Monday, August 18, 2014

Eyes wide shut !

I have a talent that I've never discussed on the blog.
I can live in an alternate reality IF I can focus on ONE thing that I like.

In the midst of chaos - mayhem - utter disgusting vomit inducing renovations - if I can look up and see
something pleasing to the eye - something that shows me the direction it's going in - my heart rate can beat at a somewhat normal rate.

So while you might see this when walking into the room we're working on

or this

or even this

you have to understand that what I'm seeing is this

If among the crow bars and hammers and paint cans and ladders I can see a little bit of glitz and sparkle
I'm almost fine

I keep a couple of battery operated candles on these usually - because cleaning wax off the mirror drives me crazy - they were purchased at Pier 1 years ago - I still love them as much as I did when I bought them

I can reach for the stars if one happens to be on the mantel as a reminder

And of course mood lighting is always important when you're patching walls

It's the only way I can do it - seriously - the ONLY way I can get through all of this crap

I don't see this broken light when I walk into the room either

Instead I see the chandeliers I packed up from our last home gracing this room

( and can I just say I never should have went back to this post to get that picture - I feel sick now )
You can see the post on the house we sold last November HERE

As I'm writing this up - I hear John yelling downstairs

John says - WTH is going on in here?
Suzan says - What now?
John says - Have you taken leave of your senses ?  ( yes - he talks like that )
Suzan says - I have no idea what you're talking about
Suzan says - DO.  NOT.  TOUCH.  THAT.  MANTEL.
Suzan says - Seriously John - don't touch it - my sanity is hanging precariously off those doo dads right now
Suzan says - Just work around it
John says - I'm not painting around all of that stuff - this is ridiculous - how do you expect.................
Suzan says - leave me alone, I'm blogging.
John says - Yeah - well blog someone what you're doing down here - see how sane they think you are!!!
( that's his favorite expression - " go blog someone " )
John says - Why is there a candle on - unbelievable - this is completely unbelievable
Suzan says - And by the way - golf tees are doo dads - cigar cutters are doo dads - what's on the mantel are treasures - just to clarify that little point.

Here's why the candles are lit if the truth be known.

Star light - Star bright
First star I see tonight
I wish I may - I wish I might
Have the wish I wish tonight

That this house will not be the biggest mistake I've ever made in my life's a prayer I've been saying nightly.

As for working around things - well you're reading the blog of a women who used to change her kid's rooms around while they slept - and at times painted a wall in their room while I was at it - I'm a master at this game - a decorated mantel?  Phhht - piece of cake!

And at the end of the day -
Whatever gets you through the night..................

I love my plank wall - and my mantel - and pic monkey - oh how I love pic monkey

I like wine too - it's just as important as my mantel - for medicinal purposes don't you know - I simply don't know how people renovate houses without it !

Suzan says - John,  if I fall asleep while painting - can you just kick me over to the general vicinity of the planked wall and fireplace?  I want it to be the only thing I see when I wake up
John says - Gladly - I'd gladly kick you anywhere you want dear.............

Have a wonderful day everyone..............
I still have the bottom half of the mantel to do and then
I'm going to tweak it - priorities - it's all about priorities

And the plank wall is almost finished - show you soon !!!

Much love,

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  1. Oh it will be amazing when it's done. I live in an alternative reality, it's the fantasy of a sparkly clean, pretty home not marked by children. I love them but truly long for a clean home.

    I can't believe you moved the kids furniture while they slept, that's hilarious and pretty amazing too.

  2. Beautiful decoration, Suzan and the room you are working on, will look great. Love the shutters.


  3. I live there too! or at least I have done... LOVE those stars - I have 7 of them because I have to buy one every time I see one for sale. (did I mention I'm obsessive too??)


  4. I understand your motives and thought process completely. I decorated for every holiday around construction mess while we renovated many years ago. You have to have a touch of sanity and normalcy somewhere in the midst of confusion! Keep seeking the beauty and tie a bow around John's paint brush!

  5. Ah yes, totally get it. Yep, I do. Glad you can have some beauty around you while you work. This house will look amazing too someday. It truly will. Love the color of the walls in your previous house. I'm thinking of painting my bedroom that color. Do you remember what it is?

