Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rhianna to earn 8 million dollars for pushing a button

Sub Title - Hand Envy

Rihanna will earn a reported £5m to switch on the Christmas lights at London's Westfield shopping centre.

The 'We Found Love' star has reportedly been offered the huge sum to flick the switch and illuminate the shopping complex in Stratford, east London next month. The shopping centre is located near to the Olympic stadium and Westfield are keen to celebrate a huge year for the area. 

It is believed that organisers picked Rihanna over The Spice Girls with a source tellingThe Sun: "Westfield have had a great year due to the Olympics and want to fork out to celebrate. Even though the final contract is still being thrashed out, they're prepared to pay up to £5million for her. Organisers are expecting around 20,000 people to swamp the park. The Spice Girls were also discussed but Rihanna came out as the artist of choice."

My hands have served me very well -
They can wrap themselves around a paint brush like they were meant to be holding one their entire lives -
They can type ( quite quickly ) each evening when I sit down to post
They can caress - and they bring extra warmth to a hug
They can whip up an incredible dinner on a moment's notice
They can wipe away tears - mine and anyone else's that may need them too
They can make a bed - vaccuum a house - wash dishes
They can hold a leash
They can carry grocery bags
They can write up poetry - or thank you notes -
They can throw a ball - ( and sometimes even catch a ball )
They can protect - and repel
They can hold my chin up
They can prevent me from watching a scene in a movie I can't bear to see
They can help me get up from the floor
They can carry a multitude of dishes at one time
They can wrap gifts - carefully cutting ribbons -  ( they can even curl them when they have to )
They can turn pages of a book
They can lift a glass of wine to my lips
They can bring a fork to my mouth - and when no fork is available - well they can simply scoop
the food and bring it to me anyway
They can give me medicine when needed
They can work magic on me by applying my makeup
They can change diapers and wipe baby's noses

They're extremely versatile - after all what would I do without them - I have, for the most part,
been extremely grateful to have them..............until now

THIS is how the article ends

The source adding: "Rihanna's thrilled she has been asked again. She knows it's a big deal and is totally up for it – if it fits in with her schedule."

What in God's name does that mean exactly?
" She's totally up for it - IF it fits in her schedule " ???????????
Let me repeat that

How much can she possibly be earning that she would have to try and squeeze this in?
I'd squeeze this in on my way to the hospital to give birth for crying out loud - I'd be like
" sorry baby - but mama has a really important engagement here - trust me on this one -
you'll be happy one day "
(And then I would retire )

They are not asking that she use all her fingers - ( that would be unaffordable even for them I'm sure )
They are asking that she use one finger - probably her pointer finger ( it's the most valuable I believe )
I'm so happy she's been exercising it and that she feels she's up to it -can you imagine if it let her down
right at the moment she was set to press the button?  Talk about stress.

And for the first time I feel disappointed in my hands - they're UNDER ACHIEVERS - I see that now.
They're just simple folk type of hands I suppose - and they were taught from a young age that using them could only serve me well.  Well now I feel that I was mislead.  NO ONE ever told me that if my fingers worked hard enough - one day - possibly, somehow, maybe, they could earn me millions of dollars to
simply push a button.

The planet has gone mad - stark raving mad.

Just saying.................................


  1. Words fail me. Totally. Fail. Me.

    1. It's a wacky world Lil - nothing makes much sense anymore. People suffering from the economy and this is thrown in everyone's faces?
      It's beyond shameful actually.

  2. Between the monies "earned" by sports figures and celebs this world has gone mad. Just think of the good that could be done with the billions spent on frivolous, silly and ridiculous things such as this. You are right - it is a crazy, wacky world and I don't see it changing anytime soon.....

  3. This goes right along with the previous post & discussion about professional athletes and their salaries. Rihanna is trying hard to fit this into her schedule at the same time as I am wondering if I have enough funds to get my car's oil changed.

    It will continue until the public as a whole decides not to advocate it any more. That is unlikely, sadly.

