Sunday, August 10, 2014

I LOVE silver leafed furniture !

Good morning everyone !

I've always wanted to silver leaf a piece of furniture but haven't got around to it - back in the day I did a few ornate frames but furniture seemed to be a little overwhelming - after visiting a friend on the weekend and seeing this ( I SO want this piece ) it's made me ( somewhat ) determined to give this a try in the not so distant future.............

What do you think ( this one's pretty elaborate - I couldn't do the artwork on it )
I've never been into anything Chinoiserie - but for some reason I'm incredibly intrigued by it - this is such a perfect example of it, no?

I know it's not for everyone - but I find this piece stunning!

Check out her headboard !!!

I could so see this becoming a new obsession if I did one piece - I'd probably end up gold leafing the house
( wouldn't an accent wall be spectacular - maybe I'll do it to the plank wall LMHO )

We didn't end up finishing the plank wall btw - an emergency came up - such as the kids arrived at the back fence to spend the day by the pool - and we couldn't very well excuse ourselves and take the hour it would have taken to actually finish what we started - because that would have just been plain rude, don't you think?

And I spent 4 hours at the hairdressers on Saturday getting my hair streaked and cut - I love my hairdresser and I've missed her soooo much - ( so did my hair )
I'll show you a photo but I had to do a little photoshopping because..........................
every time I see a photo of myself I see a cantelope growing where my nose used to be - seriously - I'm starting to look like Karl Maldon - remember him?

He was such a great actor - with a horrible nose
and I can only say that because we have a lot in common
I'm a great actress ( I really am ! ) with a horrible nose

If anyone has photo's of themselves that they'd like me to photoshop for them - drop me a line - I'd be more than happy to help you out - because I get it - I can photo shop any part of your face but I definitely specialize in noses.

( my hair looked great for one night - it was straightened - then I jumped in the pool ) good-bye silken locks..............hello bleached straw )  but I have bangs again - forehead wrinkles be gone !!! )  I may let them grow long enough to cover my nose now that I think of it.

Have a wonderful Monday everyone - I pinky swear I will have either the pink and white hutch or the plank wall completed for tomorrow - or GASP - maybe the guest room !!!

Much love,

I'll be partying with these fabulous ladies !
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  1. Your nose is fine! I love the the silver leaf, I tried a faux version earlier this year, it was so bad even my 12 year old who loves everything couldn't one up with a nice thing to say. Don't worry about the hair either, just means you're enjoying simmer.

  2. thats such a lovely finish to the furniture , I love it, as for your nose I think its a cute nose, as for your photo shop technique, maybe needs a little work, lol, just a little,

  3. I'm not personally familiar with your nose, but if your nose is less than perfect, it's because there needs to be something to keep you humble. After all, everything else besides the triangle in the center of your face is TOO CUTE.

  4. You are a talented photoshopper but I think you could have left that photo untouched. But if I ever need professional photoshopping done, I will call you! Love the hair and the furniture!

  5. Oh my god. I just love ya. I nearly peed my pants laughing. Thanks for the Monday morning giggle!!!

  6. Suzan you crack me up! You nose is just fine. You are so cute without the triangle! I cannot wait to see the planked wall done. Hurry up already.

  7. You are fine!! Love your hair and the silver is beautiful. I think these pieces are charming.

  8. Just when I thought I couldn't hate your friend any more you show me this fabulous furniture :-D I too have a nose that everyone called cute 20 years ago, I'm not sure what's going on with it now but I may have to have one of those triangles made and stick it to my face LMHO. Love the new hairdo, I may have to steal that along with some of your furniture makeovers as I look like a cross between Thing from the Adams Family and one of the Wild Women from Wonga (cult 1950's B movie if you haven't seen it then you really SHOULDN'T, it was crap!) Sadly my hairdresser is very poorly and has been since last November. This is a big problem as I am paranoid about having my hair cut, I have been known to become a recluse for weeks if I hate my hair, sad huh?

  9. Four hour at the hairdresser? Wow! I would never be able to stay on a sit that long! My mom is my hairdresser... She mostly cuts a few inches more or less straight every summer. My hair aren't straight, so it does show if she goes a little awry... I might ask you to photoshop some pictures of me so I can post them... A triangle on that area above my nose would make me look great! Meanwhile, I took the plunge and posted a picture of me wearing nothing! I bet you weren't expecting it!

  10. Look at that beautiful dresser! Not my style for sure, but beautiful all the same! Karl Malden.....LMAO! Only you would think of that Suzan! You are gorgeous...I know because Jacob sure thinks so! Now get that wall done!

  11. The furniture finish is truly stunning! Not my style at all but I know everyone's taste is different. You are beautiful, my friend! There's no way you look like Karl Malden ~ :)


  12. Such beautiful pieces of furniture. The glam shabby look! Our nose and ears continue to grow due to cartiledge. We'll all be there eventually and so will the small nosed people too. Fuggedaboutit! Love your hair : ) and sense of humour. Patty

  13. That furniture is amazing! It's totally not my thing, but it is quite stunning. I could certainly fit a few smaller silver or gold leaf pieces like picture frames into my decor. Your bangs look great! And your nose is just fine.

  14. I was instantly drawn to this piece! I really do love it. And you look lovely as ever. :) XOXO

  15. Beautiful chest but I ❤️ the headboard! Be still my heart!! Oh my goodness it's stunning!

    You're so funny...I think I'll send you my picture to photoshop MY nose. You are as pretty as ever.
    :o) and hugs

  16. I like the silver leaf pieces a lot. I too am not a particular fan of chinoiserie, but those 2 pieces would work well with French or shabby chic decor. How do you silver leaf a piece? I'm one of those people who walks around the house with gold paint, pretty much gilding everything, so I've thought about trying gold leaf. But I thought it was a painstaking process of applying the leaf in small bits. How would you do an entire piece? It seems more painted on than actual leaf, yes?


  17. You make me laugh… I have curly hair so I completely understand, and I don't even try any more to straighten it. Ugh! I used to work for Ear, NOSE, & Throat Specialists, and EVERYONES nose gets bigger with age. (Just like our waistlines….) UGH! Love the furniture finish!


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