    I love the mantel and plank wall. Seriously love those candle sticks. If you were closer, I'd have you come help me with my decor (after you finished your house because you can't keep a good DIYer without projects for long!) hang in there and yes, tie a bow around John's paint brush. That should be worth a few laughs. :D

  6. love it and totally agree in the midst of chaos a little look at something pretty will give you a focus that john is a riot lol

  7. Even before your conversation with John I was marveling at the fact that there were already pretty doodads on the mantel that you had just mentioned purchasing. Your speed is awe inspiring.

  8. It is going to be fantastic. I love that John called them Doo

  9. Love it! Great idea...doodads amongst the chaos. I'm going to remember this during our next renovation. Enjoy your stars and candles today :)
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

  10. Hi Suzan,
    Oh yes I so remember your home you sold, could not figure out why you wanted or needed to move, it was a beautiful home, yet what your creating now is pure inspiration !!
    Love all your mantel doo-dads on the mantel, it's kind of how I work and create :)

    Keep inspiring your beauty my friend,
    And thank you dearly for the pinning, it really joys my heart that you would feel as strongly about my home to pin it.

    Your days are filled with beauty ahead of you, keep creating.


  11. That's right, your mantel decor are treasures, his stuff is merely doodads!!!!! He needs to know the difference, but he still won't get it, men!!!! I've got one just like him!!!! God love 'em!!!!! This room is going to be gorgeous!!!! Don't know how you do it, each one is better than the last, and I think they are all out of a magazine!!!!! You deserve one heck of a vacation when this house is done!!!! Have a blessed day!!!! Hugs Girlfriend XOXOX

  12. You are hilarious! I recently painted the living room and kitchen and my husband never noticed. I was careful to put everything back in place before he got home from work... it was subtle, from blue/gray to gray. I love how paint changes everything :-) In my world anyway! Love your mantel Suzan! The treasures are pretty!

  13. Your mantel is lovely! Hang on to the small, simple things. They're what make life good. :)

  14. I'm with you on this one... If I can see one little bit of civilisation through the chaos & clutter of a move or reno, I'm a happy girl!

    Your mantel is lovely ~
    To heck with John!

  15. I hear you - oh how I hear you! I'm decorating almost before the paint is dry on shelves and mantels and furniture. The dreams of the decor I can arrange gets me going on projects and gets me through them.
    I ADORE your shutters. We have shutters in our living room and I love them

  16. There are a number of crazy things you have said and done since I started reading your blog but this certainly isn't one of them! Making things look pretty and drinking wine are the two essentials of life as far as I'm concerned :-D
    If it makes you feel better we brought home an old shutter today that I will be putting above my bed at some point (not too sure when, you will probably finish your house before I finish revamping my bedroom) and Colin propped it up against a wall. I immediately went over and grappled with it to turn it the other way, when he asked what on earth I was doing I pointed out you couldn't really see the little antique knob. 'Why does it matter? it's only there temporarily' he says. Years we've been together and he asks a stupid question like that!!!
    Loving your shutters BTW and when I looked at those pics I saw POTENTIAL xxx

  17. OMG that wall, mantel and doo dads look amazing! i did that with the old corner cupboard in the living room, decorated it so I would have some pretties to look at. WTH is that on the floor? Did they glue fake wood mack tack to the floor?!! Voimit!! I can relate to the icky, yucky, replusion you feel. My place makes me gag too. You have my sympathies. Pass the bottle opener.... Patty

  18. That wall and mantle both look gorgeous! Poor John...he and his doodads. :) When I saw the pic of your other house, I swooned again! That place was so stunningly beautiful and classy and elegant. You have the magic touch for decorating!

    I know this place will be amazing too when you finish. Let's see, how many years until it's done? j/k :) Seriously, I don't know where you get the energy...maybe it's the wine? I wish I could sit and have a glass or 3 with you!

    P.S. Those candle holders are perfection!!

  19. I agree with John…doodads…not your style at all…… But the mirror is gorgeous…...

  20. It looks great. I'm sorry there is so much chaos around you.

  21. I laughed at this simply because we have this in common. In the midst of our renovations, I had to decorate and make things pretty as we finished each project. Nevermind the room is still full of wood, saws, tools, paint cans, etc. I have to have some pretty to look at so I don't focus on the mess and what still needs to be done. Go for it girl! John can just get over!

