Monday, December 9, 2013

It's Electrifying.................

I got chills - they're multiplying....................♫

Went to turn something on today and half the house plunged into darkness.

It would appear that we only have 60 amps coming into the house -

S.I.X.T.Y.  amps - which would mean that you can't put the toaster on and make a cup of tea at the same time basically.

And I'm losing control ♪
We've installed 6 pot lights in the kitchen - 50 watts each which probably renders the rest of the house useless.

Let there be light - and nothing else.

'cuz the power you're supplying - AIN'T electrifying..................♫

There's a very good reason we didn't know we only had 60 amps - BECAUSE THE BOX WAS HIDDEN BEHIND A BUILT IN CABINET BESIDE A FUNCTIONAL CABINET.............

An electrician is coming today to upgrade the electricity and bring us into this millennium - which is somehow where I prefer to be.
At a great cost I might add.
At a great unprepared for cost I might add.

Such is life when you're greedy and want to use the microwave and turn the lights on at the same time :)

We stocked up on fuses in the meantime - which leave me feeling nostalgic.

Tonight I went into the bedroom to turn the light on to show you the bedroom light with the glass beads finally installed and.......................
Blew a fuse.

There were at least 3 million strands of beads to install ( slight exaggeration but not by much I'm sure ) onto the tiniest eyelets you've ever seen - I nearly tossed the light out the freshly painted window at one point.

I took a photo in the day - but it's not the same thing at all - looks gold in the photo - and it's pure nickel'll have to come visit me to see how pretty it is I'm afraid.  If you're coming to visit me you have to bring tools - them's da rules.

I painted the window frames black - I was thrilled to know you all agreed that they should be painted ( the wood was horrible ) but I bet you thought I was painting them white, right?

Too stark?
I'm second guessing every single decision I'm making so far - and I never do that -
Oh where oh where has my confidence gone
Oh where oh where can it be?

At any rate they're far better than they were

I'm disliking the wall paper more and more everyday - how did I fall in love with it in the first place?
I think I would have preferred it on a solid wall - being on a window wall makes me dizzy - with the view and then all of the pattern it's too much for my brain - I prefer the view actually.............

stay tuned for that particular conversation - it's going to be a doozy I'm sure :)  since I had to talk John into agreeing with it in the first place - less than a week ago LMHO
it's not easy for him - you know that right?

Remember when he spilled the white paint all over the freshly painted bedroom?
Was that yesterday?
It was HERE anyway.

Well today I spilled the quart of BLACK paint ( while painting the window frames ) but luckily I had a dropcloth on the floor at the time

Did I tell him about it - just so that he would feel less bad about his spill?
I cleaned it up completely - before he could see it................

and he would never have known if there weren't little tell - tell signs all over because some had ended up on my feet

John says - What are those black marks all over the floor
Suzan says - I have no idea - I thought they were from your shoes..............

I wanted the room finished by last Sunday
At this point I'd be content if it were finished by 2016.....................

Ok - let's see now - have I covered every single disaster in the last 24 hours?

John's downstairs painting the kitchen ceiling as I type

Suzan yells down - Are you finished yet?  I want to show everyone

Knickers in a twist?
Who says that?
Is that the weirdest expression you've ever heard or what?

Suzan says - My " knickers " are NOT in a twist - I was simply asking a question -  DON'T GET YOUR BOXERS IN A KNOT
John says - I'm exhausted - I'm sore - I'm done for the night
Suzan sings - You'd better shape up - 'cuz I need a man - ( and my heart is set on you ) ♪ ♪ ♫
John says - Oh stop with the singing already - You make no sense
Suzan says - It's a famous song John - bet you don't know it !!!  We're world's apart, you and I
John says - Well you're definitely from a different planet than I
Suzan - And by the way - You will NEVER remove the song from my heart - NEVER
John says - Here we go - Miss Scarlett O'Hara herself..................

The Kitchen progress

and now, as John would say, I'm " knackered "

Much love,


  1. That sucks. It must be tough because the weather is so cold! hugs

    We lost our power here too in the first few weeks, and we had to bring the entire electrical system up to date. On a positive note, we now have enough power to build another home.

  2. Dear Suzzan I am feeling for you can you see the light at the end of the tunnel at the moment maybe even a glimmer......What are the plans for Christmas..I keep thinking about this huge reno job you are doing and how it is all going and if anyone can do it and pull it off successfully it is you dee x

  3. Okay I say don't get your knickers in a twist and I say I'm knackered but we use a lot of English terms here so maybe I can translate for you LOL I'm still loving the wall paper don't know what you dont like about it and the windows are looking fab. Sorry about the spill yikes!

