Friday, August 29, 2014

I have no business....................

Looking on Craig's list - really I don't
I have a storage unit filled to the brim with furniture
And I have 3 pieces crammed into the house to paint ( or finish )
But sometimes something comes along and it's just too good not to contact the owner about

It's 42 inches wide so a really nice size
And it has lovely carved details
Circa 1940

and I'm overthetopcrazy in love with the mirror !

John says - I'm so glad I crammed all my appointments in this week - I finally have a day off
Suzan says - appointments at all?
John says - Nope !  I can finish up the built ins
Suzan says - I found a dresser on Craig's list
Suzan says - but these are getting harder and harder to find - the last one - I promise it's the last one until we clear out the storage unit
John says - I'll THINK about it
John says - You're becoming a furniture hoarder, you know

Think about it?
I made him his favorite supper last night - ( shepherd's pie ) crap - I should have used it as a bargaining tool and offered it to him tonight.............
Now I have to think of something else to bribe him with
Any suggestions ?
( and remember I'm menopausing - so nothing that involves a bedroom or lingerie - thank you very much )

Have a great weekend everyone
Much love
The furniture hoarder


  1. I'm going to have my husband read this so he knows I'm not "...the only woman in the world who can't stop buying furniture we don't need and have nowhere to put it..."

  2. I always laugh at your conversations! I totally understand!

  3. I just bought a stupid waterfall dresser that I don't want or want to work with.. I think I'm following in your footsteps. At least your piece looks attractive!!

  4. phew just read your previous post where you indicated comment moderation.... I don't know what that really means but glad to see that I can read some of the comments, I love how you interact with everyone.... as for the promises/bribery of your husband.... promise him one day this weekend where he can do whatever he wants and it isn't a job that you want done. That sometimes works for me.

  5. Beautiful dresser, reminds me of one my Grandmother had. I got nothing to help you out on bribing John!!!! Food is what I use for Jim!!!! What about his favorite dessert? See, I'm useless!!!!! LOL!!!! Have a wonderful weekend and try not to work to hard. XOXOX Karen

  6. There are worse things than a furniture hoarder and that piece is just amazing.

  7. LOL ~ somehow I think you'll get your way!!
    Have a great weekend Suzan! V

  8. I don't know what you could use for bribing John, but I'm drooling over that dresser/mirror, too!
    Good luck!

  9. Lol!! I have to hold myself back when it comes to buying furniture! I am running out of room to store it too. That is a lovely dresser though, you need it!

    1. It's ours !!!
      We pick it up on Tuesday evening !
      God knows where I'm putting it until I can get around to painting it - I'll worry about that on Tuesday LOL
      Have a great long weekend Rhonda !

  10. From the all CAPS way John talks, he must be related to my husband. I keep telling him to tone it down about 10 notches and he tells me he is what he is. ;) At our last home I met my neighbor for the first time and was about to tell her my name when she said "It's Nancy, I hear your husband yelling it all the time." lol Does John yell your name as soon as he opens the door? Everytime? Mine does. :/ Oh yea, dressers in that good of shape and that gorgeous are hard to find.

  11. You know, if I lived closer you and I would both be furniture hoarders, what you didn't want, I would buy, and so forth. And I have the truck to bring it all home. Yes, we would be in trouble. Hard piece to find, I hope he brings it home for you. Patty

  12. That dresser is stunning and love that mirror.
    Does John need a new tool or sorts? Maybe you can bribe him with something that He needs, could use or really would like to have.............maybe giving him a day off from all the work he is doing in the house. Giving him just a day of rest won't cost nothing and I'm sure he would appreciate it by just letting him do whatever he wants. Make it his day of fun and enjoyment.

  13. Hmmmm. No bedroom or lingerie for a decade??? Good luck with that, Suzan. Lol But I like that mirror too. Anyone that spent time as a choirboy in all those churches must be a saint. Hang onto him. (I'm mostly saying this to annoy you. Lol) But your followers all know John is wonderful.

  14. Suzan, they say the way to a man's heart is thru his stomach - so think of something really good and make it for him.
    The dresser is stunning and will be beautiful when you finish it.
    Good luck.

  15. That is a gorgeous piece! The mirror is so the shape!You could work wonders on it and make it even more gorgeous than it already is. I hope you were able to get it. Oh... the built ins are looking great. Can't wait to see the finished product! Have a blessed weekend.

    Hugs, Vicky

  16. You're lucky to find great stuff on Craigs List. I never, never do!!! GL getting it. :)

  17. Pretty dresser!! Your not a furniture are a furniture healer!! You rescue old pieces and re-love them into new beautiful pieces!!

  18. Maybe you should get Mels Christmas Pudding recipe to remind him of home.

  19. Love seeing all the projects you have managed to knock out. All amazing I might add. Enjoy the conference, and can't wait to see the progress on the family room.
    The Restaurant with the Mess of Paint

  20. That dresser is a must! Tell him you will have to hire Buck to get it...and that wouldn't be good for him! Then go find some muscular looking guy on the net, download his picture and create a fake ad saying "Furniture Moving and All The Other Stuff" Then put in bold letters "FOR LADIES ONLY" hehe.

  21. Wow this piece is amazing and I LOVE that mirror. I can imagine how pretty this will be painted. Speaking of menopausing, I think I am starting at 49 and let me just say, this is a nightmare. I can't go into specifics but I move into our beautiful home and this decides to make an appearance. Not a happy camper.

    Posted my first picture of the house.


  22. Anything chocolate-y should work? I don't really know, I'm more used to cats than to humans... Maybe a mouse?

  23. I'm totally becoming a furniture hoarder. I'm not to your level, but I'm working on it. I say get it.


  24. Love this dresser!!! I knew some how you would get your way:) So the questions did you bribe him in to it?

  25. Breakfast in bed, totally guilts them into anything, or at least it does here.

  26. Those pieces are soooo pretty. And I'm so behind your built ins are already done. And I'm catching up backwards... better late than never, no?


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