiolas this year too. We have purple, yellow and pink so far. :-)

  11. I would have said the same, Suzan! I'm shocked that these gorgeous flowers resulted from a purchase at the $ store. Your daughter is very wise!

    When I was much younger and *not at all* informed about flowers & gardening, I had to have surgery. When I was trying to wake up in my room, I saw a bouquet of glads. In my groggy state, I was thinking that maybe I was dead and these were funeral flowers. :) That's the only place I'd ever seen them!

    I know your plank wall is going to be beautiful, as usual with your projects. The fireplace surround is perfect!!


  12. I have good luck with bulbs,rose bushes and plants from the 99 cent store. In fact one of the most stunning roses that I have is from the 99 cent store - it was a bare root plant, beautiful red and a winner in my rose garden. i used to stick my rose up, but not anymore = great buys at Dollar Tree and 99 Cent Store.
    Your daughters glads are stunning.

  13. I buy plants at The 99 Cent Store almost every week. Some are thriving, some are dead, but I enjoy fresh flowers in the house each week for less than $5 and I get to plant them and hope!

  14. Hahahahahaha....crooked l'il house, humming it in my head now! You want crooked?! Come and visit me... I thought I had an inner ear infection when I moved in. Nope just slants going every which way. I've learned to walk sorta drunkingly. Walk into the kitchen and you go uphill. Don't drop your meatball! On top of old smokey...... Love the flowers. Will buy some when I see them. Who knew?! Patty

  15. I'm going to translate this post for my mother... Nothing is staight in my cottage either, not even the floor, which according to the cats, is great to play with a ball!

  16. Those glads are beautiful!. I just walked by the bulbs at Dollar Tree today. Darn. Now I'll have to go back.

  17. Beautiful glads from your daughter. I bought those bulbs one year and forgot to plant them until the following year and they did come up and bloom. Not beautiful, but I did not take care of them either. They even came up again this year. Maybe next year I will move them to a sunny place and water them once in awhile. Your plank wall is beautiful. I have plans for one in our bathroom. Hope my wall is straight.

  18. Loved this...and I really needed the laugh this evening! I am so excited to see the plank wall the sneak peek! have a lovely evening.

    Blessings, Vicky

  19. So pretty! And how I wish I could multitask like you! Have fun painting!

  20. I would have said the same thing! Bulbs are graded by size etc. and small ones often don't do well. Well she showed us up huh! Who would have known that they carry bulbs there- not me!! If we plant them here we have to dig them out for the winter so they won't freeze and die off. That was a cute story!

  21. The Glads are beautiful Suzan! And that plank wall makes a fabulous backdrop. Crooked houses are charming. That's what we crooked house owners tell ourselves anyway. lol. When we had glads years ago we had to dig them up every fall and store them until Spring. They aren't hardy here. One fall we left them and they didn't make it, and we never planted more. They are absolutely gorgeous though! This makes me want try them again
    next spring. Enjoy every moment of your five years because time flies.

  22. Yay Lindsay! I love that she brought you some. LOL They look gorgeous in front of your plank wall. Some might think you are kidding about painting with one hand and typing with another, but I think it's true. I think maybe you might even have three or four hands. ;)
    xxx, T.

  23. I bought some flower packets at the dollar tree once for a class project for my preschoolers. Those babies grew like crazy and were pretty gorgeous by the time I sent them home. I'll never take on watering 30 plants ever again however. Or worrying about them dying over a 3 day weekend. You are, by the way, absolutely hilarious!

    Meaghan from DIYfaerie

  24. I have always wondered when I see the seeds and bulbs there. Good to know..I'll buy some next time!

    Thanks for sharing!

  25. Beautiful flowers...thinking I need to made a trip to the dollar store.

  26. Well, I'll listen to you! But I would have thought the exact same thing - that they'd be dried out or something. Love the wall, love the headboard! Can't wait for show and tell!

  27. Those are beautiful flowers - good for her for buying them anyway, and really what would she have been out in the end... a couple of bucks! :)

  28. When John calls you a clever clogs I here it spoken in the voice of Peppa Pig (an English preschoolers cartoon) so it makes me laugh. We used to use veggie seeds from our collar store they were fine but thn we started growing heirlooms. LOVE the mantle!

  29. Good to know about the Dollar store bulbs....maybe my landscaping will be done by spring! Your wall is gorgeous and of course you write with one hand and paint with the other! LOL!

  30. Seeing this I am definitely going to be paying more visits to my 99 cent and Dollar store. The bouquet is beautiful!

  31. I saw these gorgeous flowers on another blog and couldn't believe she had bought them at the dollar store either. I plan on picking some up next Spring. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  32. this made me giggle and also makes me wonder if I can get bulbs at our dollar store too. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. Hugs!

  33. saw a wonderful mantel on a post about the house of Rie Sterling on Hook on Houses' blog. It has a really tricked out mantel with all sorts of stuff you could add to yours! I dare you to look because I really want to do some of the things, but would rather you did them so I can see how to do it. the lazy girl's way of getting things done!

  34. Love your writing style. Funny but to the point. Dollar store - I think there is a mis concept about the quality of things in dollar store given some of the things do not really qualify for the "quality" rank.

    I like your mantle too, though the miniature size might not be right scale... but it would have been great if summer could last another two three weeks may be?

    1. Thanks ! The mantel is the perfect size in the end - not miniature at all !


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