Friday, October 2, 2015

A Friday Chat ( about this & that )

Hi !
Come in, come in, it's starting to get cooler now in Montreal ( have you noticed - since you're standing at my door LOL ? )

So when we last left off I mentioned that we were going to spend the day walking around Old Montreal.

Which we did....................we walked a lot actually.
And then we stopped at a restaurant ( with a heated terrace ) and had Fish & Ships..............
I'm not joking - that's what the menu read - which is kind of cute considering we were down at the Old Port.
Fish and Chips apparently does not translate well from English to French.
I mentioned it to the waitress who had no idea what I was talking about - she truly thought it was called fish and ships LMHO !

Then we strolled down to the water and lo and behold I noticed something new down there.
An urban zip line !!!

Suzan says - Oh WOW !  Look what they have !
John says - I've never noticed that before
Suzan says- It must be new - wanna go up with me?
John says - Are you crazy?
Suzan says - C'mon it'll be a blast
John says - I'm not going up on that thing !

Here's the official ad for it

Suzan says- Oh my gosh - I'd love to try that !
John says - NO - you're not going up there


As I started walking towards it .............
John followed me into the booth -

John says - You really are crazy -
John says - Oh my God - you have to sign a waver....................that can't be good

But I was already zip signing away as he stood there shaking his head.

To be honest with you the hardest part was walking up all those stairs - but holy cow - I WENT ON THE ZIP LINE !!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you think I could talk John into this one ???

As I was sailing through the air with the greatest of ease I thought - Wow - I wonder what parachuting would be like?
I've officially got 3 1/2 years to prepare myself for the big one - parachuting on my 60th - I think I'm going to do it guys !!!
The thought that I'll be 60 before I know it is far more surreal to me than jumping out of a plane, let me tell you !

Well now anything else seems boring to talk about lol....................let's see.
Evan is doing wonderfully - I don't know if I ever mentioned this but here in Canada Ashley gets to stay home with him for a year on maternity leave - and his Dad gets 6 weeks paternity's truly a wonderful thing ( they didn't have that when my kids were born ) and allows for such bonding.  I don't think of it anymore because it just is - but every now and then the thought crosses my mind - that of all the things our government allows for - this may be one of the most important ones.
Well that and health care. ( I'm not a lover of our government - at all - but these things are 2 of the things they do right )
And now I want to ask you guys something .............because according to google analytics 95% of you are Americans...............why is there such conflict over national health care in the States?
I'm asking because I truly don't understand.
Do most families have insurance to combat medical costs?  Is the insurance affordable?
What about the families that can't afford it?  Are they seen for free?
I truly DO want to be educated on this !
We didn't always have it - I remember my Mother paying for doctor's visits when I was younger - there's an interesting read HERE on how the Doctors and Insurance companies tried to fight it.

I was outside yesterday scraping windows in the front.................we still have more shutters to install - and 2
ladies were walking by................they were chatting in French and I was concentrating on what I was doing so didn't realize they were talking to me until one of them yelled

" MADAME ! "

Wow - that's the first time I've received a compliment on the OUTSIDE of this place
It's far from magnificent - but it bolstered my spirits a little.- I could have zip lined without a zip cord LOL

My computer died's been driving me insane ( so slow it's ridiculous - I don't even know how I blog on it ) my SIL came over yesterday and gave it an emergency operation and it's working again - but barely  so I'm now officially on the lookout for a new one.  Any recommendations ?

Chris de Burgh...............
A lot of you didn't know who he was !
( Hazel/Laura/Ethel - he's huge in Europe and Canada ! )
I haven't seen a show that incredible in many many years .................holy moly - it was " magnifique " !

Apparently he's most famous for " Lady in Red " ( he actually came down from the audience and danced with some of the ladies dressed in red while he sang it - so I SHOULD have worn a red dress ) but here in Montreal I'd say his most famous song is " Spanish Train ".................from the 70's - ( God and the Devil playing poker )


John just made me a cup of tea...................and brought it upstairs to the office for me.
Normally once I'm finished the tea I go downstairs - get a rag - and clean the stairs because he inevitably spills it on his way up.
( it's a small price for having tea brought to me )
This morning he dropped the entire container of milk on the kitchen floor - so a mop will be in order
( that's a huge price for having tea brought up to me )

So I'm off to wash floors.....................and back to working outside
It's cold - oh my gosh - it's cold here the last couple of days ................I'm amazed that the leaves haven't started turning colors yet..............if I were a leaf I'd be orange by now let me tell you !

Have a wonderful weekend everyone -
Love you all to the moon..................