Saturday, November 2, 2013

Lounging around?

Good morning everyone !!!

In the future - at some point in my life - I anticipate that I'll actually be able to do a little bit of " lounging " around -

Which is why I put an offer on this one tonight -

Circa 1900 -

John says - I HATE IT
Suzan says - It wouldn't stay like that John - I think I could be gorgeous all white
Suzan says - I would lounge on that one day - with a book - in the corner of the bedroom maybe?
John says - It's ridiculous - you can lounge on the bed reading a book just as easily
John says - It serves no purpose what so ever
Suzan says - You could bury me in it one day

John - with a sheer look of horror on his face says - THAT is NOT coming in the house

I guess he's right - since the seller was quite firm in his price - and by the time I finished having it reupholstered it would have come to more than this one from Ikea

and so this will probably be the one I end up with in the end - 20 days left till moving day
so lounging around will only be in my dreams for now :)

Have a wonderful Sunday -
Much love, Southern Style

Friday, November 1, 2013

Time for a holiday perhaps?

Suzan says - I'm going to book us a vacation John
John says - Well I don't know about that - there's going to be a ton of things to do in the new place
Suzan says - I'm going to expire if I don't get one week of ocean and sand...................
John says - Here we go with the dramatics, Miss Scarlett.
John says - Where will we go?

So I made a list -

Safari in Kenya?  ( I'm too terrified )
that a Lion and I just may coincide

(Unless of course he looked like this
and then I'd most likely just give him a kiss)

Egypt I'm sorry but I don't have the room
to be cursed by a mummy in some ancient tomb

Though I think I'd probably fall on my butt
If I actually ran into good ol' King Tut
( how'd he get so funky? )

A cruise might be nice ( and all it entails )
but I'm scared of John pushing me over the rails

I'm not a great swimmer - and would probably drown
( unless Kurt Russell were hanging around )


The Orient Express - a week on a train ?
( but there once was a murder - don't need one again )

The Rain Forest might be something to see
but a case of malaria just isn't for me

Kilamanjaro?  Am I up to the climb?
It'd take me 6 months and I haven't the time

Although it looks gorgeous - it'd be a tough sell
I've seen the movie ( it doesn't end well )

 A week in the wild - Alaska you say?
Where bears run freely? No how - no way

If they were unlucky in finding a fish
would they simply catch me ( and make me a dish ? )

I've always wanted to visit Hong Kong
but that's a vacation that'd take way too long

and John just might leave me for some Suzie Wong


Bali - Figi ? Oh they'd be worth trying
but that'd cost as much as the home that we're buying

Acapulo'd be nice - at that time of year
'cept they're killing Canadians ( you can read it all here )

I think it was safer back in the day
When Elvis and Friends would go there to play

A junket to Vegas might be kinda fun
( but only in fact if we actually won )

With my luck I'd pick the very worst slot
and lose everything ( the house we just bought? )

John says - one of these days dear - right to the moon
but that's NOT a trip I'm planning on soon

I AM booking a vacation - just as soon as I find a Suzan friendly spot on this planet!!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone
Much love,