Thursday, November 1, 2012

Why is it called a coffee table?

Suzan says - I've always wondered why they call it a coffee table
John says - because it's a place to rest your coffee
Suzan says - I find that politically incorrect - by that reasoning it could be called a tea table

John says - Well that just doesn't sound right, does it?
Suzan says - because we been trained to say that - it wouldn't have sounded weird if it were always called a  tea table

John says - Well don't look at the British on this one - this is definitely a North American thing
Suzan says - Why? do they call it a tea table across the pond?
John says - No, but North Americans are the ones that go nuts over coffee
Suzan says - So are the British just wannabe's?  They stick to their ground on everything else - why don't they call it a Tea Table?

John says - Listen I don't care if they call it a Wine Table ok?  This is another ridiculous conversation
Suzan says - I like the sound of Wine Table
John says - Can I get back to my show please
Suzan says - That's our problem - we never TALK

Wine Table

Later on in bed

Suzan says - I wonder why men don't shave their armpits?
John says - Are you running out of conversations for your blog by any chance?
Suzan says - Do you actually think I repeat every word we speak? Pulease - give me a break!

Sorry no before photo - I know I had one - but I've spent far too much time looking for it - it was just your typical orangey brown wood

Have a wonderful day - and by the way I have a Whine Wine Table for sell if anyone is interested tee hee...............

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  1. Cute! I do love my coffee, so I will stick with the "coffee table." If you have read further back in my blog, you know I am a Mary Tyler Moore nut. She always served coffee, on her coffee table in that great apartment to Rhoda and Phyliss from her vintage Chemex coffee pot!

  2. I love your table. :) I think it's funny that we call it a coffee table too...especially since my husband and I don't even drink coffee. :) megan

  3. I love your coffee table Suzan. I work at a furniture store and most casegood manufacturers refer to them as cocktail tables.

  4. Great table, whatever kind of table it is, lol! They have tea caddies and tea carts over in England, don't they? Is that because they drink tea even when they golf? Ask John. That could be a whole other post.

  5. I actually own a "tea table". It sits about the height of the arm of a chair. I think you are supposed to drink tea sitting opposed to drinking cocktails when oft times one ends up sliding under the cocktail table and it is a good thing it is so low to the floor.

  6. So strange, I think ours should be called the book and teetering wine goblets table.

  7. You should definitely call it a 'wine table.' Do the Brits sit around on sofas and drink their tea, or do they sit at a table to 'have tea.' ?? I don't know. Just curious. I just know that I really prefer American baked goods to any that I had in the jolly ole. - and much prefer coffee. There was a reason we threw all that tea overboard into the Boston Harbor in 1773, and it wasn't just over taxation. lol

  8. I'm a coffee girl but I could go with wine table also!! It's pretty no matter what you call it! hugs, Linda

  9. wine or coffe table is alright with me!...and even tea, on a cold day!...but then how about hot chocolate table?

  10. You know, I don't usually mind the visuals that go on in my head as I read your and John's conversations, but that last part? His arm pits can't possibly be as hairy as I imagined as the two of you lay nestled.


  11. Your conversations sound like ours - silly and pointless sometimes, but still engaging. I just call my table dusty.

  12. I thought in perfect horror that the before pics would be of John's armpits! Please do not scare us like that. You know, I have never in my life owned a coffee table. We always use trunks or blanket chests.

  13. Ha ha ha love sound so much like my husband and I i sometimes feel i am looking into a mirror although in this case it's not a mirror but a???
    who knows thanks for the laugh love the table-love dee x

  14. Funny! Mine's called, "Mt. Crapmore" ! It's a crap magnate!

  15. those legs are soooo dreamy!!! love it!

  16. great wine table im totally in for the new name hee hee

    1. how does " tavalo de vino " sound lol
      think I like that best

  17. Love the legs on your coffee,tea,wine table, ours is old trunk that usually had all of my hubbys crap on it. I think its funny that we call if a coffee table too, but we also call our driveways a driveway and we park in it, why isn't it called a parkway hhmmmmmm
    hugs Tobey
    ps, I need to know how you put your blog name on your photos, share with me please please (not that anyone would want to copy my pics lol but I still want to do it lol )email me Suzy Q

  18. I love that table, it is perfect!

    P.S. I'm hosting a $50 Shabby Apple Giveaway on my blog, you should come check it out!

  19. Hi Suzan,
    I love the table and I think "wine" table is way better then coffee table. You and John gave me my laugh for the day.
    Thanks so much for sharing at Wednesday's Adorned From Above Link Party.

    1. Thanks Debi - I prefer wine table too lol

  20. Hi Suzan, I'm a leg girl so I love this table. Beautiful job. By the way its definitely a coffee table. lol Hugs, Peggy~PJH Designs

  21. I love this table!! It turned out beautiful.
    Debbie :)

  22. Thank you for linking up this beautiful "coffee tabble" to Think Tank Thursday last week!! The party will be live tonight at 9:00pm est. at


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