  4. Hi dear Suzan. It looks so great with the black window frames. Love it. I can see the progress, and suddenly it`s finised, my friend. Say hello to John from me.


  5. First of all the windows look great black, make them look like black metal, love them! Secondly I cannot believe a house inspection didn't turn up the electrical issue! I know how much that little upgrade will cost, not fun but now you can add pot lights to your hearts content! I do feel for John, my hubby and I have finished painting 3 ceilings and ceilings suck most of all... Chin up!

  6. I can see the progress being made! The black window frames look awesome and hope the electrician doesn't shock you too much with his bill ;)

  7. I love how you can till keep your chin up in the middle of all this!! Plus I love getting a hit of jolly old England from your blog - I'm sure that it'll all be worth it in the end but you both will be completely knackered. Yep, we do say 'Knickers in a twist" but I like your 'boxers in a knot' updated version :)
    The room looks fab so far but I'm not going to commit to liking anything as I get the feeling there may be a few changes yet!

  8. Oh Suzan, I can't believe the electrical panel is so outdated and was hidden behind a door like that. Can you say fire hazard?? And why is the meter in the cupboard??? Strange kneed. Did you not have an inspector before you bought the house? At least you'll be brought into the 21st century now but it's an expensive process. I can see what you mean about the wallpaper on the window wall. I love the paper but yes, I think it would be better on a plain wall behind the bed or something. Ooops! I love the views out your windows. The chandelier is stunning! I like it a lot. So, 'don't get your knickers in a twist' is a popular saying down here too. :) The kitchen looks like it's coming along nicely. Our good friends are building a new house and I think your renos are going faster than their house is. Honestly. The building trades down here are horribly slack and you have to watch everything they do to make sure they do it right! They were supposed to be in their home by Nov. 1 and they'll be lucky to be standing in it surrounded by boxes on Christmas Eve. Take care, stay calm and carry on. Hugs, Pam

  9. 60 amp no that will certainly not do, and yes electrical stuff costs a fortune. But in the long run you won't constantly be changing fuses. I love the black windows they really pop. And because I am your friend and I would never lie to you. I liked the wall paper when you showed it to us , but I don't like it on that wall. Sorry but can not lie to you. Sounds like a lot of rooms are on the go at once, how do you keep your sanity. Or are you like me you lost it years ago, and nothing phases you now. Can't wait to see the rooms you are working on. I am in midst of trying to find a home. wish me luck, Maggie and I need a place of our own. love ya, huge hugs Tobey

  10. We had our electrical updated four years ago. We were in a similar situation as you are, but it didn't come as a surprise to us. Jim knew the electric needed to be upgraded when he bought the house. It wasn't until I moved in with him that he realized he had to finally actually do it.

    The thing with upgrading the electric is you then have to upgrade the wiring to. Because there wasn't room on the original panel, previous owners had piggybacked some things. So even after it was upgraded, we still couldn't use the microwave and the toaster at the same time. Now that we're working on the kitchen, we've fixed that problem, and it's wonderful!

    Oh! and I love your light!!

  11. Your progress is impressive, indeed. Are you adding window treatments to that beautifully black painted window? If so, perhaps hold off on the decision about the wallpaper until after they're up? I like it, and think it will look even better contrasted by one of your stellar drape choices.
    I know the upgrade is a substantial unplanned expense, but what a luxury to have electrical service that you feel confident about afterwards.

  12. Boo on the electrical problem. That was something John should have checked up before the purchase! I like the black window frames and the light fixture, it will all come together and look great, just like your last place did.

  13. Is 60 amps code-compliant where you live? Maybe you need to consult an attorney experienced in real estate purchases -- there might be a standard provision in your contract requiring code compliance or full disclosure if its a known issue to the sellers. Or, if you hired a home inspector, take him to court for gross negligence! You guys are fixing that house up like two white tornadoes, whew!

    1. Jan, that's what I thought about the sellers or the home inspectors...That they should have disclosed the information about the electrical power outage.

  14. I love your wallpaper! When you rip it off the wall (carefully) and throw it out, please throw it towards Minnesota........I will be waiting.......thank you!

  15. My beloved is also John, and we are also painting frantically before Christmas. I love your sparkling decorations!

  16. You two are a hoot! You know, I think making decisions with a new house, like what the wallpaper shld be, is a bit like picking colours, etc when you're preggers. You look at it and just hate it...... I think its new house hormones. Tell John that one as you rip the paper off! Patty/BC

  17. Gotta say i love how that kitchen is looking! You are gonna love the newness of those drywalled walls!
    And I like the black windows with the white!

