Thursday, December 19, 2013

Blue Christmas !!! ( and a door reveal )

French Canadian Teenager - David Thibault - channels the King perfectly - and I DO mean perfectly -


Celine Dion - I do believe you have some competition here lol

Way to go David

On another less exciting note here's an update on the upstairs doors - with the veneer stripped

BEFORE ( not the same actual door but one of them and they all had the same veneer on them )
You can see the post on these doors ( and my discovery of what lay beneath them )HERE

Almost AFTER

I'm thinking of painting the upper panel the same color as the walls..............jury's still out on that one though

BUT - I found the door frames at Home Depot - 14.99 for the entire frame " kit " - which I think is a great price for lovely detailing on these old doors - for such a tiny landing ( and it IS extremely tiny - there's a lot of doors - 4 bedroom doors - a bathroom door - and 2 closet doors - and all but the 2 closet doors have this molding installed on them )

And remember this panelling ( which was basically throughout the entire house - doors and all

Well I'm ALMOST ( again with the " almost " - sorry about that ) finished painting out the stairwell - which is the only place this panelling will be staying by the way
Thin moldings had to be added to hide some " buckling " issues - I'm afraid this house is going to have a lot of moldings and caulking lol - A LOT !!!
But isn't the blue and white soooo much better then that dark panelling?

The floor specialist will be here bright and early to start on the I have to make myself scarce for the day - you all have a great Friday -
It IS friday, right?

Much love,


  1. I love the look of paneling that has been painted. Can't wait to see those floors!!

  2. Wow and Wow! Love the door and love the colours in the stairwell. What a huge difference! Have a good weekend. Stormy weather will be keeping us inside again!!

  3. Seriously, you didn't like what they did to those doors? Pppttttffft. What's wrong with you?!

    Happy Friday!!

  4. Beauty abounds! You are amazing! Happy Friday....stay warm.


  5. There are no words that I can say here that would properly communicate how much I am impressed by all of your 'before' and 'after's. And you're doing so much so fast.

  6. Love the look of the stairwell so far, and really love those doors. Can not wait to see all of the makeovers. I have hit a stumbling block on the home I am trying to buy. Although I intend to have the asbestos in the house removed, bank and insurance company won't touch it. And the sellers won't pay to have it removed, they are very difficult to work with. So the home I have been decorating in my head and on pinterest for weeks, may not become mine. very sad today. I had hoped to be decorating right there along with you. but instead I am back on the hunt. :( hugs Tobey

  7. It's really coming along! I like what you did with the wall. That wall above the moldings looks like was in great shape!!!

    Painted paneling is also nice if it is good shape; removing it depends on what is behind the wall.

    I love the door discovery!

  8. Love the blue and white... but girl... is everything going to be finished by Jan. 1st? OMG you are the fastest redoer I know!

  9. Coming along nicely... well done!

  10. Progress! A renovators dream word!!

  11. I can't believe how fast you are moving along with the renovations.

    Please take some time to have a MERRY CHRISTMAS.

  12. You are torturing me with your progress lady! I am happy for you, you know! It's all going to be gorgeous!

  13. You are getting there, Suzan! Those doors are fabulous, and the stairwell is looking great. Maybe it's a good thing you have to make yourself scarce tomorrow. Go and do something nice for yourself!

  14. Look at you go!! You are going to be so in love with that house and be happy to come home every single day just to be in it. :) Well, the days you go out! You might just want to rest when you get done, you're busy!

  15. The door is looking good. I like how you painted the paneling in the stairway.

  16. Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous!! You go girl....and maybe while you are at all this reno stuff you could pop over to Ontario and run for mayor! I heard they are looking for a new one.

  17. I was so excited about the doors and the hallway looks awesome. Love the color.
    I hear that teen channeling Big E. and boy could he nail it. I have never hear anyone else come near the real thing like him. His career will be one to watch.
    Have a Blessed Christmas, Ginger

  18. So beautiful, dear Suzan. Love the door and the colors. This house will turn out so great. It`s so fun to follow the progress. Wish you and John a Merry Christmas.

    Big hug from here

  19. Everything is looking great, Suzan, and the new lighter colors are gorgeous!

  20. Looked hearing the sound, if you didn't see him you would believe you were listening to Elvis! Everything is starting to look better and better. It will come together, and you will be at "home" once again. Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas!


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