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I WANNA live there # 16

I live in a pretty incredible area - It's an historical neighbourhood loaded with tons and tons and tons of charm - and 20th century architecture, just steps away from the city center, it's also a pretty expensive neighbourhood ( in which I live in servants quarters basically compared to what I'm surrounded by ) 
Because there's days I don't have furniture makeovers to show you - I've chosen Wednesdays to showcase and feature one home that's for sale around here.................( or apartment - or duplex - or teepee )

Good morning everybody!!!!  This week I'm going to list 2 properties (  - both under 1 million - for those of you that have been following the series you'll understand why these are significant - for those of you who know Westmount ( and I know there's quite a few of you ) you'll know why these are a " steal " and for those of you who may be new to it please don't run away from sticker shock - this is an exclusive little enclave neighbourhood in the central heart of the city - and the prices reflect that xxxThis little section is called Victoria Village - and it's right out of a Dickens scenario - filled with little specialty shops and bistro's - these streets are particularly beautiful at christmas time!

shopping area

10 rooms
5 bedroom - 2 bath
built in 1895

Gingerbread house - I walk by this place all the time - they're row houses - this ones green - but there's a pink one - a cream one - a blue one - and if I'm not mistaken, a purple one too -they are so pretty all lined up together in their different colors - one of them usually has an old rusted bike on the balcony that looks likeit's been there forever - I must try to get a photo of all of them for you -  I've never been inside one - so let's go!
This is, unfortunately, as large as I can make these pictures without them becoming all blurry

living room

dining room

kitchen ( they've managed to incorporate a lot of storage space into such a small room )

upstairs landing - original brick work - does anyone else see garland hanging  on that railing?

powder room

4th bedroom is in the basement - nice size though

well if this isn't the cutest laundry room?

a VERY decent back yard space for a row house in this area!

and yesterday I met one of my daughters for lunch on this very street so snapped the pink on

that's all the photos shown - but I could do wonders with it let me tell you - 
ok on to house # 2

This next one is called a " Garden Flat " because it's on the main level of a 3 story building
3 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
built in 1905

I can make out a gorgeous original fireplace mantel

yup - there it is! wow I just love that they painted it white

and I love that window seat in the background
and you know me right? I LOVE that
radiator showing on the right hand side of the photo
WHAT IS IT WITH ME and radiators lol

so this is exactly what our plan is to do with ours - put the kitchen off the dining room -

originally these houses had the kitchens in the back - way down at the end of a very
long hallway - NOT convenient at all

rooms for a hot tub

And I'm so in love with what they did with their tiny back yard space
it's chock filled to the brim with lovliness

covered outdoor eating area

and this next photo just makes me smile

smother me in fairy lights, please!!!

And I can't help myself - going back up to over a million for one last one - because it's just too special not to share!

1,495,00012 rooms
5 bedrooms
4 baths
2 powder rooms
Built 1890

Ok - SHUT UP and close the door!

No, I mean that - close the door - it's getting cold outside lol
Is this gorgeous - or is this gorgeous - or is this gorgeous?
I know, I know,  I know you all enough to know I'm going to get comments on the floor
but imagine it with wood if you have to - and than check out all the other beauty of this -
that door at the end is too die for ( in my humble opinion )
And that little nook beside the staircase for a beautiful dresser and chair?

houses like this leave me a nervous wreck - my eyes are darting all over

the place - I'm decorating it in my mind - my heart is skipping a beat
I may have to stop this series for medicinal purposes alone lol
The ceiling?
The curved french doors? Talk about details!

and if they had 10 other photos of this room - I'd show you every single

one of them - but it's time to move on

I may be breaking out in a fever right now -

( or having a hot flash - never sure anymore )
NOW - I can tell you with all certainty that if I lived here -
I would have parties every weekend - and I would dance on
that island - au d'oeuvres, anyone?
Or have huge hide and go seek parties and I would hide INSIDE of it
Whatever, that kitchen would have a huge impact on who I am, most

Formal living room - you didn't think it would only have one living room did you?

