Thursday, August 7, 2014

The last hutch for a while & understanding BLOG language 101

Translations will be found under sentences where appropriate .................and indicated with BL

Hutches are a lot of work !
BL - I'm sick to death of doing them  ( for now )
They are by far the most rewarding but they're double the work

I bought this one quite a while ago - but with everything else we're doing it sat here for far too long !
BL - I was dreading starting it

So I decided to start it right while we were plunk in the middle of installing planks on a wall...........
BL - Plunk and Plank sound cool together - every blogger should have at least one post with those 2 words in it.  The reference to the plank wall is to make sure you come back

John says - Who's going to want to buy a pink hutch?
John says - You should have went white - it'll never sell
John says - It's too girly - so you've wiped out any chance of selling it to a married couple
John says - Usually you go whi-
Suzan says - It's meant to go in a girl's room
Suzan says - For books - and blankets - and stuffed animals and trinkets

John's world is filled with rules - my world has very few

I decided to go pink because in my mind I saw this in a nursery - or a young girl's room 
BL - I had a tin of Annie Sloan Antoinette and wanted to use it up

I took a break at this point - John walked by

John says - Well now that looks horrible
Suzan says - Thanks very much
John says - Pink on the bottom and wood on top?
Suzan says - Yes - I like the contrast
John says - It'll NEVER sell like that
Suzan says - WHEN HAVE I EVER LEFT A PIECE LIKE THIS??????????????
John says - I thought you were trying to be creative or something

W. T. H. ?

We have to find a more productive hobby - driving each other insane just isn't as rewarding as it used to be.

Unless he's right of course?

I'll be painting the top white with pink trim
BL - I didn't have as much ASCP Antoinette as I thought I did

Let's hope someone out there can picture this in their little girl's room - I'm in big trouble if everyone follows the rules !

In the meantime - a valuable tip - I think we'll be fine ( just ) but if your marriage isn't a fiercely strong one DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BUILD A PLANK WALL TOGETHER - unless you have experience of course.  Sometimes the blind leading the blind can lead to lots of shouting matches - foot stomping - tears -
running back and forth to the computer and half the team walking away from the project - leaving the other half trying to saw wood on her own.  With a manual saw.

Have a wonderful day everyone - there's a hutch to be finished and a wall to be planked
Wish me luck :)
Much love,

I'll be at THESE parties !!!
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  1. Suzan,
    Love the BL translations! Now, I'm going to try to find a way to work PLUNK and PLANK into one post. Rule question--- Will that violate copyright laws since you used PLUNK and PLANK in the same post first?

    I must admit that when I first started reading your blog, I was a little concerned about the stability of your marriage, but knowing you built a PLANK wall together reassures my doubts. :)


  2. A former husband and I one time put up a wallpaper border in the large family bathroom. Simple - wet long strips of border, wait until the glue set up and pressing along the very top of the bathroom walls. 4 minutes into the project we were screaming at each other (something we never did) and I was crying. After it was finished he said, "Well, wasn't that fun?" with the perfect sarcastic tone in his voice. It was our LAST home improvement project.

    Look at how many projects you guys have undertaken since you bought the new house. You guys can do it! Lots of deep breaths and lots of breaks. (And I love the hutch in pale pink!)

  3. Lol! I love the BL! And someone will absolutely buy the hutch for a baby girls nursery! I love using furniture where it wasn't intended, I'm a rule breaker too! My husband and I wallpapered a bathroom together once, we vowed that if we were going to grow old together that we should never wallpaper again!!

  4. I can see that in a girls room or in a dining room, its such a soft pink, I hated working with my husband, I think you do marvelous to put up with yours,

  5. I live with all men, hubby and two boys, and they question anything that doesn't follow the rules to the tee!! And I am just the I understand. I think the pink hutch will be perfect in a girls' room and I love, love the plank wall!!!! Hang in there....we are (almost) always right....:)

  6. Susan

    A long time ago in the 90's my husband and I wallpapered a ceiling together......I will leave the details up to the imagination. But I will explain that I wanted that "tin ceiling" look at the time. We are still married going on 37 years and have never wallpapered the ceiling again.
    But have been talking about plank walls for awhile now. I definitely will not let him read this post. Tee Hee

  7. Suzan,
    I love the plank wall. I was thinking of having Terry do the ceiling with planks in the dining room/ office area. It looks like a lot of work so maybe just painting for now. You know Terry is good about my decor crazy projects but I think planking the ceiling might be pushing it. I looks so awesome on your wall.

