Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I WANNA live there Wednesday #154

Good morning all !

I just want to give a quick explanation on why I haven't published the comments from my last post.
It was a Friday Chat ( about this & that ) and I went and mentioned the Donald ............
Most comments were sort of on the line with the way I feel about him but there were a couple that spoke out in his defense and one who was quite upset at me for even posting my thoughts on the subject ( sorry about that - youknowwhoyouare ) and it is out of respect for those that have a different opinion of him that I chose to just close the comments on that particular subject.
There - that's that and now on to something I've missed doing :)

Real Estate !
Condo in Old Montreal to be precise
1635 sq feet
Year built 1830
2 beds - 1 bath
Realtor :  BINDU PATEL ( groupe elite Canada )

With a walking score of 98 you can't get much better............what a perfect retirement space this would be for me................

In fact I'm going to stroll around the neighborhood this weekend - it's as close to living there as I can get for now lol.

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday everyone,
I'm off to walk 5 miles..........I'll tell you ( if I remember ) what happened yesterday while walking.
Scary stuff !


  1. I could live there too. Except in the winter...this Southern girl probably wouldn't last a day up there in the winter! Heat and humidity is my friend :)

  2. Those ceilings!! That floor!! Be still, my heart!! ;-) -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. Love all the wood flooring!!

  4. Oh heavens! Sorry to know that even The Donald's fans are bullies too! You can't post because one fanatic doesn't like it? What a shame!!! Not a surprise though. Those bullies just CAN'T win! Distressing to hear. To say the least!

  5. Look on NPR...Charlotte Talks program from charlotte, NC. Good interview with a women who's written a book about glamour. (There's not enough of it around these days). She points out that Trump is selling the glamour of his florida resort and other possessions. etc.
    Maybe too much glamour on tv and people think he'll give them some?
    Also, she said we tend to glamorize the office of president and it's possible he thinks it'll be his kind of glamour in the oval office.
    Wait til he finds out it requires work and more "negotiations" than just offering people the chance to make some quick millions, as when he bought and sold the Empire State Building.
    I'd send this privately, but don't see a way to.
    Too bad some people can't stand reading the opinions of others. Maybe they need to move into an echo chamber and not be stressed out by voices other than their own?
    btw, the writer didn't correct Mike Collins, IMO the best interviewer there is, when he mentioned all the buildings Trump owns. Actually, he doesn't own most them, just trump towers in NY, he sells use of his name for the facades. Sounds very presidential, doesn't it? LOL

  6. Beautiful. Them wood beams, the flooring and that stone wall..really gorgeous.
    I kinda had to chuckle when I spotted that white car partially parked on the sidewalk.

  7. So glad you are popping back in. Hugs to you.


  8. Some people might need to remember that this is America, land of the right to say what we want unless we frighten the children or the horses. Censorship is so Chinese/Russian/Nazi.
    But under the circumstances i understand self-censorship.
    Can it also be that you are depressed about your friend's death? From what you wrote, I'd guess she fell asleep at the wheel and knew nothing.
    It's sad that you have lost a good friend. And it will take time for you to recover, but you will. Til then, take it easy and do what you need to, even if it includes not writing anything political. "You and John" conversations are more entertaining anyway. The culture clash is amazing. But my French BF and I have some similar mis-communications, so I really get it!
    Get some sun and it might help you feel better. And look forward to PARIS!

  9. You should be able to say what ever you want to - it's your blog. If a reader doesn't agree, close out and go to another blog! I have enjoyed reading you for several years. Thank you for all of your posts!

  10. It's your personal blog - I think you can write pretty dang whatever you want . . .

    I'm just saying . . .

  11. Hi Susan new at this computer stuff I live in USA ma. Love your blog always puts a smile on my face, and John he's a character. Keep up the good work. I totally agree with what you said about the guy with the funny hair, our country is in deep doo if he or the other girl are elected I'm Sanders all the way. Have a great week mg

  12. I was thinking this one was kind of bland...colorless, as well as featureless. This one isn't for me.

  13. So I suppose I shouldn't comment that not only do I absolutely agree with your assessment of Mr Trump (actually I would have included some rude words in mine ;) but that the continued support he is getting in America is leading to an awful lot of people in the rest of the world concluding that they have all gone mad? :D

  14. I love anything that has stones on the wall. You've got my vote on this one. Suzanne I am hosting a new link party, Sweet Inspiration and would love to have you join us. It runs Friday till Tuesday.


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