Sunday, August 24, 2014

Evergreen.................a love post

Good morning everyone -

Hope everyone had a great weekend - I left you with quite a depressing post on Friday - feeling a little guilty about that today - really - who wants to come read about me crying?

Wouldn't you much rather read about John and I fighting?
Ok - nix that - because we're really just a couple of lovebirds ( proof HERE )

Our latest episode started with my love of built ins.

Now let's start off showing you the ugliest part of this current house we're in
( well other then the downstairs bathroom - and the mud room - and the dining room and .................)

Isn't that just lovely?  Feel free to pin it for inspiration if you'd like ( I'm not watermarking it so go right ahead and claim it as your own - I'm okay with that :)

They were built to go around the heating coils.................heating built ins - awesome!
( as you can see we haven't lifted the last layer of linoleum off the floor yet - that'll be the last job and it's the one that's filling me with the most dread because I think the floor may have to be replaced )

Want a close up so you can DIY them for yourself?

Window screen stapled on to baseboards - BRILLIANT !!!
These people should have had their own show !

( I always feel a little bad when I show this house - because people did live here - and obviously did love it and I'm looking at something that was most likely done in the 60's or 70's - with 2014 eyeballs - but still -
really - this is just hideous )

Anyway I digress..................

While we were working on the plank wall - I rested one on top of it while helping John as he was installing the last piece and noticed it fit ( width wise ) on the heating " built ins "

Suzan says excitedly - OMG - I have an idea !
Suzan says - Just put that wood down for a sec - and listen to me!

So I patiently waited until he finished the last plank and then pounced on him ( figuratively - but I should have done it literally - the day might have turned out differently )

Suzan says - I want to build built-ins over those heating thingamajigs
John walks out of the room
Suzan says - Wait - it's not that big a deal - we can just do it with these planks of wood ( which are currently on sale at Home Depot )
Suzan says - No I'm not - it would look soooo pretty - and then while we were at it we could just redo what's currently there - so it would all look like a feature on the wall !
John walks out of the room
Suzan says - I promise you John - this is a really good idea - and it won't cost much at all
John yells - THERE'S A BLOODY WINDOW ON THAT WALL !!!!!!!!!!  AND we're talking about fence planks here - not proper wood !!!
Suzan says - Well that's the beauty of it all - it's cheap AND they'll be surrounding the window !

AND so we started....................
I really don't know why they look so narrow here - they're 5 inches - which is enough for a great deal of our books ( not the large ones but we have enough bookcases for those ones )  and cd's and  lots of decor -

John professed his love for me non stop while cutting up the wood.....................and how much he adores the ideas I come up with - he even hummed " Evergreen ".
( well that's how I translated his words anyway - a lot of them were illegible )

I hung up the mirror while he took a potty break.......................

John says - OK - it's too damn much - you're decorating this NOW?
Suzan says - No - but I want to build the shelves AROUND this - so there's always room for a mirror or artwork
John says -  I THOUGHT YOU WANTED STRAIGHT SHELVES????????????????
Suzan says - I DO want the shelves to be straight
John says - Don't be a smart a$$ - you know exactly what I mean -
Suzan says - But you need to know the plan  ( this was extremely hard for me to do on pic monkey - hope you guys appreciate it because it's all I have to show for now )

except I'll be painting them white - along with the new heater covers on the bottom
anyway we got as far as this

before I ran to get a couple of books ( to see how they fit - measure twice - build once type of thing )

and then all hell heaven broke loose - with him screaming how much he adored me - and worshipped me - really -  it got so loud I was worried the neighbors would hear him !!!
In fact he was so emotional about it all that he stormed gently walked out of the room ( for the final time ) telling me he couldn't be in the same room as me ( or he'd devour me - or something along those lines )

So my built ins are on hold - but this WILL continue !

I called out for him - and there was no reply - looked all over the house

Love, soft as an easy chair - this is the easy chair he used to get away from me  dream of me.
( have a good rest honey - we've got some work to do when you wake up )
But I sat there watching him - he looked dangerously close to tipping over at one point -and I'd pay
money to see that  so I could warn him before it happened -
You see?  Desperately in love - nothing we wouldn't do for each other!

Love, fresh as the morning air
One love, that is shared by two
I have found with you......................♫ ♪ ♫

Have a wonderful day everyone !
I'll announce the give away winner as soon as the book arrives - it's usually quicker than this !
So if you haven't signed up you probably still have a day or 2 for a chance to win - you can see it

P.S. I had to get his permission to post this pic............and he said do what you want i don't give a " of course sweetheart "
You see?
He can't say no to me!!!
I'm blessed !
Love is grand !
I don't care what people say about reno's driving couples apart - it seems to only be bringing us closer together !
Give me a wood plank - and I'll find something to do with it! ( other than bonk each other over the head with them lol )
Have a great one ♥

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  1. You have much more perseverance than me. I decided on open shelves in the entry, convinced Steve and started looking for brackets. Then, he slowly, but surely chipped away at my idea convincing me it wasn't a good idea.