That fireplace?
Those moldings?
PARIS - right here in little old Montreal


Master bedroom -

I'm too tired to count how many fireplaces are in this place -
but this room would be a dream come true for me -

balcony off the master bedroom

I'd stand outside on this and wave down at all the people - much
like the Royal Family does
and then I'd scream down at all of them with a huge smile on my face and say

master dressing room

Suzan would say - John I don't have anything to wear
John would say - Well you had to live here -  now wrap yourself in a sheet because we certainly can't afford clothes too!

so I'd go sulk and soak in the bath

where you don't need any clothes

another bedroom

another bedroom

another bedroom

and what's that behind the french door?


just a little sitting area - shouldn't all bedrooms have one?

and shouldn't they have windows all around them?


basement bathroom - original stone wall

back yard

Ugghhh - I'm exhausted - totally drained - YOU try decorating 3 places in 30 minutes LOL

And that's it for this week's " dancing on the moon "
What do you think?

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  1. It's definitely the last house for me! ~ Maureen

  2. Of course I want the $1,495,000 house. :) When we bought our house here in California we thought we'd move 5 years later into a bigger home. Will probably never happen (worth half). So, really, I'd take just about ANYTHING with more than 1,200 sq feet. Tight for a family of 4. I keep telling myself it's worth for the weather?? :) Thanks for the tour!!!

  3. At last! something that fits my budget. lol Gorgeous, but I if I had my way, my house would be in Yorkshire. sigh.♥

  4. What do I think? I think that if I had a million dollars, you would be my neighbor. Love, love, these old homes. Victoria Village reminds me of my home town, New Bern, NC. Thank you for showing these homes, I've enjoyed it. Jeannie, of The French Hen's Nest

  5. No. No. No. No. No. No house should be allowed to have too many incredible(!) features as House #3. How would you ever leave it if you lived there??? If YOU owned it and I attended one of your soires in which you played Hide & Seek I would hide in the bedroom with the front sunporch and take up secret residency. You & John would wonder why the door is locked and eventually give up on that room. Over time I will take over the basement as well. Then you won't be able to do anything about it. Squatter's rights. Don't worry. I'm a blast.

  6. OMG, that third house is amazing!!! Wow! Thanks so much for inviting me over, love your blog and follow you back with pleasure!

  7. Suzy- They are all nice but that last house is totally amazing. I love everything about it. Do you suppose we could pool our money and live there? After all there ARE two living rooms! Ummm...I get the bedroom with the sitting room....just sayin'....xo Diana

  8. Like them all, the third house - what's with the floors in the bedrooms, they look blotchy, or is that just the photography?

  9. O.M.G. the last one took my breathe away. Shut the door - stop the train cause I'm getting off at that one! Come on lottery!! Susan, you are invited to the housewarming, but you have to take me to all the best places to shop in Montreal first. Patty/BC

      It's mine - all mine!
      But when you come to visit I'll still take you to some great places,

  10. If I had that kitchen, I'd throw parties every weekend too! Wouldn't it be so much fun? Lots of beautiful photos and beautiful spaces ~


  11. Okay, you HAVE to stop showing us these places - to die for!!! Love that kitchen in the last one - of course I do, it's the most expensive. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!

  12. these are some beautiful homes. I can see why you want to live in them.

  13. These are spectacular (and the hot flash comment made me laugh).

    I like the dressing room and the island in the kitchen quite a bit. Wouldn't it be so wonderful to pick and choose from the various houses we love to make our own masterpiece in our own?? :)

  14. Hi Suzan!!!!

    These houses are so beautiful!!!!

    The last house is the one we would all love to have. When you showed the basement I
    right away said, 'Put on your roller skates and the great music and let's roller skate!!!!'
    That would be my dream house!!!

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!!!



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