Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I WANNA live there Wednesday # 92

Good morning everyone !

I thought maybe this week we'd go back in time - back to simpler lifestyles - back to when a little sanity ruled the world

Back to a time when families sat together to watch good quality t.v. together - eating jiffy pop !

I LOVED the t.v. show My Three Sons - I still see the opening theme in my mind as I type this up............

So when I came across this article in HOUZZ - I was immediately intrigued.

Here's a house tour of the home Fred MacMurray lived in with his family in Healdsburg, California
The below excerpts come directly from the article itself - to read it in it entirety you can click HERE
Gallo Wines have since purchased the land.
I love the commentary as much as the house !!!

     Farmhouse Landscape

Article reads:

He bought the Sonoma County spread, now called MacMurray Estate Vineyards, in 1941 and remodeled the existing farmhouse in a charming period style that has endured for more than 70 years. Today the property is owned by the Gallo family and produces lush pinot noir, pinot gris and chardonnay wines, but the house remains much as it did when MacMurray rode the 1,500 acres on horseback and raised prize-winning black Angus cattle. 

Today this barn holds photographs of the familieswho have touched the land — the Porters, the MacMurrays and the Gallos — but when Kate was growing up, it was used to store farm equipment and supplies. A good deal of the structure is dedicated to her father and mother.

MacMurray was no absentee landowner; he bought the farm with the intention of practicing diversified farming: He raised cattle, sheep and chickens, and had fruit orchards and gardens. 

     Farmhouse Exterior


Farmhouse Kitchen

Inside, the house looks much the same as it did when the MacMurrays lived here. “My parents were children of the Depression,” says Kate. “They bought things with the intention that they would last. There was no thought of redecorating for style reasons. In fact, we had many pieces that had belonged to the Porter family. They liked them; the pieces worked; and so they hung on to them. They simply did not have a throwaway mentality.”

Farmhouse Dining Room

Across from the kitchen is a breakfast nook, where Kate, her twin sister and their parents ate before starting the day’s chores. “I’m pretty sure we were the only children in Hollywood who shoveled manure and gathered eggs,” says Kate. “Now it’s popular to expose kids to fresh food and gardens, but our parents had the idea a long time ago. They wanted us to be close to nature and to know where our food came from.”

To the side of the table sits a cupboard that displays a portion of a family collection of dishes. The cupboard, like many things throughout the home, sports a crisp red hue. “Dad bought the ranch during the war, and there weren’t a lot of color choices,” says Kate. “However, Dad loved bright colors, and he really liked red — although the only red items he had in his wardrobe were a pair of socks and a sweater he wore on Christmas Day.”

                         Farmhouse Dining Room

The living room shows more of the simple country style the family favored. A rag rug covers the floor, and a red plaid sofa and chairs with wide wooden arms make for an unfussy place in which to relax. “The sofa — we called it a davenport when I was growing up — was made in the 1930s, but my parents had it re-covered,” says Kate. “My father was 6-foot-4, and he liked it because it was long. He would sack out on it sometimes.”

The MacMurray family added a grill and a table on a back porch off the kitchen. “Before the houses were built, the Porter family constructed a platform and a roof. They used the canvas from their covered wagon to drape the structure and make a tent,” says Kate. “That platform became this porch after the house was finished.”

     Farmhouse Spaces

“It’s my understanding that in the olden days, the women of the house would dry herbs here,” Kate says. “Today it’s another place for entertaining Gallo clients and guests.” Kate says her father considered it a perfect spot for gathering, because the landscape serves as a beautiful backdrop.


Do I WANNA live there?  Yes - I most definitely do - but more importantly - I WANNA live THEN  !!!

Again you can read the whole article from HOUZZ HERE
and did any of you notice he has a pipe in his hand - when I think of My Three Sons - I always picture him in a chair smoking a pipe - offering out words of wisdom - the role probably came very easy to him.............

Have a wonderful day everyone
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I'm so computer illiterate it's embarrassing - don't know how I even have the nerve to classify myself as a blogger at this point  )
So................I read them all - every single one of them - and they bring me more joy than you can imagine.
Thanks so much - you are all the best.

Now take a look at this - and try to keep the smile off your face !!!

Much love,

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  1. Bummer I can't see the last picture, but what a fantastic family home!

  2. He was one handsome guy, wasn't he! And that fact never occurred to me when I was a kid. Loved the What's My Line clip. So fun. This was such an interesting post, Suzan! I like it that the MacMurrays seem so down to earth and loved the land and simple, functional quality.