  8. Good luck getting everything done. Planks and plunking and painting. I loved your translations, especially that you didn't have enough to finish the top half. That's so the story of my life.

  9. The wall is going to look great.
    Some little girl is going to feel like a princess with that hutch!

  10. Oh dear. Bless your heart. Bill and I experienced the same marital meltdown the first time we wallpapered together.
    I can't wait to see the wall.

  11. That is "pink done right". Its use will be widely versatile but stunning in a little girl's room.

    I wallpapered once with a boyfriend of mine, and I'm not proud to say I was the first one to hurl a roll. At him. Relax, it was just the border, did not actually injure him. Yes, manual labor projects are the true test of relationships. That relationship actually lasted several years after that, then it died out of boredom.

  12. Love the pink base & can't wait to see the finished hutch once the top is painted. I think John has had a meltdown & was sorry to hear he'd been reduced to foot stomping & tears. :-) He should chill awhile in the pool...maybe you could join him for bit of a break from the hard stuff! As always, I so enjoy your comments. Have a good day & hopefully put the plank wall plunked plumb behind you and done!

    1. LMHO Nancy !!!
      The tears were all mine - the foot stomping however.....................

  13. BL - awesome blogger! Had a good chuckle about "playing by the rules" - I'm in your camp. My favorite quote and motto in life is "If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun" by Katharine Hepburn. Have fun with the blanks and success with the plunk (it'll happen).
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

  14. I would totally buy the hutch and I'm a grown ass woman! I think it's very shabby chic and lovely. If I weren't in Pennsylvania and it weren't so far away, I'd be over to load 'er up!

  15. Hi Suzan. I love the hutch. The color is great and I`m sure it sells.

    Hugs from here

  16. Just about snorted my tea over the plank wall. For goodness sakes - get a circular saw! OMG! Thanks for the heads up, doubt Dave and I will survive this reno, let alone a planked wall. I'll have the contractor handle that ...... Patty xo

  17. I love the hutch! It would be pretty in a girl's bedroom or in a lovely shabby white cottage dining room too. The plank wall looks interesting. Are you going to paint the planking? What room is this, or are you saving that surprise for another post? Have a great weekend. xx Pam

  18. Rules? What rules? Many of my pieces get painted on the basis of what paint I have hanging around and some of them have turned out better than the ones I planned!!! Love the pale pink and I am insanely jealous of the plank wall, I don't have any walls straight enough to do it on :-(

  19. I love it and think it will sell for sure! Who knows...someone may want it for their dining room, although it would be precious in a little girl's room. I think the plank wall is looking good too and can't wait to see it finished. Have a fun friday!

    Blessings, Vicky

  20. Plunk, plank, paint...I am laughing so hard. I then read all the comments and just about snorted from all the wallpapering comments. I had my husband help me once but warned him ahead of time I got tense and would yell. He never helped me again. He's an engineer and has to know exactly how something's going to happen; me? I wing it. Lol.
    Love the hutch. I think some little girl is going to be very lucky!
    (Is this a bad time to ask about Soda's picture?)

  21. I think it looks charming with lots of spunk, plunk and plank.

  22. You are such a rebel!! Love the pink choice and the stripes inside the doors are beautiful. Good luck on the plank wall! I remember my friend telling our other friend that she hoped they had a strong marriage when they started building their new home. I laughed knowing exactly what she meant! They did finish the house....well almost and they are still together.

  23. I love it! I would certainly put it in a girls room or my pink room! Oh yes, my pink room. I need the hutch for all the milk glass that I can't display because I don't have the space. Yey! Love it!

  24. Suzan,
    This came out so pretty. I love it.
    Have a great week.

  25. This is funny!! I love the soft pink look too! Oh I am laughing about the plank wall and a strong marriage. We are 21 years strong, and I still don't know if we can handle a plank wall!!! Sharing tomorrow at The Handmade Hangout at Redouxinteriors!


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