  18. Arghhhh! I'm so jealous of your progress Suzan!! I can't even get a dumpster delivered with this winter storm! I love you light..I still love your wallpaper and you've settled it for me..I'm trimmin out my pass-through black (thank you!). You know you can put a copper penny in a burned out fuse, right? (Please tell me you know that song!)

  19. Oh my goodness, I'm sooo sorry for your pain. My brother and his wife just moved into a new 'old' home, Victorian, and so far he's shelled out over $4,000 to the electrician and isn't finished yet! That is one costly item to ya'll know anyone who could do it on the side, who is legitimate and would bring it up to code? Keep looking at the good parts, and perhaps be sweet to John for a minute or two!!! Vicki in Louisville KY

  20. Sounds like if we come visit, we'll need overalls too!!

  21. I wish we could pitch in an help. I really mean it if we met and John was there with me we would help with something. It is overwhelming for sure. Things will get better and what were they thinking with the power??? They must have lived by candlelight to some extent, LOL. The window looks great. I noticed the snow and that must not be helping. We got snow today too and I said to John, I can't wait to get to the new house, the snow will be much less. It is only 10 minutes away but where we are now is almost the highest point in NJ so we get hit.


  22. I'd love to visit and see your new light...hammer, saw, paintbrushes in hand. I think you should tell John about your paint episode, it sounds like he needs some cheering up! But then so do you...I think a night out is in have accomplished so much in such a short time.
    Debbie :)

  23. Sorry to hear about the electric problems. I really like the wallpaper with the black window frame.

  24. Hi Suzan!!!!!

    I noticed in picture 6 that it looked like bars on the window...You know the ones they put on so that the ones inside can't get out!! I hope the stresses of doing a complete renovation won't get to you. Keep singing and listening to your favorite music...It really helps!!

    I'm sure glad you had a drop cloth down on the floor!! I don't even want to imagine what would have happened. Back in the day, people only did one thing at a time because of the cost of electricity. Mom said back in the '50's in Montreal they had to pay for water that they used every month...Crazy!!!! I always thought info like that had to be mentioned when someone is selling their house. I've always rented so I don't know.

    I hope everything here on out will go smoothly for you guys!!! The light in your bedroom is gorgeous!!!! And the black window frame looks amazing!!!! I'm glad you went with black!!

    Take it easy my friend and have a glass of wine ready at night to settle you down, so, that you can enjoy a good night's sleep!!


  25. In Minnesota they say don't get your grundies in a bunch or your panties in a wad.

  26. I knew you were gonna paint it black. I love it and I think you made the right choice. Blah all the paint spills. I feel for you!!

  27. Oh no, that sucks!
    The window frames look great painted black. I hate it when I drop paint...I feel for you, I really do! Hate painting ceilings too. Yuck - it's hard on the back and neck. Good luck with the wallpaper and John.
    Now excuse me while I finish singing the song...

  28. I sure hope your are done with all your mishaps! Laughed out loud when you blamed the black paint on John's shoes! I would have said the same thing to my hub! The black paint on the windows looks fab! You are rockin' it, Suzan!

  29.'s going to take longer than you think so you might as well just go with the flow. When we started our kitchen last winter my husband figured it would take about a week and I was thinking to way - it won't take that long! It took 3-4 weeks. So now with the 2nd half of our renovation coming up, I'll just take it as it deadlines...too stressful.

    The window looks great!

  30. Oh my, Suzan. You do have your hands full. Just keep your eye on Spring. That place is going to be beautiful in the Spring.
    Blessings, Ginger
    BTW…I once painted the woodwork in my son's bedroom black. His wallpaper was white background with large black footprints all over. He was a teen and thought he was so cool!

  31. I know what it's like to second guess everything you pick. That's pretty much what I did when we built our house, even though it is just a spec house. That was only 12 years ago, but I would like to change a lot of it now. Gotta admit the wallpaper would make me feel jittery with the sharp contrast in color and print; however, once you have drapes, pictures, furniture, et cetera, accenting it I don't think it will seem so bold. I do like the black window. After you spilled the paint you could have told John:
    I see a red door and I want it painted black
    No colors anymore I want them to turn black. LOL

  32. Hi
    It feels so nice to find somebody with some original thoughts on regarding Really thankful to you for starting this smart home

  33. I love the windows in black, it looks very chic and the white floor looks wonderful. Ilived for three years in a kitchen that had only 4 sockets and when I wanted to use the mixer, I had to unplug the oven!!!


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