Tuesday, December 24, 2013

We wish you a Merry Christmas...................

and the absolute happiest of all New Years !!!!!!!!!!

with as much love as can be carried over the internet

John says - Could you wish everyone a Merry Christmas from me too?
Suzan says - My pleasure sweetheart
Suzan says - Even if I have to go and create a new signature just for this post
John says - Huh?  Can't you just type my name in?


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Blue Christmas !!! ( and a door reveal )

French Canadian Teenager - David Thibault - channels the King perfectly - and I DO mean perfectly -


Celine Dion - I do believe you have some competition here lol

Way to go David

On another less exciting note here's an update on the upstairs doors - with the veneer stripped

BEFORE ( not the same actual door but one of them and they all had the same veneer on them )
You can see the post on these doors ( and my discovery of what lay beneath them )HERE

Almost AFTER

I'm thinking of painting the upper panel the same color as the walls..............jury's still out on that one though

BUT - I found the door frames at Home Depot - 14.99 for the entire frame " kit " - which I think is a great price for lovely detailing on these old doors - for such a tiny landing ( and it IS extremely tiny - there's a lot of doors - 4 bedroom doors - a bathroom door - and 2 closet doors - and all but the 2 closet doors have this molding installed on them )

And remember this panelling ( which was basically throughout the entire house - doors and all

Well I'm ALMOST ( again with the " almost " - sorry about that ) finished painting out the stairwell - which is the only place this panelling will be staying by the way
Thin moldings had to be added to hide some " buckling " issues - I'm afraid this house is going to have a lot of moldings and caulking lol - A LOT !!!
But isn't the blue and white soooo much better then that dark panelling?

The floor specialist will be here bright and early to start on the stairs................so I have to make myself scarce for the day - you all have a great Friday -
It IS friday, right?

Much love,