  2. Perhaps John needs a couple of days in the pool and a stock of beer! If he could only see end results and not your ideas mid-way through a project, he might relax a little!! You guys need a vacation from the disaster area.

  3. Okay so you know I love you to death but oh my goodness, I think I'd kill you, give that poor man a rest. Poor John, I do however love the idea of the mirror or artwork or even a flat screen if wanted great idea.

  4. you wore him out completely, poor man, lol!

  5. Those heating coil covers are truly hideous, but the built-in idea is a great start to turning that eye-sore around. Poor John. You're right...he needed a better incentive before starting the new project. (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge!) LMAO

    Hang in there! You are both accomplishing miracles on your reno!

    1. I'm hoping they're a great idea after all this Nancy LOL
      Thanks ♥

  6. Oh Suzan...I just love to open your blog every morning and start my morning out with either inspiration, a good laugh or BOTH! Today it was both! Love on that man ( get my drift?) It catches MORE flies than honey....(wink wink) At least in my house! Have a lovely day!

  7. I am still smiling after reading reading this!!!! Poor John!!!! Yes, he needs some lovin'!!!!! We added a 600 sq. ft. addition and completely remodeled our kitchen as our own general contractors. The only time we agreed on anything was during demo. After that it was war. That was nothing compared to your remodel. I feel some of your pain. We did survive and now laugh about it. And that is the perfect idea for that wall!!! Like I said, it will be wonderful when it's done!!!! Hang in there. Hugs!!!!! Karen

    1. The only thing you agreed on was the demo - has me laughing my head off here Karen !!!!
      We usually can laugh at it things within a week of them being finished - but holy cow this was more than we should have ever taken on !!!

  8. LOL!!!!! Hopefully John can admit later that you do have terrific ideas!
    Mary Alice

  9. LMHO!!! thanks for the great big smile you've given me!

  10. You two are so great. John looks totaly finished, poor man, but I`m sure we will see the shelves very soon.

    Hugs from here

  11. You guys are a riot! I agree with you Suzan, it's going to look perfect! Love the open space in the center- Thinking ahead! Great idea!

  12. Susan, you're a Hoot!
    As for the Window screening material stapled on to baseboards.........that's the Redneck way of doing things. Who ever put that on probably didn't have much money and done the best they could with what they had available and what they could afford.
    Yes, I agree with some of the other comments; John is need of some TLC and lots of it.
    Susan you take a break and get in the pool with your dear, sweet hubby. What would you ever do without that man?
    Both of you have a fun, enjoyable and relaxing evening

  13. You had me in tears again, laughter this time though:-D I'm trying to work out at what point finding something hilarious resulted in me wheezing and weeping simultaneously - don't you just hate getting old? One day you will look back on all of this and smile, that's if you haven't killed each other of course...

    1. If I live that long Gerry LOL
      ( yes - I most definitely hate getting old !!! )

  14. teeheehee! Hilarious! Built-ins will be perfect, a quiet spot for a nice book and a glass of vino. Kari-anne at Thistlewood Farms did something similar in their bedroom at the beach house. I don't think she encountered as much professed love while doing it though. You're one lucky girl. hahaha too much! Patty

  15. Oh my Lord, totally crack me up!! I have a feeling that if we ever met, you would be my favorite friend :) So your hubby is quite talented, as he can build shelves and serenade you at the same time, haha! Does he have Barbara Streisand on vinyl?

    1. Nope he doesn't have an Barbra Streisand ( she leaves out the second A by the way - I'm filled with all kinds of useless wisdom like that LMHO )
      He does have Dolly Parton though - which is amazing because when I first met him he only liked opera!!!

    2. That's right, I forgot about how Barbra spells her name, and I'm sure she wouldn't think this was useless wisdom! So you are broadening your hubby's tastes in music...nice :)

  16. Absolutely BRILLIANT!!!!! Wonderful post - my DH actually got up from the sofa to see what was making me laugh so much. Your blog has lifted my spirits on so many occasions and it simply makes my day! Please don't ever stop - not with your blogging or with your tales of renovating, it is all so priceless and I am sure brings untold joy to many. Oh, and the bookcase idea & design should prove to John once and for all that you truly are a creative genius!

