Thursday, November 29, 2012

John says it's not a desk!

Happy Friday everyone!!!

I'm officially taking a day off from painting

this has been a crazy week and I

need a day off badly

And actually I don't know which is more work

painting the pieces or staging them

This is one of John's finds - yup - he's finally on the band wagon everyone - it's official - he's looking and picking all on his own now!

Suzan says - ( with such pride )  Wow - great find John!!!
John says - I think I have an eye you know
Suzan says - ( rolling hers ) this is really a fine quality piece of furniture
John says - Of course it is - I don't pick junk ( cocky )
Suzan says - This is going to make a fabulous secretary desk
John says - Don't be ridiculous - It's NOT a desk
Suzan says - Oh but it will be, you'll see
John says - WHY WHY WHY do you always have to overdo everything? I found it - it's my pick - and I think it'll make a great bookcase or even a bar.
Suzan says - Nah - boring - same old same old - but a unique one of a kind secretary would be great!
John says - It's NOT a desk
Suzan says - oh ok - just a minute then
Suzan comes back with a purdy brush in her hand
Suzan says - Here you are big boy - go to town -
Johns says - well tell me a little bit more about how you plan on turning it into a secretary?

It'll be awhile before he's pickin' AND paintin' I guess........................
So here we go - I painted the upper back with ASCP French Linen - ( not the lower part where there's a hinged door - you'll see why soon )

then taped it up and started on the white - only realizing after the 2nd coat that I needed to shallac the entire piece because of bleed through -
this is the one I use - always - I'm sure there are others that work just as well but this one has never failed me yet ( I HAVE tried others and the bleed through happened anyway so sticking with this one )

I did a quick coat over the entire surface - warning: this smells strong but dries extremely fast -
and was ready to put on the final coat of Pure White in no time at all.
then I removed the tape ( holding my breath - ALWAYS hold your breath when doing this - it helps the lines stay clean )

don't mind the streaks - the paint is still wet - because I cannot - absolutely cannot wait until a step is finished to take photos

I just love French Linen against Pure White - it's such a clean crisp combination -

 this is pure white - my house is so dark I have no choice but to use professional photography lighting

and everyone one of those discs seem to throw off prisms of light - ( they seemed like a good idea when I bought them - live and learn ) for now I have to deal with crappy photos

lights anyone?
yes please

and here's where my " vision " came in ( did you know I get those?  I'm a physic )

hands are pressed against my temples - I'm slightly swaying - I have a kerchief wrapped around my head ( because my hair's filthy actually ) and big silver hoop earrings................and I see
I see
A desk..............................

large drawer - for paper - pens - or in John's case - ice storage

I kept the interior wood because I was using it as a desk - and thought it looked more authentic
( manly yes, but I like it too )
and please don't tell me I'm the only one that remembers those ads!

Me - Miss Wood Hater ( anonymous ) especially loves the wood desk area - (and love that it lights up even more )

John says - Don't get me wrong - I like it - it's beautiful - but I still say it should be a bar
Suzan says - So I'll make it a bar but it's not a bar - it's a secretary being used as a bar
John says - Bet it'll look best that way
Suzan says - this staging thing is getting a little out of hand

We both stood there staring at it for a few minutes

Suzan says - you know, this would even work great in a kitchen - you could keep a microwave in it - and use the hinged door part as a coffee station
John says - try it - see what it looks like
Suzan says - I AM NOT DRAGGING THE MICROWAVE AND COFFEE MACHINE INTO THE LIVING ROOM  - you know,  you must think I'm a donkey.................I have limits you know - you wanted to see it as a bar and I
John says - Ok - Ok - it was just a suggestion
Suzan says - well why don't YOU bring it all in?
John says - People can use their imagination
Suzan says - well they could have done that for the bar too you know

So what do YOU think it is?  And no being politically correct here - you have to choose one or the other.

And you know what comes next right?  C'mon, you know the drill

Suzan  says - I'd like to keep this
John says - ( emphatically I might add ) NO - you want to keep everything
Suzan says - well you made me sell that dresser - it was like ripping my heart out of
John says - Oh knock it off - it's a piece of furniture
Suzan says - But I despise the piece we have in the dining room -
John says - I LOVE it -
Suzan says - but it has no character - it's the ugliest thing - I just can't bear to kee
John says - Good God, what's with the theatrics all the time?

I can't even be bothered to bookmark it or get a better photo of it - I really do hate it that much

Suzan says - why don't I try to sell the piece in the dining room and replace it with this piece?
Suzan says - what does it matter - as long as it's not costing us a penny?
Suzan says - why are you so stubborn all the time?
Suzan says - haven't I sold enough?  Do you want my blood too?
Suzan yells - When are you going on your next business trip?
John says -   My next trip will be to Hollywood - when  you accept your Oscar, how's that?
Suzan says - I'm keeping it.........................

And that's what's been going on in our little world lately - TGIF - happy Friday everyone!

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  1. I like it as a desk better! I'd be keeping it, but I;m a hoarder

  2. Mmmmmmmmm Bombay Sapphire....yummmmm. Oh, that's not what this post is about. OK..I have to say....sorry's a desk. The bar looks nice, but I like it better as a desk and yes...keeeeeeeeeeeep it. Oh and yes...I know that commercial!!

