Saturday, December 10, 2011

I'm dreaming of a white..........................

We don't have much snow here in Montreal to date, and although everyone seems to be thrilled with that, I miss it around this time of year.  When you are raised in a climate of cold blustery snowy winters you tend to associate christmas with a white background, and there is something lacking when it doesn't appear.
I don't have a tree up yet and that is so not me, I haven't been christmas shopping yet - and that is completely out of character for me - and I am 100% blaming it on the lack of those beautiful snowflakes that fill me with
energy and excitement and christmas cheer.

So this year I am thinking my tree will go completely white with decorations - and table settings.  I am off tomorrow to buy the tree - ( I actually wanted to buy a white tree but can't justify spending what they are
asking for them ) I asked my mother today what would happen if I spray painted a real tree - to which she replied " I think you are going a little too far now " I swear to God she thought I meant spray painting living
trees in the garden - lol - people must think I am totally off the wall.

Played with table settings today ( went to a party last night and was too groggy today to do much else ) so here we go - keeping in mind I think there will be 3 tables this xmas all clustered together.

 I am kind of liking the cool " ice " look - I know xmas is all about warmth but I have to get
 the white from somewhere  and will simply light a fire and lots and lots of candles for warmth, lol.

 Our tree goes in the dining room so the white decorations will tie in with the tables, and hopefully
 it won't all look too sterile,


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