  17. Duct tape, bailing wire, and penetrating oil.....the three ingredients my husband needs to do any chosen task, a tendency he had inherited from his father, who was from Oklahoma. Dad used to say there was NOTHING on this earth that could not be fixed by using duct tape, bailing wire or penetrating oil! So this post really made me giggle, because I could see my husband creating the original cover-up for the heating coils! He decided he would surprise me one day. I had no air conditioning in my car, soooo he let me borrow his! I should have noticed by that glint in his eye that he was up to something! I want you to know that this is not a joke......he was sincerely serious when he decided that while I was gone, he was going to install a battery operated table fan that had an adapter you could use while camping by plugging it into the cigarette lighter, onto the dash board of my car using nuts, bolts, screws and bailing wire just to make sure it was secure. It was too tall to sit completely upright, so it listed to the front of the dashboard, so out came the duct tape as added security because it had a tendency to only drift 2/3's of the way back and forth before flopping around several seconds before returning the other 1/3 of the way, while making this hideous sound. So out came the penetrating oil! I could not sit in the passenger seat without it bumping into my kneecaps with each return! I cannot tell you the double take glances of SHOCK we received from other drivers whenever, wherever we stopped at a light. That was perhaps 25+ years ago, and yes, we are still married. But you should see what he did to my potato bin when he decided (yes, I was gone) he needed to make a bat house for the back yard......but that is a story for another time.........Peaceful Blessings! Nanny

    1. Oh this had me laughing my head off - too funny ( even if it's NOT a joke LOL )
      Thanks for sharing !

  18. Oh gosh, life would just be so much easier if John would stop all this resistance. ;)
    xxx, T.

  19. You two are so funny. I like the bookcase idea (I think you're brilliant!) and it will look really nice when finished. Have a great week. xx Pam

  20. This project is going to be awesome! I can't wait to see it finished. Brilliant idea...:) Love the picture of John in the pool...I'm guessing he doesn't know you shared it? LOL Have a wonderful week...:)

    Blessings, Vicky

  21. Oh Suzan, you are a cruel woman! LOL But I LOVE, LOVE the idea of the built-ins and I can see it. Now I want them everywhere. Love the song. Haven't thought of that one for ages. But I like to hear you singing it, so I omit the nasal of BS. :-)

  22. made me laugh today, but that might change since we are getting ready to remodel both of our bathrooms. Thinking we will be okay...since we lived thru our kitchen remodel.

  23. You're lucky he does stuff. I love my husband to pieces but if I ask him to do something he just says 'of course honey' (I took a cue from you and substituted that for what I can't type, haha and it doesn't get done. Unless I hire help to do it, or my oldest son comes to visit. ;)

    The pool picture is awesome. :)

  24. Cannot wait to see that room with 2 chandeliers
    Gonna be fabulous!!!

    1. I have a feeling it's going to be a long long time before we see that Mo LOL
      Thanks xoxoxo

  25. John is so lucky that he has a genius wife!!! This is gonna be awesome Suzan.

  26. He puts up a good fight every time. He hasn't quite grasped that in the end you are right and will win. He needs to just given in from moment one. Brilliant idea and what t what the heck were the people thinking that owned this house??? House pictures are starting.


  27. Clearly, John adores you and all the projects you have for him! His love shines through with each DIY and decorating effort. :)

    Good luck, mama, with that horrid heating cover thingy. That's not you at all!


  28. I think you are a genius to think of those built-ins. My hubs and I are not good at working on projects together. He shouts his love for me in the same way John does, LOL! PS - That is a PicMonkey masterpiece!

  29. What a brilliant idea Suzan! They are going to be perfect! Love the picture of John! Now if he would just agree to let you post a video of him singing.

  30. You should have married a carpenter who would sing to you "I'm your handyman"! After 34 years of marriage Chucks and I have learned this simple rule: during projects, one tells and the other does. It works almost every time.

  31. Oh girl it never ends. lol! You and your creativeness never sleeps. It's going to look fabulous when it gets finished. I am wanting a built in on my large family room wall. Think he'd come build one for me? lol! thanks for sharing with SYC.

  32. I love this idea, Suzan! And, you husband has his priorities in in hand! ;-) Thanks for sharing at Project Pin-it!


    1. AND he never spilled a drop of it Denyse - even while sleeping - now THAT'S a talent I definitely don't have LOL
      Thanks so much !

  33. Is it bad that by the time I get to the end of your post that I've completely forgotten what you posted about, because I am laughing so hard? No, I guess it isn't, because I always have to go back and read the entire post again! I do love the idea of adding those built ins, and I really think you should write a book about you and your hubby's reno adventures! Until then-I will keep coming back every day for inspiration and a joyful chuckle!

    1. No it's not bad at all C.D. - I have to reread it constantly while I'm writing it because I forget what I've written half way down ( shhhhh ) LOL
      Thanks so much for your words - they made my day !!!

  34. Hahahahaha! Sounds like life at my place! Nice job :)

  35. Very clever indeed! This is why it's good to live in a house for a while before you start ripping things out. You never know when vision will strike!

  36. Suzan that wall is going to be gorgeous when you finish. I am dreaming of some built ins myself. Can't wait Thanks for sharing at Share It One More Time. Cathy

  37. You are a lucky women to have such a sweetheart.......


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