  4. You know- there's ANOTHER FINGER that seems to serve well for public use now, too. Any guesses which one?;>) Poor girl-I wonder how you apply to be her understudy? xo Diana

  5. I think she should at least have to pull a lever for that kind of money. Or, maybe swing a bottle of champagne on a ribbon. Still, you are minimizing the other things she will have to do before her finger moves -like step off the airplane, step out of the limo, stand still for the make up artist to apply her lipstick... It's not as easy as it seems to make that kind of money. Your fingers should count (on both hands te he) themselves lucky to have to do so little! ~ Maureen

  6. She would be wise to take the engagement and then turn around and give it to a local charity. Unbelievable...

  7. LOL!!!! You are such a great writer! You go girl! She should be shamed!


  8. I know what my fingers are doing--they're clenched in a fist because I's like to punch Rhianna! Haha! But seriously, this is ridiculous---I go crazy when I read about these celebs making so much money and here we are in the U.S. with starving children. I just don't get our world's warped sense of priority. Guess I'd better start doing finger push-ups so someone will pay me millions to flip a switch!!

  9. I agree, celebraties get paid ridiculous amounts of money for their endorsements and for their appearances. I read an article not too long ago that said Nicholas Cage was broke, the guy has made millions and it is all gone. I wonder if any of them have ever gone to bed hungry or been homeless or lived pay cheque to pay cheque only to have it all go to bills. these people have no idea how lucky they are, and how some of us live on in one year what they spend on an outfit. I raised 5 kids on about 1300.00 a month, I'd like them to try to do that. selfish selfish people.

    1. I really don't know how selfish they are Tobey - they win the lottery when they make it big - but these companies that supply this kind of cash to do empty meaningless things are corporate #**holes - in my opinion -
      Sorry for being so vulgar - but that's what I find they're actions are - complete vulgarity! And for all we know she may be giving it to charity - one can only hope.

  10. Wow. And she's not even required to sing a song for that? (Not that what she does is actually singing per se...)

    I'll do it for $1 million. I'll even pay for my own flight.

    Do you know her legs are insured for millions? Like she needs those to sing apparently.

  11. OMG, thanks for the laugh. But you're right - it's crazy how much these celebrities earn for doing nothing. Oh, how much should I charge for using my hands to type this comment? $1 million, $2 million?

  12. those kind of people have never seen a starving, dying child...what kind of world do we live in?

  13. The organizers should be ashamed of themselves for considering her. How about a local hero. A child with cancer who would LOVE to push that switch, or a soldier who has earned respect and served his country, or the oldest Granny in the many deserving people. As for HER, she should be ashamed of herself for accepting this and not donating it to World Vision or other such program. As for her being up to it.....I am actually GETTING A BIT WORKED UP AND PISSY OVER THIS....

  14. Good gosh, IF she can make time I hope she donates it to families in need. Seems the only way to truly show Christmas spirit - which I hope she has .... Patty/BC

    1. She'll donate some ( they have to for tax purposes, don't they? )
      Would be better if the company springing this type of cash would give to world hunger though....................

  15. I can't even get $175.00 for an absolutely beautiful antique, refinished dresser - who would think. The world is wacky and I would be more than willing to push that button for far less money!!! but hey, I'm no star. I wish her the best when "time allows" and yes, I'm being a bit catty here.

    1. We move in the wrong circles lol -
      I too get ridiculous offers on my furniture - next time I'm going to say this:
      " Hello? Are you freaking kidding me? Do you know what athletes and stars get for PLAYING - this was actual work honey - now give me my lousy price "

  16. That makes me sick. I think of all the people that money could help ! Why can't they ask one of their veterans to do the honors ? Let the money go to something worthwhile that will survive longer than her whim. Oh, brother.

  17. Yeah, well I've got a finger to give the organizers all right! Can't blame her for commanding that amount if someone is foolish enough to pay it. So I just decided that is my new fee for, hmmm, have to think on what body part of mine is worth a few mil.. I'll get back to 'ya.



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