Saturday, August 2, 2014

Very strange noises in the backyard..................

Today I started working on another hutch you can see here ( proof - I need to show you proof )

When all of a sudden I heard some kind of commotion outside - like people arguing - the weird thing is it was coming from my back yard..................

I sent John out to investigate but he came back saying I was " nuts " - that there was no one out there

But the arguing persisted - so I ran to a window to check myself

Nope - nobody there -
I came back in and picked up my paint brush - but now I could clearly here someone calling my name !

I ran back out just in time to hear this

You're right - I whispered - nervously looking around - ( I don't need my neighbors to know I talk to floating mattresses )
And then just to shut them up - I plopped myself down on it - I really didn't want to - I have things to paint.

John says - Hey - what's going on - I thought you wanted to get that hutch done?
John says - Why'd you make me help you move it ?
Suzan says - I'm keeping the peace - leave me alone.................

My son made a DIY paddle for his float - using a broom handle, 2 pieces of wood and crime tape - yes - rednecks live way up here in Montreal too ( y'all )
I don't particularly want to know what he was doing with crime tape.................

While Johnny Cash blasted in the background - lamenting that he was stuck in Folsum Prison...............
I was stuck in the pool - I'm telling you - it's always something.

Hope you all had as great a Saturday as I had..............
Now I seriously have to get painting
Oh and Cecilia?  I tried - I really did try to get a decent shot of Soda - but she looked like a rug rat - so I gave her a bath last night - photo will definitely be coming now LOL
( Y'all )


  1. We're having an unusually warm summer in Brittany and my pool is also calling my name, so I'm not judging... But it's even weirder than for you, because I don't even have a pool!

    1. I'm laughing because I started to read this comment and thought, I didn't know Magali had a pool :)

  2. Ohhhhhhh Suzanne if I had that pool nothing and I mean nothing would ever get done. So happy you gave into the voices and had a great floatation day! Enjoy.

  3. You have to obey the pool voices - I swim for at least an hour a day. They are satisfied with any attention.

    1. Here in the South, we rednecks do not use the crime scene tape strung across the house next door, we use pink duct tape for our pool paddles.

  4. I'm hearing the same stuff too, but not from a swimming pool, cuz I don't have one. Nope, it's from the new metal table and two chairs sitting out on my fancy new (huge) patio at my new (60 year old) house, harping at me to come out and enjoy them in the too-sunny backyard. Geez. I've got tons of unpacking to do, cleaning (today I sterilized the grease filters from the above-the-range microwave that also functions as a range hood, eeeuuuuwwwwww), laundry (3 loads since 6:00 a.m.), more cleaning (scrubbing grimey build-up on oak kitchen cabinets and wood-work), and now I'm sitting here reading your blog and having a glass of wine, and it's not even noon yet. Geez. This house has turned me into a wino. No wonder I'm hearing voices...

  5. Hey, ya gotta enjoy summer while it's here and there are still good pool days! Patty

  6. Suzan, I, for one, hear those noises all the time, coming from my pool, when I'm sitting here in the heat, blogging away, trying to desperately catch up with emails and comments and visits, just doesn't stop! SO, two weeks ago, I listened to the pool, telling me off for being a boring ol' blogger, hollering at me for snubbing it, and so I immediately shut down the laptop, donned the suit, and dove into liquid luxury! The pool welcomed me with open arms, and I promised it that I would visit it every day, accompanied by my Billy Collins poetry and a cool drink. Enjoy it, my friend, make peace with the mattress and soak up the rays!


  7. Why did you not invite me???? I would have made you my special limoncello drink!

  8. Well, y'all know you have to give in to those voices, right? Hope you had some sweet tea to go with that. ( BTW, I broke my sweet tea habit...I now drink it plain. Lol) I have things to paint too but chose to sit on the back porch enjoying our very Autumn type barely made it to 84...can't believe it. We should be pushing 100.
    Looking forward to getting that photo of Soda! The painting will be soooo cute! Y'all!
    :o) and hugs,

  9. Good for you for heeding the call Suzan! YOur pool looks so inviting!

  10. If I had that gorgeous pool in my backyard, I would have a hard time getting anything done! Good for you taking a little break to take a dip and use the float. Have a wonderful week!

    Blessings, Vicky

  11. Lol! I love reading your posts, they always make me smile. But I think I hear voices from the hutch saying, "Susan, oh Susan, why did you buy me if you're not going to paint me?!"

    1. LOL - the hutch is sulking - I can't win.................

  12. Just think how mad you would be at yourself in the middle of a January snowstorm if you looked out at the frozen pool and remember that you had painted instead of using that beautiful pool! You have saved yourself a great deal of winter angst.


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