  3. wonderful show and wonderful man. he was always the man everyone wanted for their father.

  4. gosh I loved that show, and this is an amazing house, its just so homey,

  5. Hi Suzan,
    I loved that show too! And I happen to have my own three sons. :) The MacMurray's had a wonderful home and I love the kitchen too. I'm with you with living back then. Our world today is too fast and too over-processed. I like the idea of turning back the hands of time and living a slower pace of life. Hubby and I still do curl up on the couch in the family room to watch our fav shows. But I sure miss shows like Little House on the Prairie and Murder She Wrote. Have a super day and thanks for sharing.

    Sandi in PEI

  6. Talk about a trip down memory lane!!!! So many aspects of this home remind me of the one I grew up in!!!! Love it!!!!! Thank you Suzan, for putting my morning smile on my face!!!!! I needed this!!!! Have a blessed day!!!!!! Love, XOXOXOXOX. Karen

    1. Thanks SO much Karen for taking the tour with me!
      Hope you're having a blessed day yourself

  7. It is just the perfect home. Warm and cozy, surrounded by beautiful country...

  8. I saw that show in re-runs, and I really enjoyed it too. I miss shows like that. What a suitable home he had. It seems to fit his persona. Sonoma is a lovely place; some years ago, we lived not too far from there, and would take a Sunday drive for shopping, lunch, and one winery visit. xoxo

  9. It's weird that you post this because I did a trivia quiz about My Three Sons a couple of days ago, and yesterday I pulled up a YouTube video of Captain Kangaroo (same era) out of the blue.

  10. Wow, major time warp! Yes, I agree about turning back the clock. I said the same to my sis in an email today.... xo P

  11. Suzan,
    what a beautiful place, so simple yet charming and inviting! Wouldn't miss My 3 Sons, watched it every week! Huge fan of Fred's, have seen a lot of his old movies. I never knew any background on him , this was very interesting.

  12. I remember watching reruns of My Three Sons and loved it! Thanks for the house tour!

  13. I saw this on Houzz but didn't open it. We had those same dishes when I was growing up in Kansas and Missouri and still have a single chipped bowl that has migrated to our one-room cabin in the Rockies.

    1. A one room cabin in the Rockies !!!
      Must be beautiful Teddee

  14. I love the collection of the apple china. I have a similar
    collection here in my store made by a company in California
    called Orchard Ware. I wonder if they were made by that same company.

  15. Thank you so much for the wonderful tour and the film clip too. I watch a lot of movies on Turner Classic Movies and Fred MacMurray is one of my favorites.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  16. What a great house and in a fantastic place. Healdsburg is amazing and EXPENSIVE!

  17. What a fantastic tour! A pretty awesome house too! Cheers.

  18. Fred MacMurray was one of my favorite actors will growing up - thank you so much for bringing back those memories of a simpler time. Thank you for sharing at Share It One More Time. Cathy

  19. The farmhouse exterior and grounds are gorgeous. Love the porch, as well. I actually felt myself relaxing just looking at your featured photo!! Definitely a smile a time... :-)


  20. I saw this Houzz article, Suzan. It's my favorite to date. Love the house and the lifestyle Fred MacMurray and his wife chose for their family. I always liked that man and learning more about him just confirms that he was a true gentleman. ~ Nancy

  21. I LOVE this post! I'm with you--I could live there with very few changes. Too bad we can't all go back to those simpler times.... Thanks so much for sharing!

  22. Oh, I love these pictures! I'm definitely guilty of redecorating for style reasons. ;) But at the same time, I really don't think they make things to last like they did back then. I know my grandmother had appliances that were over 30 years old! Anyway, I loved this tour and I sometimes wish we could live in simpler times too. :)

  23. I would love a beautiful home like that NOW! I lived back then....I like now better! heehee! Enjoy your week my friend! Sweet hugs!

  24. Great house! Loved Fred MacMurray! I am in love with the vintage stove and porch! xo Karen

  25. I want to live here too! So let's flip a coin to see who gets to live here! Awwww! Those were the days, I also wanted to live in the Walton's home,
    Wonderful post Suzan


  26. I'll take it! It's not too far from here either. Thanks so much for the tour and for sharing at the Vintage Inspiration Party.

  27. I started humming the theme song as soon as I saw the first picture -- loved that show! Thanks for sharing the home with us.

  28. OMG I love that back porch dining!! Great place!

  29. Beautiful and so inviting. The home is gorgeous!

  30. This was such a fun post to read and YES I will take that kitchen any day!


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