    Blessings, Vicky

  22. It is beautiful! Oh my, I'm so glad you had the joy of decorating that one wall amidst the mess and chaos of finishing the rest of the room. Great job!!

  23. Love the shutters and love the mantel. Love the planked wall. It looks beautiful.

  24. Your plank wall is so beautiful and I'd need something "pretty" in a room to keep me going too. Men, what do they know? I also love the shutters, I love them so. There will be a day when you look back and have all your gorgeousness. Then you'll be back to changing room in the middle of the night! What fun!

  25. Love your treasures on the mantel and love the plank wall pretty. Hang in will all be worth it when you are done working on the house.

  26. I think it's nice to find peace in the middle of chaos like that. :) My grandma used to call things doo-dads. ;)

  27. You are definitely the go to girl of style! Only you can see beauty amongst the chaos! Cheers to that...and I love Johns way of talking, like he just stepped out of Jane Austen book!

  28. Oh I can totally relate. You always have to be experimenting with the big picture as you go along.

    1. Well I guess experimenting is ONE way of putting it lol - desperately trying to hang on to your sanity would be another one.

  29. Suzan, Love your sparkly mantel and your attitude! My grandmother also said, "doo-dads" and "what-nots".

    1. Thanks so much !!!
      I'm going to tell John he sounds like a grandmother next time he uses those words LOL

  30. I TOTALLY get where you're coming from. We just HAVE to have our pretty things to look at, especially if there's chaos around us. :) Love the plank wall and those candle sticks from Pier 1!

  31. Hi Suzan! I love to "hear " your conversations with funny! "go blog someone". I think you are on the right track about the wine can make less than pleasant jobs a little more bearable.

  32. I completely understand what you are saying...about the doodads, the wine, all of it. It looks amazing, Suzan, you have done such a great job! "Go blog someone" is hilarious --almost sounds a little dirty...or maybe that's just me!

  33. Oh how I can relate to what you are saying! I've lived through several renos, and while totally hair-pulling & chaotic at the time, it was easily forgotten once the rooms were completed -- kind of the way we forget what childbirth is really like! On one such adventure, I retreated to my dining table and sewed my brains out while hammers and saws and dust were happening in the next room. Another diffuser for me is to light a wonderful smelling candle and completely block out all other things except a visualization of the finished room -- some wine might also have been involved, heehee. Just hang in there and do whatever it takes to get you through, and know that the end result will be worth everything that precedes it.

  34. Oh my goodness, Suzan! Your post made me laugh so hard I cried! I can totally see myself in your words. Little things (treasures, not doo-dads) mean a LOT- when in the process of a big project! BTW-I love the conversations between you and John as well! Thank you so much for sharing! You put a huge smile on my face, and that is always a good way to start the day!

    1. Thanks so much C.D. for your kind words...............this entire house is a gut job so I'm just about losing my mind ( 10 months into it ) I NEED those doo-dads LOL

  35. it will look amazing when finished, Suzan! Thanks for sharing with the Thursday Blog Hop!

  36. That really is a talent you know, to see beauty among the chaos. I love planked walls!! I had planned on doing some in my sewing room, but at the last minute just painted it. Can't wait to see how gorgeous your room will turn out! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  37. Well I see that you have many comments. I usually try to comment on blogs that don't have many. But you Suzan, are hilarious! I love that conversation between you and your husband. Reminds me of some of mine! Beautiful mantle! First time visitor and new follower. Blessings, Diane

  38. Bless your heart! I would love to get John and Mike in a room together and get them started on blogging....

  39. Beautiful :) can't wait to see the finished article

  40. Gorgeous! Love those candle holders and the grey on grey color scheme of the room.

  41. Love your planked wall Suzan. I just did one too...hope it looks as good as yours when it grows up! ;) -Kristi

  42. Suzan...hold on to those do-dads!!! It's the little things that keep us going!!! Everything is coming along nicely ...can't wait to see the planked wall.

  43. I love your mantel...even if you have taken leave of your senses. =D



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