  3. I am agreeing with John on this one. I love the idea of a hidden bar. I do enjoy the occasional snort but never loke to see the bottles on display. (I really am very Puritanical. Some day I will show you my long gray dress & bonnet!)

  4. I love it. What a great piece. It would be perfect for a small apartment to use as a desk with printer storage underneath. On the other hand I love it as a bar and I do like a cluster of bottles and think it looks great. The microwave idea would be great for a weensie kitchen too, but I don't like the coffee bar theme. Seeing them all over blogland these days and can't stand them.

  5. Love the makeover (as usual). I like it best as a desk but I am looking for a small desk right now and this one would be perfect, lol... I think you should keep it - after all you did sell the dresser.....

  6. Love it! It is a desk, but, not trying to be diplomatic here, but nobody says you can't keep a bottle or two there. I do my best writing when I drink. Noooooo, not true, just kidding!!

    Love the French Linen and Pure White combo. Very stylish girl!!

  7. I love, love, love it and of course it's a DESK!! Keep it and sell the other piece! This is a great find!!

    hugs, Linda

  8. "Fresh and clean as a whistle!", I say, in my worst Irish accent.
    My desk has ice storage. It was something I negotiated into my contract when I got hired. However it does have a bad tendency to become a drawer full of water - not as effective.

  9. Desk...without a doubt, desk. I just love all the pieces you do, it really inspires me! And your conversations with your husband always make me laugh.

  10. Oh- I knew this was going to be a good conversation piece! I say- DESK...DESK all the way...BUT if it will persuade John to keep it you can call it a bar...and quickly repurpose it as a desk after a week or so. Love it either way- xo Diana

    ps. Can I get a GOOD table to watch you win your Oscar?

  11. Well I like it as a desk, but John is driving me to drink so maybe I need it here as a bar.


  12. I simply don't see what the problem is. I often have a drink at my desk and having a combo desk/bar would save so many steps in an evening. In fact, I think I'll get one of those!

  13. Hahahahahaha!!!! I LOVE you guys! I didn't believe it was true, I had heard urban legends, some have come very close - nah, not really, but I always told myself that... because everyone always laughs at me and hubby for the the daily life conversations we have (that are normal to us) are very comical to everyone else. Now I know we're NOT the only ones :D

    And, I ALWAYS keep what I want, where I want it, when I want it, I just make hubby think it's HIS idea.....Is that bad??? hehehehe!

    <3 Co

    1. Are John and I urban legends lol?
      I think our conversations are pretty global btw
      Thanks so much for dropping by,

  14. How about desk on weekdays and bar on the weekends.....?? Kinda like a divorced couple sharing custody? lolol! Either way it looks fabulous, Suzan!!!! I wouldn't expect anything less from you, girl!

    Oh...and should I get your autograph now ~~ before you head off to Hollywood...??? hehehe!

    xoxo laurie

  15. Go John go for finding it! Alas, I have to say it is a desk-and a beauty! Enjoy the break.

  16. It IS a perfect desk! And it's lovely! I like the natural wood peeking out from inside.

  17. Love it as a desk!!! You have great vision my friend. And yes, I'm old enough to remember that add - Irish Spring right?

  18. Hi Suzan!

    You are so lucky to have John to talk to. I, on the other hand, have very similar conversations... with my self! I should start wearing a blue tooth ear piece when I am out shopping as it might lessen the quizzical looks from fellow shoppers.

    Now to answer your question. I think it will become what ever the buyer wants it to be, unless John loses out and you keep it. Then you just might have to placate him and make it a bar :/

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  19. Only because I always wanted a bar in my living room, I say bar!!! Even though I have no space for one :( a great find!! You did a wonderful job Love it.

  20. As always, it looks great! Wood inside is a good option, nice work!

    1. thanks so much Heather - I like the wood inside too ( strange for me )

  21. Looks great as usual! And you're right- it is a desk!

    1. Thanks so much Rachelle - and it sold already ( as a desk lol )

  22. Hi Suzan!!!

    I really like it as a secretary's desk. The bar idea makes it look cheap, but, with the desk it looks elegant.

    Sorry John.


  23. You guys are so funny. Just fount your blog through a link party today. I love the piece best as a desk. I am actually looking for something similar for my breakfast room that I am turning into a playroom / reading room / sun room. I love the wood on the inside of the desk too. Thanks for sharing. I'm off to check out the rest of your blog.

    1. THanks SO much Christa! I liked it best as a desk too ( it sold - would have loved to have kept this piece )
      Big hugs,

  24. This is absolutely breathtaking! I love it and am kind of jealous that it isn't in my home somewhere.

    And your commentary? Hilarious!

    1. thanks so much Antonia! It broke my heart to sell it ( but it breaks my heart to sell everything I redo lol )

  25. I LOVE IT!! LOL!! Love the story! It's so much like my big "secretary"! LOL!!

  26. Your husband may not thinks it's a desk but I sure do ;-)...It's beautiful!! Thanks for sharing at Throwback Thursday!



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